Larry Wilmore Gives New Meaning to “White Collar Crime”

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The New White Face of Crime
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He had me at “Please don’t let them be white! God blast it, Martha!” Oh. That hit home. That hit home in all the funny places.


12 thoughts on “Larry Wilmore Gives New Meaning to “White Collar Crime”

  1. Clara says:

    My favorite line was "I’m glad you’re finally admitting you thought it was black. No no no, nice to meet you Jon’s true feelings." So much win!

  2. Michele says:

    *Snicker* Someone finally said it- the biggest thieves in America are white guys in suits. Maybe someone should profile them- if a white guy works at an investment firm or bank, wears a suit worth more than $1000, and went to an Ivy League school, we might want to start having police cars driving through his hood at all hours, just to keep the crime level down. Think of the undercover stakeouts on golf courses and in fancy restaurants, and even at expensive gyms! Veritable dens of crime, I tell you. We might also want to keep an eye on the musicians they patronize too, and the sports stars they support. I have a funny feeling these are nothing more than money laundering operations.

  3. Danielle Belton says:

    @ AllAnd I thought Larry would never top "Blanguage," but this one did it.Larry speaks from such a special place of truth that makes me so, so happy. And he does it in this brainiac, yet smooth sort of way. It’s like watching Colin Powell play the dozens. And yes, the "I’m black, I’m dressed like the president" and "hello Jon’s True Feelings" lines were AWESOME.

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