Talk Soup With Michelle Obama

First lady Michelle Obama, center, helps hands out meals during her visit to Miriam’s Kitchen in Washington, Thursday, March 5, 2009. The center provides meals, case management services and housing support to nearly 250 men and women in Washington. (AP)

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5 thoughts on “Talk Soup With Michelle Obama

  1. Wow! That’s where my job volunteers in the mornings for breakfast servings. I am not surprised to see her there. It is where the elitist yuppies pay their weekly penance and who best to map out where to go for their kind of do-good work. My co-workers do that at Miriam’s Kitchen but won’t spend time with anyone outside of their class beyond that–unless you count Happy Hours and drinks after work. That’s it. So I am not impressed because it is code for elite know-how and elite strategy still. Amazing.I spend time feeding the poor in more grimier places where its not as acceptable in code with Elite standards as proper do-good work to merit. Maybe she didn’t know and just wanted to stick to the gentrified neighborhood that has the most popular kitchen because, hey, our non-profit not only works, we send food all the time from our homes. We shop at Trader Joes and Whole Foods, you know?I am so not surprised by this market approach of altruism. I see it all the time in my peers and they expect me to applaud.

  2. Everyone please ignore the first post; as it is not even worth a response.I am so very proud to see First Lady Michelle Obama putting her money where her mouth is. I too work in a soup kitchen every month, and it is good to see others do the same. Action speaks louder than words ( if you know what I mean)

  3. Michelle Obama has worked with the homeless before in Chicago way before her Husband was even in politics. So, I think she really does care about the poor vs. a Cindy McCain or Laura Bush. If I had known the work she’s done in the past than I too with have wrote off her visiting this Soup Kitchen too. But since she has a history of helping the poor this is not unlike her to reaching out to others.

  4. This is NOT just a photo op; this is vintage Michelle. She’s a master at volunteerism and has a steep history of being actively involved in community service. For years she ran Public Allies, a University of Chicago’s Hospital program designed to partner with and reach out to local community.

  5. She’s been doing volunteerism for some time. But just wait until she gets her program together to work with military families, bringing to light the problems they have when either the mother or the father goes to places like Iraq or Afghanistan.Please say support the troops, but most know little about the increased stress their service brings on military families.

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