Michelle Obama Is Everywhere!

Still on blog vacation! Light publishing schedule this week! Gorge on New York Magazine’s fat wad of Michelle Obama everything — from history to personality to fashion — and Huffington Post’s latest Shelly O., top outfits poll

I’m voting for the Jason Wu in the kitchen Navy blue with the black knots number. Sleeveless, of course.

They also have a Shelly O. magazine cover poll. Nothing like being a pedigree lawyer of keen intellect and reputation who is best known for her ability to rock the sheath dress and her twin guns, “Precious” and “The Widowmaker.” Crazy world.

But she’s adapting to the role of First Lady pretty well. From the pageantry to the drama, she’s doin’ good meeting and exceeding the expectations game. Although I wonder how long the media/fashion/love Obamagasm/Honeymoon will last? Because as a former reporter and a human being I know that, sigh, nothing lasts forever. Haters wanna hate. Lovers wanna love. (But I don’t really want none of the above.) Kick ’em when their up. Kick ’em when they’re down, and etc.

I’m just going to look at pretty pictures and be happy, because I’m on VACATION. Feel free to argue the relevancy of things amongst yourselves.


The Snob

12 thoughts on “Michelle Obama Is Everywhere!

  1. I can’t wait to get this issue. And, I’m going to get some more issues for family and friends. 🙂

  2. umm from watching tv news coverage and reading a lot of commentary, i’m pretty sure the "honeymoon" ended on Jan. 21st. Now michelle (aside from sleevegate & giftgate) is enjoying much more favorable coverage than she ever got in the past, but it’s a giant stretch to say that this administration is enjoying anything resembling a political honeymoon, or a honeymoon from the press. the media industry is hemorrhaging right now, so while they’re all about using the obamas to sell magazines etc. on one hand, they are most definitely still kicking them 24/7 on the other.

  3. @ moja31Eh. Based on the three previous presidential honeymoon periods that I can remember as a news watcher, this IS about as close to a lovefest an incoming president gets. I mean, "sleevegate" was more annoying and funny than mean and aside from some Republican caterwauling most of that has been overshadowed by the massive implosion of the RNC. And this is much more of a honeymoon than Bill Clinton got in 1992. If you ever want a study in how truly vicious the Washington Press Crops can be when they decide you don’t deserve to be there, the first 100 days of Clinton would be the one where you scratch you head and go "where the HELL did that come from?" I remember 1992 and this ain’t no 1992. This is way more like 2000 when George got his fair share of "He’s such a man’s man!" and "What an adorable doofus!" stories mixed in with "His daughters are underage lushes!" and "I don’t think this dude knows what he’s doing, but I’m going to cut him some slack because he’s new" stories.Oh, and that he had "one termer" written all over him … back then.I’ve seen ugly and this ain’t ugly. This is like five petty people and a round-robin of "OMG! What did they eat at the dinner last night? And did the president say ‘frontin?’ Have we ever had a president say ‘frontin’ before!" plus "Buy all this special edition crap" and the opposition pushing an "It’s the OBAMA recession meme" super hard that still has not stuck.But I’m sure they’ll keep at that.By comparison, I think people were discussing Bill Clinton’s future "one-termer" status one week into his presidency when they declared his country-ass didn’t have a clue in what it was doing. Then they went after that "harpy" wife of his, labeling her as "Ms. Grievance" and mocked them for being fat and having watches that beeped and a daughter with acne and Vogue wouldn’t let Hillary on the cover until she stopped wearing Navy blue pantsuits.So basically everyone in Washington and the media acted like a catty 16 year old girl.And that was just the personal stuff. I haven’t even touched what they said about his policies. (Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell and Healthcare. I’ll fast forward to the end for you … it went TERRIBLE!)I’m sure anyone who remembers 1992 and the drubbing the Clintons received for having the gall to win that crazy, three-way election will back me on this. There was no honeymoon in 92. Nada.

  4. Hi there,Michelle has done a great job by not being controversial… let’s wait and see how she will use her platform to champion issues that will benefit black women! I know she can’t focus on black issues directly but I hope she has a strategy in place to do so indirectly… being photographed at an inner city school… going to a housing project to shake hands… there are ways that she can spotlight issues without standing at a podium…I hope she will do so.

  5. I have never seen so much written about one woman and I think that it is just wonderful. Those of us who love and respect her are many. I must say that there are some poor losers on the web. Not only do they hate our President but they extend it to our First Lady……I am hoping that they will leave the beautiful little girls out of bounds. Folk we really do have some sickos in our Country. May God help us to continue to leave them in the minority. I am certainly happy that we have a couple of strong and secure couple living in the White House because these people have almost sent me into a depression with their negativity towards them. May God continue to bless them.

  6. Danielle, i remember the clintons’ start and that was beyond the pale by every measure; i just think in terms of policy attacks this is certainly well above what bush got when he first came into office; though that could be because obama is just plain doing more than he did at this point on the job (raising taxes on the overpaid talking heads doesn’t go over well either). so far we’ve had that obama is totally tied up in the blago scandal despite a complete lack of evidence to that end, he’s killed the stock market in 55 days (ignore the previous year long decline of course), all of a sudden the deficit matters again (or maybe it just didn’t exist prior to jan. 20th), and he’s a secret commie waging a war on the rich or something. oh and where’s that birth certificate? it seems to be a bit of a democrat thing, democratic administrations seem to be a media free for all where no conspiracy theory is too wacky to take mainstream. as for michelle, she’s getting favorable coverage because she isn’t doing anything controversial yet; not even the most enthusiastic media mob is going to criticize you for advocating for military families or helping out at soup kitchens. it also helps of course that she sells magazines; making the media money never hurts.

  7. I have to agree with moja31 on this. President Obama has been getting hit much harder than even Bush after he screwed us over for eight years. President Obama has been blamed for everything that he inherited, they still call him socialist-terrorist-lovin’ arab and worst yet, some of the Republicans have been attacking the First Lady for advocating Military families and aiding them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can they do any right in the opposition’s eyes?

  8. OH and Happy Saint Paddy’s DAY! I dunno if I have any Irish blood, but I still celebrate it eith wearin the green!

  9. YES, the REPUBLICAN’S are trying their best to bring the PRESIDENT down, but, it won’t work, i heard a REPUBLICAN say, " the PRESIDENT was losing weight" please! as if MICHELLE and all those other BLACK WOMEN in the WHITE HOUSE are not PRAYING for him on a DAILY basis! who do the REPUBLICAN’S think they are? look at what happened to CHENEY’S wife! they better step back! NO WEAPON FORMED SHALL PROPSPER!

  10. Snob, I agree most of these folks here forget how the Clintons were treated by the right in the early 90s. And believe me folks it was much worse than what Obama is getting from the right wingers. I think many in the Black community are just being way to over sensitive with attacks direct at the Obamas. People all politics is dirty no matter the color of your race. Just look at what happen to passed political leaders and what they had to endure to get a sense of what the Obamas put up with. One think I like about the Obamas is they seem to laugh this shit off. Something I just you guys start doing because the name calling will only get worse and worse over Obama first and second terms. The right wing is fighting for there lives and will not stop until Dems or destroyed.

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