Does Glenn Beck Need A Valium Or Something?

I was originally going to post this to Hot Topics, but decided to place it here as well. Everybody (and when I say “everyone” I mean bloggers) is talking about Glenn Beck’s crazy, scary, “break down and cry,” Thunderdome-style televangelism hour on FOX.

It’s popular, but is it popular because people agree with Beck or popular because people are dazzled by the very high level of crazy? (Or Both?)

Conservative writer/politico and ex-Bushie David Frum asks “What the Hell is going on at FOX News?” (New Majority)

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Beck insists “It’s not about politics.” His special made a point of featuring images of Republican House leader John Boehner during his castigation of politicians “left and right” and both “the last administration and this administration.”

So what is it about then? What are Beck’s growing number of viewers responding to? On air, Beck promotes sinister conspiracy theories. Here he is on Fox & Friends, warning that the Obama administration is planning a totalitarian takeover:

We are a country that is headed towards socialism, totalitarianism, beyond your wildest dreams. I have to tell you: I’m doing a story tonight that I wanted to debunk – these FEMA camps – I’m tired of hearing about them – you know about them? – I wanted to debunk them. We’ve now for several days done research on them. I can’t debunk them! If you trust our government, it’s fine. If you have any kind of fear that we might be heading towards a totalitarian state: look out. Buckle up. There’s something going on in our country … that ain’t good.

And here he is suggesting that serial killers erupt because they are pushed to the wall by “political correctness.”

Gawker notes Shep Smith mocking Glenn here: Shepard Smith Asks: What’s Glenn Building In There?

And Jon Stewart gets in his digs here: The Daily Show’s IndigNation!


All I can say is, wow. Just wow. That’s nutters.

I get being concerned about the bailouts and the economic crisis and being critical of the administration, but “totalitarian regime?” Really? And must we continue to insult actual socialists by calling anything a Democrat does “socialism?” I’m sure there are some South American/Eastern European socialism proponents who could properly educate Beck and his crew of panickers what socialism actually is.

And as for this looming dictatorship, just HOW would this happen? Is this like those nutty DailyKos bloggers who were convinced Bush n’ Co. would pull some magic, last minute shenanigans to stop the 2008 elections so Bushie could be president-4-life? Because that’s how INSANE he sounds. This country has survived a civil war, two world wars, several internal movements and revolutions and remained intact. I think it can handle this thing called the “Obama Administration.” Shit’s bad, but shit’s not that bad. You’d think we just started creating corrupt politicians and shady corporate megalomaniacs yesterday.

Wake me up when Beck starts building “Beckstown” in the Nevada desert to prepare His People for the looming Obamapacalypse and AG Eric Holder has to “pull a Janet Reno.”

Lordy Lord, Beck. LORDY LORD, INDEED.

Sidenote: I’m starting to think people are wrong when they say FOX News is the propaganda wing of the Republican Party. This shizz doesn’t help the conservative movement AT ALL (unless you want moderates and conservative Democrats to run screaming from you). But it does help ratings, which helps keep ad revenue high and the pockets fatty fat. I can see why David Frum and the rest of the Chattering Conservative Class are still going through their Great Big Freak-Out of the late 2000s. Doomsday soothsayers do not help you take back the Congress in 2010. Fortunately, Beck and his ilk do not purport to belong to Frum’s party.

Not that it will stop the opposition from plastering Beck’s big, sobbing mug all over EVERYTHING.

28 thoughts on “Does Glenn Beck Need A Valium Or Something?

  1. Beck was looney when he was on CNN, with his crying fits and rants. He’s pretty hopped up because he’s part of the religious right which expects doomsday and armageddon. Well, I also actually believe we’re moving into a very turmultous period in human history, but it’s not based on the dire predictions of the Bible and I’m not worried. The religious right and fear will only create problems.

  2. He is a Drama Queen period. Bat -SH#$T crazy!……..I couldnt stand him on CNN and I can only imagine how worse he got over at Fox. He is worse then ol’ chicklets(Lou Dobbs)…with his over- the- top phony outrage.

  3. Glen Beck got a hook-up from Paula Ad-drool. Except instead of laughing while sharing his crazy he cries….tehehehe…The faux tears are killing me. I know he has to pay his bills BUT DAMN…it is like he is parodying Colbert who is himself a parody of Beck….that is a mindfuck right there….

  4. Does anybody know the demographics for FOX news? Because I have this gut feeling a lot of these folks are viewers from the South. As, for Glenn Beck he is having the time of his life at Fox and loving it. I can’t hate a man who knows how to make his money no matter how crazy he acts. Glenn Beck is a straight up fool.

  5. He’s crazy like a fox . He reminds me of a child crying with his hands pressed against his face, and he’s looking between his fingers to see if you’re buying it. A lot of Bubbas are eating it up.

  6. Crocodile loser tears! He’s a fat phony and a sore loser! Would he be "crying" about his country if McCain won? Doubt it! He is a prime example of why I am a recovering Republican! @Prysmom, Chickletts? OMG, that’s hilarious! Most people do not laugh with both their top and bottom teeth exposed. However, ol’ Lou "Chickletts" Dobbs he shows those teeth every chance he gets, right? Chickletts…LOL

  7. @ snobGlen Beck used to come on three times a night on HLN. On Fox he gets the five o’clock slot competing with fellow psycho matthews. I think this has damaged his ego a bit. The only thing I’ve noted of any true substance since he’s gone to fox was the graph of cash the federal reserve has pumped in since the meltdown. That is worth looking at. While I think this current campaign is over the top, I think it will be effective. On another note, since stewart hammered cramer a few nights ago, have you seen where colbert brought him on and sort of kissed up to him. He also seemed to value his advice. Seems a little contradictory to me. good post.

  8. GLENN BECK is up to no good, he is pumping up the RACIST, he has created a website called (THE 912 PROJECT.COM) they have plan’s to march on WASHINGTON, we had 911 in SEPTEMBER, so that was the 9/11 so GLENN BECK and his lunatic’s are planning something for SEPTEMBER the 12th, they say ( they feel left out) as AMERICAN’S!!!! keep in mind these are WHITE AMERICAN’S and they feel left out!!!

  9. These comments got me really thinking. I always said Lou Dobbs reminds me of a baby with an old man’s face. He’s the original Benjamin Button, only chubbier. That chicklett joke finally put it together. BTW, I personally don’t trust Colbert. I trust Stewart more than him.

  10. It’s amazing how these crazy white folk get to vent, and make idiots of themselves with little or no repercussions. When are we going to educate the right on what a socialist actually is? These people are allowed to use words incorrectly without being called on it, and unfortunately because the average American reads at a grade 8 level, they parrot these words without thinking about it. People like Beck make political discourse difficult because of their lack of knowledge.

  11. That Glenn Beck clip made my day, hahaha. Even funnier – and sadder – are those folks who take such outlandishness seriously. Even Shep Smith can’t help but crack on Beck’s ridiculousness. Let the comedy keep flowing, Republicants.

  12. Glenn Beck is a master in eliciting the typical Pavlovian response from his audience. It is the MEDIA and the GOVERNMENT who are lying to you. They are ther ones who are threatening your way of life. All Beck and others like him have to say the buzzword "Socialism," and everybody gets all frothy at the mouth. I find it ironic that the very forces that Beck touts are the reasons why his America is slipping away from his hands, are the same media gatekeepers who own Fox, and the past administration played a role in having millions of jobs shipped overseas. The real enemy is the almighty dollar, and those who are in the position to screw over entire coutries to get it by using the media and government. People like Rupert Murdoch.

  13. "You are not alone, Glen is here with you…" – sing along peeps. NOT!!! WTH? That was just RI-DAMN-DICULOUS!P.S. I wonder if someone can find a minority in that so-called mosaic. Or will the ppl at Faux news photoshop a minority’s pic in there.

  14. I can’t….why…..who? Who is buying the fake tears???? The dude is not crying!!! He’s trying to act and failing!!!! Had you paid money to see this in a theatre you would want your money back!!! This is not news, opinion or info-tainment, this is sheer circus!!!! It’s shameful. What’s worse, people who think they are following something will soon learn this is all a scam!!! Yikes, at least I hope they will! This is about ratings and dollars! Fox is straight pimpin’ the viewers of this show! This…’s…..arrgghh!!!!…….(words failing at this point)………

  15. I am convinced the Repubs are having Father Coughlin moment–except Father Coughlin for all his Antisemitism had some economically progressive ideas during the depression, some of which FDR co-opted during the New Deal which effectively neutralized Coughlin. Beck (with his crocodile tears) has no ideas and nothing to co-opt since, according to him, all you have to do is "believe in something even if it’s wrong." The conservatives are getting crazy, y’all. I just watched a clip with O’Reilly and a guy named Bernie Goldberg, who were defending Jackie Mason calling Obama schvartze (which is the Yiddish version of nigger) and O’Reilly was saying "schvartze" is considered derogatory according to the dictionary. Do you know what Goldberg said in response–I kid you not–THE.DICTIONARY.WAS.WRITTEN.BY.LIBERALS. Because apparently, words, in addition to the truth, are "liberally biased." This is why I can’t deal with repubs/conservatives–they are straight up bonkers right now. I used to have a problem with liberal blogs calling them wingnuts, hinting that they didn’t have ideas, but they are acting real nutty. It’s like Obama actually becoming prez on jan 20 made them lose whatever semblance of sanity they had. I saw this Indiana Repub representative defending Limbaugh’s "I hope he fails" and when asked why he didn’t oppose Bush’s spending, he said he thought Bush spent too much money on EDUCATION!!! I literally shock my head and wondered how in the name of all that is holy these people (Republicans) were allowed to run the country for the past eight years. They straight up need to tests to see if they are sane. It’s funny on a comedic level, but if you are a fan of divided government, as I am, I want these fools to get their act together stat. We are in a world of hurt right now, and we need both political parties to act like they have sense. It’s a dang shame that a Bircher like Ron Paul is/was the only Repub making any type of sense. What the heck happened to Eisenhower/Rockefeller Republicans???

  16. Weren’t the FEMA camps a plotline in the first X-Files movie? Beck & his Fox cohorts are really whipping these white knuckle-draggers into a frenzy. Wonder if any of them who decide to ‘take their country back’ via violence and give Beck & Fox the blame-will they be accountable? Probably not.

  17. These tears are NOT real. I had a boyfriend who could fake cry. I laugh my ass off thinking about it. I compared notes to other girls (yes this was when I was in college) and we all used to get the same halting, squinched up face, cry if you questioned him on his comings and goings (And I’m not talking like he was questioned with neck rolling and shit; you know how we do) just general hey what’s up? where you been? and then here comes the water works. We lasted maybe a few months and then the ex-es came out in solidarity. We’d all been hoodwinked. They were waiting for my release from this water logged hell.So to make it clear. These were FAKE tears which makes BECK even nuttier than we’ve declared. He probably cries like this after sex with prostitutes before he returns home to his wife.

  18. LOL @ the prostitutes.. .or after arranging for gay sex in public bathrooms.It’s official: this man done lost his damn mind.

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