Who Doesn’t Want to Be Michelle Obama?

First Tyra! Not you too, Alicia Keys!

Alicia Keys is taking on the role of the first lady of fashion.

The singer posed as Michelle Obama alongside look-alikes of first daughters Sasha and Malia for a Glamour magazine photo shoot.

“She has worked hard for everything she’s accomplished, and done so with grace and humility. So many women and girls can identify with her story,” Alicia said of the first lady.

In the photograph, Alicia is wearing a blue Carolina Herrera dress, a black Michael Kors belt, Miriam Haskell necklace and black Christian Louboutin shoes.

Glamour magazine’s 70th Anniversary/American Icons issue hits newsstands March 10.

(Source: Entertainment Tonight)

Also, notice out Glamour “magically” was able to find two Sasha and Malia stand-ins despite cute black girls being some kind of endangered species.

That said, cute picture, Alicia. You don’t look a damn think like Shelly Belly, but cute pic all the same.

22 thoughts on “Who Doesn’t Want to Be Michelle Obama?

  1. Ms. Keyes doesn’t have the guns Michelle does! No Precious and Widowmaker on her (man I love your turns of phrase Madame Snob)

  2. Dear Glamour: please send that dress to me. i need it. NEED, I tell you. Hugz and Kissez, mk.

  3. @ Lisa JAw! You gave "Precious" and "The Widowmaker" a shout-out! They appreciate that!

  4. When I see Keys, I think two words: Trophy Wife. I haven’t seen her with a man yet and I’m interested in knowing her type. Miss Keys, if you’re listening, can you settle for an untalented poor ass schmuck?

  5. Instead of Alicia Keyes, I would’ve prefered a darker celebrity stand-in for our new First Lady. Whitewashing in these fashion magazines is par for the course and I’m tired of it. Regina King or Aisha Tyler, anyone?

  6. i concur with moon unit.. it was the first thing i thought…. do we have no michelle hued models or celebrities??pantone should come up with ‘the michelle’ LOL!no shade at alicia though – i would have been right there if asked.. it’s a beautiful picture…

  7. I don’t see anything wrong with Alicia Keys being portrayed as Michelle Obama. She’s not trying to be First Lady Obama. Come on now, stop focusing on color. Light skin sisters can’t give props and emulate their darker skinned sistah idols because they are too light? Michelle Obama is an inspiration to all women, not just the dark skinned ones.

  8. Down for the deep dark chocolate and allI just thought this photo op was for an article about Alicia Keys not Michelle Obama. She is doing her take on the First LadySo, even openly admitting my Obama family photo crack habit – am I the only one that thinks the ode to Michelle theme is just strange? Tyra, Ru Paul now Alicia. I wonder if Michelle and Barack Obama are creeped out by all this idolatry. Can you imagine if people were doing this to you and your family? I’d freak out.(right, why am I asking this question on the cyber headquarters of the TJ Holmes stalking club?!)

  9. @ The AThe "dressing up as Michelle" phenomenon is a little odd, but understandable considering both Obamas became overnight icons in the black community. It’s the ultimate homage/fantasy role play. I believe Tears for Fears said it best, "Everybody wants to rule the world." Well, everybody "wants" (to some degree) to know what it would be like to be who they think Michelle Obama actually is. To be that close to power. That goes beyond race and skin color in many ways. But yeah, it has to be a tad weird for Michelle and Barack who probably just find it creepy. I know I would.

  10. I read the online link to Glamour magazine. It seems this wasn’t an obsession on Alicia’s part. She was one among many young talents (mostly white actresses) who "dressed up" as female icons over the last seven decade. There were two other black female talents who played Althea Gibson and Billie Holliday. Either of those women could have probably shown a better likeness to Michelle than Alicia did.–nevertheless, Alicia does look beautiful as a First Lady sit-in. Although she doesn’t come across as Mrs. Obama, she does rock as pose as a good looking trophy wife , such as First Lady Jackie O.

  11. Not to slight Ms. Keys, but this pic is disappointing. Color is still very important in this country and I think this snubs our browner-complected counterparts. They couldn’t find any young, talented, successful black woman with double that dose of melanin? I can think of a handful of darker women–Viola Davis, anyone?–who could have done this.Don’t even get me started on the darn dog. I bet Bo is having a fit.

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