Gone Resting!

Xander's Grill on 18th Street

The Black Snob will be publishing on a lighter schedule the next two weeks. I’ll still be posting, but not as often. (I have some projects that need tying up. Some folks I need to get back to about the site and work and whatnot. Plus, I’m pooped!) Feel free to use the Hot Topics to leave stories and tips. Amuse yourselves!

If anyone can back up that “TJ Holmes is getting married” rumor, please send the proof in this direction so I can start playing Vesta’s “Congratulations” as loud as possible as I cry into my pillows at night.


The Snob

10 thoughts on “Gone Resting!

  1. Don’t cry Snob it will be okay! Anyway I’m with you. I’m so glad I’m on Spring Break. I need this week off!

  2. Danielle, I thought you would like to know that Aisha Tyler won $50,000 for her two charities on Jeopardy tonight. She put the smackdown on Tom Bergeron & Elizabeth Perkins. I was happy for beautiful black nerd girls everywhere.

  3. i saw aisha put the hurting on bergeron and perkins tonight on jeopardy too! several black angels have their wings because aisha took NO prisoners! πŸ™‚

  4. Simply because you mentioned that Vesta song, you are officially my favorite mind in blogging. You have my sympathies. Enjoy having the time to put your thing down.

  5. Thanks for conjuring Vesta. That song was great! The girls used to belt it out at recess. We loved that song!

  6. Hate the Congratulations song! Probably one of the saddest songs ever. Remember the video? Sheesh! Don’t go into the light Snob! I do appreciate the fact that you referenced that song though, enjoy your resting and catching up time.

  7. You need to do what you need to do but…aargh!You do realise I check in here daily for my snob fix, don’t you?Cant’t help it, I’m selfish.

  8. CRACKING UP @ Vesta’s song. I hope the rumor isn’t true for your sake. You are so funny! Keep up the great work!!!

  9. If what you’re doing is called light posting, I guess I’m in a semi-coma πŸ™‚

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