Day: March 6, 2009


But I was so looking forward to being pandered to in all the wrong way!

Speaking to the Maryland radio station WBAL, Steele said that “no one individual” was head of the party and described his comments downplaying Limbaugh’s show and influence as inartful. He added that if Republicans wanted to ascend back to the heights of political power, they had to stop trying to be “cool and hip in a Democrat way,” and admit their past mistakes. (Emphasis mine)

(Source: Huffington Post)

What? No more slang? No more hip, cool, rap, dope, chill things to do? And Democrats are hip and cool? Really? I had no idea Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid were what’s hot in the streets? Does Howard Dean get “jiggy?” Who’s the illest, Steele? Which Dem is the illest?

Err. None of them. They’re politicians. The President and his own personal, executive “Get Fresh Crew” are cool in more of a nerdy, brainiac, “black Ivy-League elite” Rat Pack way, than Executive Branch: Electric Bugaloo. But, whatever. Because you’re incapable of making anything better, you moved from saying “hip hop till you don’t stop” to equating the Republicans with alcoholics.

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