The Snob

Decisions, Decisions …

New Streamlined banner:

Which is better? The one without the newsprint or the one with “Woman Bites Blog?”


58 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions …

  1. Jackie says:

    The first one. There is just something about the newsprint in the background that screams journalism to me. I just love it.

  2. SouthlandDiva says:

    I like the news print. I also like the ‘clean’ look behind your caricature (I’m guessing it’s you). Either works for me….just don’t stop blogging!!! Completely off-topic: I was reading another blog and one of commenters mentioned your blog and the blog host gave you props in a response. I’m not naming the blog ’cause I don’t know if that is cool or not. You are much appreciated!

  3. dkan71 says:

    I think it’s absolutely perfect now that you’ve moved the newsprint behind the icon on the right hand side and removed a couple columns so it’s only behind the "ob". Looks awesome.

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