12 thoughts on “Wheeee!

  1. How awesome is this picture! I would love to see a larger shot of the White House with the swing set in the yard. So cool. The Obamas are such a breath of fresh air. Makes me wanna weep.

  2. This picture is extremely refreshing. As a wife, mother, and professional I enjoy the snapshots of the Obamas. They show that family comes first. I only hope that others regard their behaviors and learn the true meaning of ‘family first’. It is possible to run a country and make your children feel protected, loved, and happy.

  3. They’ll always remember that day. I think they’ll turn out well-balanced and adjusted adults one day.

  4. Let’s hear it for solid families. The Obama family has a chance to change black culture for the better.

  5. I wonder if Barack sneaks out onto a swing. Sometimes, when your troubles get to you, the only way to rid yourself of them is swing them away.

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