SCAN: Undercover Brother?

On Tuesday there was a security breach on the Macon, Ga. campus of the Secret Council of American Negroes’ (SCAN) HQ when members of SCAN’s sister/rival organization, Negroes of North America (NONA), showed up unannounced, demanding to speak directly with the HNIC.

NONA members Ken Blackwell and Dr. Ada Fisher of the Republican Party somehow made it to the secure wing of the second floor before being stopped by a field agent on her way back from the restroom. Blackwell and Fisher refused to leave SCAN without speaking to someone on the high council and eventually the field agent was able to get Special Agent Quantifia Smith of the Atlanta Office to hear out their complaint along with an assistant who took down transciption for the record.

Here is an accounting of the incident.

KEN BLACKWELL: Well, is it on? Can we talk now! I’ve been in this office for FOUR HOURS!

ASSISTANT: The mic is live.

[Councilwoman Smith lets out a loud audible sigh.]

SMITH: What’s wrong now?

DR. ADA FISHER: Where’s the HNIC! We came here to speak directly to …

SMITH: I’m authorized to handle this matter. You’ve been in here throwing up holy hell all day. What is it? What’s the problem?

BLACKWELL: You KNOW what the problem is! You know and I know and EVERYONE knows! Ya’ll uppity ass so-and-sos thought this shit was funny. Thought you’d have a good laugh up in here at OUR EXPENSE! Sippin’ ya lattes and chortling foam out ya’ noses at us.

SMITH: I have no idea what you’re talking about.

FISHER: We had a truce, dammit.

SMITH: How can I know how to help you two if you won’t tell me what you think we here at SCAN did?

BLACKWELL: Don’t play dumb with me! Steele, mutha fucka! MICHAEL STEELE!

Click to read the rest at THE SECRET COUNCIL OF AMERICAN NEGROES site …

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