12 thoughts on “Wheeee!

  1. How awesome is this picture! I would love to see a larger shot of the White House with the swing set in the yard. So cool. The Obamas are such a breath of fresh air. Makes me wanna weep.

  2. This picture is extremely refreshing. As a wife, mother, and professional I enjoy the snapshots of the Obamas. They show that family comes first. I only hope that others regard their behaviors and learn the true meaning of ‘family first’. It is possible to run a country and make your children feel protected, loved, and happy.

  3. They’ll always remember that day. I think they’ll turn out well-balanced and adjusted adults one day.

  4. Let’s hear it for solid families. The Obama family has a chance to change black culture for the better.

  5. I wonder if Barack sneaks out onto a swing. Sometimes, when your troubles get to you, the only way to rid yourself of them is swing them away.

  6. Does anyone live in DC? Can you actually see the swing set from the area around the white house??

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