Beware of Strangers Baring Gifts (Snob News)

Run unknown character from Fat Albert! I don’t trust “Ol’ Klannie!” (Via Gawker)Today (like yesterday) is going to be a slow news day in Snob-land.

For one, I’m sick.

For two, I have a freelance project to finish.

For three, I have another freelance project to start.

For four, I’ve got a cute little girl project to work on.

For five, I have to switch photo accounts from flickr to Picasa so at some point between today and this weekend The Great Wall of Sexy, all my Obama photo archives (among other things) will be gone. Flickr sez I can store my pictures there if I didn’t take them, so, a shuffling along I go.

For six, I’ve got some site maintenance to attend to.

For seven, the whole sick thing. Like, I started writing this three hours ago, and had to go lie down and just got up. (Don’t worry. I won’t die. Nothing fatal. Please enjoy the rest of your Thursday. If something pressing happens, will post a series of nonsensical links and brief witticisms.)

Until then, feel free to caption this gawd-awful thing I found on Gawker a few days ago (pictured above).



The Snob

8 thoughts on “Beware of Strangers Baring Gifts (Snob News)

  1. That’s intense. You need help. Can you find interns in your city that can help you…maybe meet up or work along with you. I know younger people have a propensity to want to take over or leave after they find out your flow but that is the risk you take. You really need some help in order to expand. Trust is something you are going to have to conquer yourself. Just think about it. I think a couple of youngins would benefit from your tutor and you could benefit from their sweat labor. We, Black People, don’t donate our time or our funding to help each other out. And I know its hard to ask when you are not giving up ownership. It hard to ask because people want a piece. I think however that we need more introduction to the practicums other types of people understand in collaborative buiding in that you can do for others and get something out of it eventhough you can’t own it yourself. We have to stop being so fearful to be want to remain stingy and think that if we help you, we are losing ourselves. It drove me nuts when I was out there trying to build. People would think I did something wrong in not being able to gain traction. I would tell them that manpower was needed to get to a place where traction could ignite. They seem not to understand physics and their place in being needed to get me to a place where traction could form.I would love to see your blog grow but I already know what is hindering you and it is not you. It is us…those of us with skills that just won’t offer the time. But if you blew up then everybody would want to get on and then work for free.I’m sick of our shit. I hope you get the help. I hope you find an angel benefactor. Our people don’t know the triials of Zora and Langston in that they had to hustle and grind and hope their White Benefactors kept them fed and funded with paper and rent money and exposure. They were the first surrogates for Black Artistry and since our own people have not caught on that we have to be our own benefactors. If I had technical skills I would offer. Seriously, think about looking into interns. You have to trust and stop thinking the only people you can trust is your family. You will only perpetuate our problems that will inhibit trust-building.Good luck!

  2. When I saw that image, I thought of Elwin Wilson, the ex-Klansman who apologized to John Lewis a couple weeks ago for beating him up back in 1961. Until then, he didn’t know the victim’s identity. Lewis accepted the apology with grace. I saw an interview with the two of them together, it was very real.PeaceRegina

  3. Aww Danielle! Poor baby! I hope you feel better, and I hope you manage to get all that work out the way so that I can indulge in your brilliant commentary. Lots o’ love!-Nagrom

  4. Feel better and I hope you get your freelance projects done on time! I got put my thinking cap on for that pic. Maybe "the RNC woos Michael Steele" "Rush accepts Steele’s apology’?

  5. @ AllAs I said, not dying. I’m just super tired … and not looking forward to my super dull, but pays a lot of money, research project. (And I actually feel a lot better now that the meds have kicked in.) But thanks for your kind words.

  6. Snob,Feelin’ better I hope?? Picasa is Da BOMB!!!! Easy to upload/download, you can save all your pics, manipulate/edit/lighten, etc pictures and it’s free? Can’t ask for more than that.Get you somebody’s graduate student who needs to do a senior project. My motto is there is a way to do damn near anything.Peace…

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