Found Object (Objet Trouvé): Blago’s Book

Via Chicagoist  (Love the Nike Swoop detail on the suit jacket!)

For those out of the loop, Hot Rod signed a six-figure book deal recently. Can’t wait for it to hit the dollar store! My moms will TOTALLY buy a copy then! You know? On the “two-for-one” book day when she can get both his book and whatever Suze Orman can’t get rid of fast enough.


5 thoughts on “Found Object (Objet Trouvé): Blago’s Book

  1. Lady M says:

    what a trip. And you know that book’s gonna sell too, cause people are gonna want to know what he’s up to. lol

  2. CParis says:

    I luuvvvv Blago! I liked the way he was always looking out for his lady – insisting that politicos find his wife a cushy no-show job – paying at least $100k plus benefits!Now how many brothers are going to do that for their woman? /snark

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