Someone’s Got Jokes (At Michael Steele’s Expense Of Course)

14 thoughts on “Someone’s Got Jokes (At Michael Steele’s Expense Of Course)

  1. ummmm, im i the only one who thought that was actually not funny?!?!I mean, what’s up with creativity that was so lacking, there are SOOO many funny material that Steele has given us, and so many scenarios, and this is the best they can come up with? (or maybe its the dry actors)anyways, I hope people come up with something funnier (the real stuff is funnier than this parody, as Steele has made an utter fool of himself so far)okay, so I realize im a little harsh, after all its a light hearted parody, but something funnier please!

  2. I have no idea which Mark Sanford is more ridiculous, the one in that video or the one in real life. (God I have to get out of SC.)

  3. I think it’s time to put the Steele jokes to rest. Not that I love Mike Tyson’s ex brother in law, but that he’s now a crusted banana peel that’s been walked on so much, you can’t tell it was once edible.Now, we should concentrate on Tavis if there’s a black person who needs correctlng, (see, e.g. my blog).PS I’m going to see my favorite white boys, Hall & Oates, tonight up in Balto. Met them in Harbour Island, Bahamas at their little studio. Jealous, Black Snob? Just a little? Admit it. Admit it…lol

  4. @ ChrisI don’t see the Steele jokes stopping any time soon … you know? Until the brother gets off my TV and stops digging a bigger hole for himself. And some folks are just getting started. For me, it’s reached the level of feeling embarrassed for dude because he clearly is crashing and burning in the most spectacular fashion.And I AM jealous that you are going to see H&O. I love me some Hall & Oates. "Abandoned Luncheonette" is one of the greatest blue-eyed soul albums ever created.

  5. this is hee-larious!!! I like the part where’s he’s asking who’s on welfare, and the guys are all like, "I’m in AP classes." If the Steele jokes are funny, then I don’t mind.

  6. I’m still waiting for the comedy slapstick skit regarding the oh-so-funny image of Michael Steele getting pelted with Oreo cookies by Democrats (mostly his fellow African-Americans). Wasn’t that a hoot? BTW-don’t hold your breath on that one. Can anyone guess why that sad and ugly incident won’t be depicted in "comedy"? Maybe because it would expose the perpetrators for what they are?

  7. I glad Obama put to nails in the coffin on the Russ Parr Morning Show when this 1DIOT ran for office.

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