Michael Steele’s Charm Offensive

As in, I’m starting to find Michael Steele’s “charm” offensive.

It’s not that Michael’s a bad guy. Gosh no. He seems just swell, but for some perverse reason (obviously I must hate myself), I wound up watching D.L. Hughley attempt to chat with Steele and Chuck D. on CNN Sunday night.

I saw “attempt” because Hughley is:

A) Not a journalist (Saying the RNC convention looked “like Nazi Germany?” Really? I was thinking more of a Kiwanis Club, the Forbes 500, a Promise Keepers Convention or a Stone Cutters reunion. Don’t make me agree with News Busters.)

B) Should not be asking anyone questions of any kind

That out of the way though, I’ve watched Michael in his efforts to re-brand the RNC and … sigh, this may be the ONLY time that I ever say this in the history of mankind but … Rush Limbaugh is right when he says your job is to figure out HOW to get Republicans elected, not go on a lengthy media “Award Tour” where you attempt to do battle with the likes of Chuck D (like stating that Chuck was from the projects when Chuck CLARIFIED that he was from Long Island and Steele had fallen into the trap of assuming all rappers come from horrid circumstances).

Of course Rush, being an asshole, didn’t quite put it that elegantly or politely and made a lot of gross generalizations because … like D.L. Hughley, he has no business being any kind of serious journalist.

(More after the jump.)

(Limbaugh laced) into Steele and (said) the recently-elected party leader was “off to a shaky start.”

“You know who needs a little leadership? Michael Steele and those at the RNC,” Limbaugh said, part of an unusual counter-attack against the elected head of the GOP.

“I hope the RNC chairman will realize he’s not a talking head pundit, that he is supposed to be working on the grassroots and rebuilding it and maybe doing something about our open primary system and fixing it so that Democrats don’t nominate our candidates,” Limbaugh said, his voice rising. “It’s time, Mr. Steele, for you to go behind the scenes and start doing the work that you were elected to do instead of trying to be some talking head media star, which you’re having a tough time pulling off.”

(Source: Politico via Yahoo)

Now, as we step away from the perpetual angry, man (who hearts Bobby Jindal forever), let’s get back to Steele and the real reasons why his charm offensive is offensive.

He talks about “selling” the RNC to black people. It’s not about selling! It’s about the doing, man. What are you doing? Besides, you know, giving me shit to make fun of. Like this for example.

Exhibit A: Rep. Michele Bachmann, “You Be Da Man.”

See? This should be offensive. I should be offended. But since Steele walks around almost equally as clueless and disconnected from black people, how could I accuse her of being a numb-nuts? He probably ASKED her to shout that shit.

Michael: Psst. Hey, Michelle. I need to sound like I’m down wit my peeps. Can you shout, you da man at some point?

Michele: Is it you da man or you be da man?

Michael: I don’t know.

Michele: What do you mean you don’t know? You’re the black guy!

Michael: Right! Right. Say whatever feels blackest! “Be.” Using “be” makes it blacker. I BE DA MAN!

Exhibit B: He thought THIS MAN was a good person to flaunt while running for senate

I realize he’s his ex-brother-in-law. I GET that. I also get that a thousand years ago he was boxing’s youngest and most dangerous heavy-weight. He’s also CRAZY. And a convicted rapist. And a known woman abuser. And a known EAR abuser. He has a face tattoo and black people stopped being impressed by Mike Tyson sometime after Buster Douglass knocked his ass out.

Normal people, you know, people who actually understand black people, wouldn’t want to be caught within 100 yards of Iron Mike. Especially at a campaign event. To Steele’s credit he wasn’t completely thrilled with Iron Mike’s endorsement, but he didn’t exactly run away screaming from the man either.

Steele has said nothing to belittle his friend. In an interview with the New York Times, Steele said he would “welcome in a heartbeat” the boxer’s help, although Tyson has not done anything official for the campaign.

“He may be divorced from my sister, but I can’t cast him aside,” Steele told the Times. “You embrace. You love. . . . I’ve never sat in judgment of him, and I never would.” …

Also this week, the lieutenant governor secured the support of another controversial boxing figure, promoter Don King, who offered this endorsement: “I must have an indictment list longer than his awards list.”

Asked what to make of Steele’s eclectic backers — who include White House aide Karl Rove and hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons — Matthew A. Crenson, a Johns Hopkins University political science professor, sighed deeply. “This guy has a very strange collection of friends,” he replied.

(Source: Washington Post)

If I were Michael Steele I would answer all “are you Mike Tyson’s ex-brother-in-law” related questions in this manner:

“You’re thinking of Shelby.”

That’s what I’d be doing, because I have self-awareness. You’re a politician, not a rapper. Hanging out with Iron Mike makes you look ridiculous. The media had Barack Obama forced to confront, runaway and again confront his minister, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who is actually pretty typical in the black community considering his age, education and background. He committed no crime other than the sin of talking very loudly about how many black people feel while Obama was trying to run for president. (Embarrassing for some.)

Mike Tyson signed autographs at a vote for Steele rally. What the hell?

Needless to say, Steele didn’t win that election.

Exhibit C: All hip hop, cool, daddio references

(Side note to Steele’s statements about these “rogue” Republicans: They’re in blue states. Cut funding to them and they’ll be replaced by Democrats. Trust. Only Arlen Spector would survive. Don’t listen to Neil Cuvato. He’s an idiot … or should I say … Listen to the Cuvato. He’s a genius!)

To say you’re going to make the RNC what’s hot in the streets scares me because, hate to break it to you, “hip hop” is not a catch-all for everyone under 35. I am not hip hop. I enjoy listening to hip hop music of a certain vintage. I have a well-documented B-Boy fetish. But I am not whatever you think I am. Jay-Z has absolutely NO EFFECT on my voting patterns.

I’m a Liberal Populist Progressive something or other. Most black people are social conservatives who vote with their pocketbooks (re: more populists) and are Liberal on Civil Rights, Human Rights and law enforcement issues. How are you going to address THOSE issues? Are you working on a bumper crop of populist black and white Bible thumpers who love diversity because … not to give you any ideas, but THAT’S WHAT I WOULD BE DOING! You know? Because that “let’s bring up Lincoln for the 100th time and call black folks ingrates and shit” that your fellow Republicans engage in when they troll my old blog on my old Michael Steele thread DOES NOT WORK. You cannot GUILT me into voting Republican when the parties pulled the ol’ switcheroo on several issues nearly 60 years ago. As far as I’m concerned I’ve got bad and worse to pick from (and a cadre of sad sack third party parties).

Also, back to Rush (being a dick and basically pulling a jack move by accusing you of caring more about your charm offensive than doing your job) he mentioned the whole you getting Republicans elected. This was the only iffy part of you being picked as RNC chairman that I could find. As recently as 2008 in a Georgia race for senate, the Republican incumbent told a group of supporters they really needed to make it to the polls because “those other people” were voting.

A few years ago he would have said something else instead of “those other people” and it would have been “macaca” all over again.

What are you going to do about that? D.L. Hughley’s ignorant ass actually had a point when he opined that often he felt unwelcome as a black person by the Republican Party. Steele, of course, argued that his election meant the wheel was turning. The RNC is betting on black and black wins! (Cringeworthy moment, if ever. I feared for Chuck D. to begin vomiting at any moment from either Hughley or Steele.) But can black help you win a Southern primary?

But maybe the Southern GOP doesn’t need Steele’s fundraising skills. Perhaps he’s going to be a dynamo in the North, East and West? Perhaps he’s going to do something about those things Pat Buchanan really didn’t think were a big deal.

Like … losing the Hispanic vote almost entirely, hence losing the Southwest and West and not bothering with most minorities because they’re going to vote Democrat anyway (which is one way to guarantee losing 90 percent of the black vote every time). No big! Whatever. Who NEEDS these fancy Hispanics ANYWAY with their ability to be either white or black? So confusing. Easier to treat them all like they’re in need for a good ICE sweep.

Way to ruin all of the Bush’s work to win the Mexican-Americans over! Leslie Sanchez totally HATES YOU, Pat.

That’s the mindset Steele is up against. A bunch of dry rot who said, “Fuck all, ya’ll” to everyone who was black, brown, poor, female, gay, non-Christian or [other]. While not everyone co-signed on the “Fuck all, ya’ll” platform, there are a lot, A LOT of true believers, including Rush, who, for some sick reason, Republicans are allowing the media and the White House to paint as the de facto leader of the party.

What kind of crack are they handing out over there? I haven’t seen an attack meme this subversive and potentially fatal since William F. Buckley got everyone to say “Liberal” like it was a dirty word.

To Steele’s credit he does realize the “Rush Is Your Leader” storyline is some bad, bad eggs. But what can he do? He’s up against CNN’s Rick Sanchez here who is getting high off his own little Rush flame war.

So. Everyone stop reading for a moment so I can speak to Michael privately.

Did you stop reading?



Look, Michael? Can I call you, Mike? Mr. “Not Iron” Mike? Let’s “rap.”

Stop patronizing your own people! It was bad enough when my beloved Mitt “Mittens” Romney cluelessly shouted “Who let the dogs out” to those poor, traumatized black teenagers in an act of Pat Boone uncoolness while on the campaign trail (on MLK Day, nonetheless!). What are you doing? You don’t have to talk down to us. Everyone talks down to us. Here’s something! Assume we’re smart and adults and talk to us in that manner, OK? Stop working the word “baby” into your interviews on FOX News. Be SERIOUS, dammit! These are serious times.

Now I realize you’re in a tough spot. You’re a black Republican living in the Obama Era. You’re about as popular as Judy Winslow, but you have GOT. TO. GET. IT. TOGETHER. It is getting embarrassing (for you). And I’m no Rush. I want you to succeed (at not making a complete fool of yourself).

Now. Relax, relate, release. Stop with the “You down wit GOP! You know me! All my Republicans in the house wave ya hands!” Negro pantomime and just be your tight suit wearing, Muppet-faced self. You’re not going to trick people into liking you.

Now, issues! Get some!


The Snob

30 thoughts on “Michael Steele’s Charm Offensive

  1. LOL Funniest, realest post about Michael Steele. I can’t see myself ever being a Republican, and yeah that’s partially because of my parents (and my grandma who votes Dem no matter what), but this election cycle a couple of my friends and I started paying attention. I watched the Rep. Convention with one of my friends and we were like, "Dang look at all those white people…" and I actually counted the black people/Hispanics there. Not many.Then I hear M.S. over here saying "Hip-Hop party" and "bling bling" and "one-armed midget". Seriously? That’s like black card rejected on the spot. I think it’s kind of racist how he thinks using slang will automatically bring some of "his people" over to the mostly-white Republican side.I think until minorities start to see themselves in the Republican party, and until people like Rush go away, they’re not going to go anywhere. I know there are crazies on both sides, but at least try to hide your crazy. They just have him all out in the open, and then they show their ignorance by following him. I really think the white people in the Rep. party will use M.S. as their puppet. & it’s already working. Right after Rush criticized M.S. for criticizing him, M.S. apologized. You gotta have more balls than that if you’re the leader, right? I think it’s gonna take them awhile.

  2. Well said. He’s embarassing himself and is becoming nothing but a performing monkey.My boss is all about trying to convert me to republicanism. I finally had to tell him, "look, when I turn into a white male who earns $500k + a year I’ll sign up. But since I’m a poor, black widow with kids that works for YOU, I’ll continue to vote democrat." I think I scared him a little bit that day.I’ve been around long enough to appreciate one or two of the republican core beliefs, but since they are blood sucking, self-serving, "I’ve got mine and I’m taking yours too" kinda folks, I can’t get behind them. I have a soul I’d like to keep (reasonably) clean so my next go round won’t be so bad. I’m also a solid believer in separation of church and state. Their love affair over the past 20 yrs to the most ignorant segment of our society frightens me more than any white supremist can.The only thing that can save the republican party is for their center most members to take charge. Unfortunately they’ve lost all control, power and influence and the people funding things are calling the shots. Even they didn’t take the crazies seriously because the $$ was flowing and the sky was the limit. White folks (read: republicans) are running scared right now. Their little world is caving in all around them and the great unwashed masses (read: the American public) has woken up out of a long sleep wondering why their *ss hurts and where the blanket went.Seriously. There are a bunch of white boys standing on their toes and the MINUTE they start yelling their battle cry "**cking A" I’m grabbing my kids and heading to Canada til the fire dies down.

  3. I cannot even add anything more!! awsome post! enough said!ps: really, who watches DL? he is both NOT FUNNY, and NOT RELEVANT!! really CNN, what is up with giving him an entire show? (oh yea, that was the oh shit, Obama has black people now watching politics, we better give a black guy a show to get the black viewers to stay watching post-election! so irritating that the only way CNN think they can keep black viewers is to get some black guy to blurt out totally irrelevant, idiotic racially bad jokes!) pps: really, this whole Rush, Steele, GOP thing is a RIOT to watch, as a democrat, this is GREAT!!! I love watching the GOP self destruct, and I am not ashamed to say so!!!

  4. Too funny! This was a great post. Too bad it’s so sad. I want the two parties to fight over me, dammit! I want to be the cutest girl at the party and have the boys falling all over themselves to try and impress me. It’s kinda not happening with Steele.

  5. @ ChristinaBut Steele IS trying to woo you! He’s just doing a really, really crappy job! He’s like the Steve Urkel of politics, trying to woo you. Pullin’ up the suspenders. Sidling next to you up at the party. Saying "Did I do that?" when he uses "hezzie" wrong.

  6. I thought that Steele would really bring balance for African Americans between the two parties, instead he decided to follow the typical black conservative model: apologetic, unmoved by racism (even when its obvious), and a parrot for the white counterparts voice. I could have taken a bullet better than hearing that Steele apologized to Rush Limbaugh of all people.

  7. Great post!!!! I’m from Maryland and am embarrassed that he was once our Lt. Governor. He’s clueless and he’s being played.The only thing I can think is maybe he knows and has the attitude "I’m getting mine". What a joke!!!!!

  8. Rush viciously attacked Steele with that remark about Republicans hanging up on him when he attempts to collect donations. To me it drives home the fact that Steele isn’t the welcomed change in the GOP which he’s touted to be. I see the party getting more exclusive and marginalized if they keep on this course. That was a funny bit between Steele and Herr Backmann.

  9. Mike Tyson’s ex brother in law has no dignity. I have more respect…ok, maybe admiration…of Lexington Steele than Mike. The mess with Rush has played right into the White House’s (note I didn’t say Barack…I mean Rahm and his crew) hands.

  10. i’m actually for smaller government and less taxes…that is not what this republican party is all about…i cannot look myself in the face if i voted the party that has rush limbaugh and ann coulter as folks to look up to…maybe steele is a nice guy and maybe he has good intentions, but i can’t vote for the party that needs to "sell" the party to me…the last 8 years has shown me how the republicans feel….

  11. Kudos to President Obama and Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel for executing the Art of War on the GOP so effectively in the first 30 days of the President’s term. Steele, Limbaugh et al are being played by two stone cold geniuses and I, like The Black Snob, am loving every minute of it.The soundtrack to the continued implosion:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63VTXMBeC8Q

  12. Wow Rush and Steele must be clueless!Rush’s ego is getting off on Rahm calling him the "head" of the party and Steele thinks the GOP might actually listen to him. Ha! Lee Atwater must be rolling in his grave.

  13. "You’re thinking of Shelby."I laughed my ass off when I read that. I had no idea that he was once his brother-in-law.Wow!Your writing is awesome. I’ve been lurking around here for some time now.Keep the good work coming.

  14. Steele wouldn’t even be RNC head if it weren’t for Obama. We all no Repubs don’t have any great love for blacks and Hispanics, yet they want our vote???!!!And where is their VISION? If they have a better plan to Obama after SCREWING THE COUNTRY UP, what is it?I predict, the repubs will take one final but whooping at the polls in 2010, then the #$%& will really hit the fan.I predict the republican party will split (crazy neocons/fascists vs moderates) and this will set up Obama re-election in 2012.Peace.

  15. That was hilarious. I totally agree. Mike Steele reminds me too much of Bojangles. He’s so much better than that.

  16. @ DanielleHa! But if Michael Steele is trying to woo me…then why isn’t he spending more time talking to me? I mean, I heard he was at the State of the Black Union thing, that’s cool. I haven’t paid any attention to that since I was over to my parents house a few years ago and they were glued to C-SPAN. Even my parents haven’t bothered with it in recent years. I heard more about it here and on JJP (and I thank you both for that.)Instead, Steele is busy talking to the other pretty girls, if by "pretty girls" we were to mean "white cable talk show hosts." Does he think that’s the best way to get a message out to a minority community? Is the minority community sitting around watching Neil Cavuto? I’m confused.I’m standing here waiting, Michael Steele! Call me – when you get your act together.

  17. So yall know, I have nothing constructive to add at this time. Just loving the following:"You’re about as popular as Judy Winslow" – Just mad there was a link there because there is a high probablility that not many remember her existence on Family Matters"Relax, relate, release. " – Whitley Gilbert goodness… man…FinallySteele said in a telephone interview. “I was maybe a little bit inarticulate. … There was no attempt on my part to diminish his voice or his leadership.” – Way to admit to not living up to the bare minimum for acceptable Negroes AND crowning the Rush-man with any acknowlegement of "leadership".**sigh**

  18. Fascinating. Having lost the ideological war where Reagan’s government-is-the-economy has proven to be wrong for the times, all the Republicans have now is false, distracting strategies and tactics:* Selecting a woman VP supposedly to take the woman vote from DP;* Selecting Michael Steele as head of the RNC* Marketing Bobby Jindal as the savior of the Republican Party, a guess who doesn’t even believe in evolution.It’s not working. At one of the worse times in history, Republicans got nothing.

  19. Why is it that only the black blogs picked up on Chuck D’s correction as to his hometown? That is "Roosevelt, Long Island. It’s not the projects. It’s where black people live."FYI, my question is in large part rhetorical.

  20. Danielle, I don’t know how long it will take me to stop laughing at your imagined conversation between Steele and Bachmann. A couple of years ago when I was first exposed to Steele, I got over my knee-jerk aversion to black Republicans because I found him dignified and articulate (sorry, I know "articulate" is a loaded adjective when talking about a brother, but I’m sorry, articulate is articulate and dumb-ass street is dumb-ass street). It is now truly an embarrassment to watch Steele try to "blacken" up (or should I say down) the GOP.As for why CNN gave DL Hughley a forum …. you have Bill Maher to blame. Hughley was a frequent guest on Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) and every time he appeared, I said to myself why doesn’t this dude just shut up? There are comedians who can make a political statement and it resonates. Sometimes, Chris Rock does this. But DL … no I’m sorry. He needs to stick to comedy.Bravo Danielle. Keep callin’ it like you see it!

  21. This jackass folded like a house of cards! I mean I could respect him for calling out Limbaugh but damn stand your ground!!! It’s folks like Steele that take progress that we have made as a people and set us back about 50 years!!!! What a sellout!

  22. I posted on Michael Steele over at daddyBstrong.blospot.com…By bowing down to Rush, he has lost all hope of being a leader in the Republican Party.

  23. As a snobby recovering Republican, I was offended by the fact that Rush Limbaugh was pushed to the forefront to represent the party. He is overweight, which is a clear sign of being out of control. Rush is also a drug addict! Who cares what he thinks. Moreover, the party is so desparate it is pulling all kinds of tricks…..Sit back, it is going to get worse.In ref. to D.L., not sure why everyone dislikes him. He is smart. Being a comedian oppose to a baffoon, he has come a long way with his GED. He is still married to his wife and speaks highly of his children. In case you guys have not noticed there is a "Black out" in Hollywood. So, on Sunday night it is nice, to me, to laugh w/D.L. as he puts his spin on current events. Maybe you guys do not like his hair. Pick your battles wisely. The media is not ran by Blacks, but it seems like whenever Blacks get a show everyone is badmouthing it. So now there are only 3 sitcoms: Under One Roof(UPN); that Tyler Perry sitcom (TNT) and The Game(which is rumoured to be done, over!, (TheCW)). There is 1 mainstream news show, D.L.(CNN). I refuse to count Tavis Smiley’s show! All the media execs care about are ratings and the buzz. For some reason "other people" think that all Black people have Black meetings. So when they read that the Wayans are baffoons, they cancel their show. "Jamie Foxx is a coon", they cancel the show. "Girlfriends is unrealistic", they cancel the show! See the pattern. Michael Steele offended me with the whole hip hop term coming out of his mouth, as if!

  24. I too am at a loss to understand the appeal of this nasty, overweight (former?) drug addict, and as much as I think that Steele is a clown, I hated to see him apologize to Limbaugh because he really made himself look small with that move. Furthermore, he was right about Limbaugh being an entertainer. You don’t apologize when you’re right. And if you feel that you absolutely must say "sorry" at least do it without groveling.

  25. Tai: I do pick my battles wisely. Hughley consistently puts down black women and called black folks niggas. In fact, after that crazy white guy called the Princeton black female players "nappy headed hos," Hughley went on television and said they were some ugly bitches. Like Hughley if you want, but some of us see him for what he is– a sexist jerk who uses profane language to compensate for his lack of good comedic material.

  26. Relax, relate, release is one of my favorite memories from my late black TV childhood. It’s a mantra for the ages.

  27. I couldn’t have said it better myself. It is sad and embarrassing. He needs to learn a thing or two from Obama if he wants to be successful in his position. And that doesn’t mean all of sudden sounding JUST LIKE OBAMA cause that will come off fake as well. He should just be himself and say what he mainly means (I know he’s a politician so he cannot speak the truth 100% of the time…sadly). However, in the case of Rush, he meant what he said on the show so I don’t get why he backed down. He should’ve stood his ground. If he wants to change this party for the better, then he needs to change himself first and foremost. In the meantime, I’ll be checking to see what President Obama is doing this week.

  28. Most black people are social conservatives who vote with their pocketbooks (re: more populists) and are Liberal on Civil Rights, Human Rights and law enforcement issues. How are you going to Are you working on a bumper crop of populist black and white Bible thumpers who love diversity because … not to give you any ideas, but THAT’S WHAT I WOULD BE DOING!Snob, Thank you, thank you, thank you. That was so on point. I’m one of those people those populist black Bible thumpers that the Republicans should be courting but they are so clueless. I’ve been a born-again Christian since I was 17. I don’t believe in abortion or gay marriage but I firmly believe in separation of church and state for the sake of the purity of Christianity!! The Republicans forget that even in Christendom there is a separation of church and state–that is, "the world" while intrinsically immoral, has God-ordained secular government to protect people and serve the common good, i.e. Daniel, a godly man, worked for the common good in government for a pagan king–Cyrus, Nebuchadnezzar. The Christian’s duty is to convert people by Christian persuasion and example, not forcing people like they are the Christian Taliban. It’s counterproductive b/c even the Bible says conversion is a heart issue, so you can’t enforce Xian morality without individuals having a Xian conversion. I think the Republicans have done so much harm Christendom than any group of people for a long time b/c they are willfully clueless to this. So, I can NEVER, EVER, EVER vote Republican. I’m an Independent. I live in "fake America", i.e. NYC and on my block there are six Christian churches and a Hindu temple. Within a square mile of me there are probably FIFTY store-front and typical steeple top churches. People in NYC, especially in the immigrant and poor communities are very religious but they are more into the social gospel, helping the poor, etc and that’s what I believe in. The Repubs as currently constituted basically believe "the bond-trader shall inherit the earth." How can you claim to be the moral conscience of America when you hate people so much? When you don’t care about the poor or the middle class? You know? Because that "let’s bring up Lincoln for the 100th time and call black folks ingrates and shit" that your fellow Republicans engage in when they troll my old blog on my old Michael Steele thread DOES NOT WORK. You cannot GUILT me into voting Republican when the parties pulled the ol’ switcheroo on several issues nearly 60 years ago. As far as I’m concerned I’ve got bad and worse to pick from (and a cadre of sad sack third party parties).Once again, Thank you, thank you, thank you for this. I’m a graduate student in history, w/ a speciality in American history and I want to throw my shoe @ black Republicans like Larry Elder, McWhorter and co who always bring the "Republicans are the true lovers of black people" meme b/c of something a group of Republicans did nearly a HUNDRED AND FIFTY YEARS AGO!!! b/c it assumes political parties are static when they are not and deny that the political parties have changed in the last 60 years. The Democratic Party since Andrew Jackson has been populist in nature in that it defended poor whites. After FDR, due to Eleanor and Perkins his Labor Secretary reached out to Northern black people in the ’30s, the Democratic Party started to expand their populist base to include women and black people in addition to poor Southern whites and Northern white ethnics (Irish and Italian). This accelerated during the 1960s with LBJ who, with the Civil Rights Bills of the 1960s basically solidified the black Democratic vote by enforcing the 14 and 15th Amendments for black people. The white Southerners like Jessie Helms and co. defected to the Republican Party after this b/c they felt that their "natural right" to kill and exclude black people from public life was sacred. The modern Republican Party has used Christianity to basically cover this fact and they used to convince white people in the Northern suburbs to go along with the Southern strategy with the "welfare queen" meme and the meme that if you vote Democratic they will give your money to "those people" (black people). Now that a lot of the American electorate are "those people," especially the increasing Hispanic electorate, black people and especially Northern whites in the suburbs who saw their American dream go away with "conservative" supply side economics, they voted Democratic in the last election. I think that’s why the Repubs are in shock. It’s like all the Northern whites flipped on them and they don’t know how to shape the Democrats=welfare to undeserving people (black and Hispanics) when a lot of the former audience are now in the same boat with the minorities. It’s fun to watch, though. Lee Atwater must be laughing and crying at the same time.

  29. Humm Mac W.: Not sure if you are actually watching the show, because his comment was "They are not ho’s". Furthermore, those basketball players are unattractive/ugly females. I have never heard the word "nigga" used by D.L. on CNN. The point I was making and you just clarified it with your remark, is that some Black people are too sensitive. We need to allow us to be free. There are all kinds of Black people. It will be nice when we truly understand the meaning of freedom and stop trying to colour all Blacks with the same brush. D.L. is not a sexist, he is a realist. Why did it offend you that he called some women ugly? Hit a nerve? Why would a sexist have a female sports commentator? Sometimes you should just get mad at home and let it roll off your back, so that when the REAL sexist guy rears his head your words will be respected. Peace & luv.

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