Google Stalking TJ Holmes: Cheatin’ In A Recession

Your cheatin’ heart!

Oh, my poor little prince of deliciousness! He’s caught up in some bizarro “look how awful the Liberal media is” meme because, you know? He’s kinda made a lil’ “faux pas” about infidelity and the recession. Namely Holmes used the word “unfortunately” to describe how folks are having to dump their mistresses and himbos and since, certain folks (ahem, News Busters) have nothing better to do, they’re overrating.

CNN doesn’t value traditional marriage because they have bad jokes! Burn them!

Just how little is the sanctity of marriage and fidelity revered by the mainstream media?

Consider the following astounding statement made today by “CNN Saturday Morning News” host T. J. Holmes:

“Unfortunately, you know, people have to stop cheating in this recession. But given the recession, people are being forced to improvise a little bit more as they’re looking for a little variety out there in their lives.”

Unfortunately? Mightn’t a decline in adultery be a hidden benefit during this economic downtown?

Here’s the full (but brief) transcript of Holmes and his co-host Betty Nguyen’s five-second tease before Randi Kaye’s story about infidelity in a recession:

T. J. HOLMES, CNN HOST: Unfortunately, you know, people have to stop cheating in this recession. But given the recession, people are being forced to improvise a little bit more as they’re looking for a little variety out there in their lives.

BETTY NGUYEN: That could get a little tricky, and so we hear. And as you will see, CNN’s Randi Kaye is dishing the dirt.

If you bother to read the comments that follow on the News Busters thread, folks seem to think this one line is part of a lengthy, nutso plot by CNN to destroy America by advocating cheating as opposed to, I don’t know, just bad writing. I mean, what conspiracy? Watch enough of any 24-news-network and you’re going to hear all kinds of ridiculousness. Need one remind of O’Reilly’s fondness of any excuse to show half-nekkid women just to bash them (The horrors of Spring Break!) or MSNBC’s ENDLESS pimping of “Lock Up,” the show I REFUSE to watch?

But TJ said “unfortunately” to some tone deaf trolls. OMG! It’s the end of the world! Break out the chastidy belts and Holy Water. Seriously. Stick to bashing Rick Sanchez, News Busters. This was all kinds of lazy.

Now I’m going to go with TJ was doing one of two things:

1) Being ironic/funny. Sometimes he can catch whatever goofy newsman disease that durn Rick “Rob Riggle” Sanchez has and becomes ridiculously gilb and the jokes fall flat.

2) Freudian slip, playa player! TJ has had an … um, interesting rumored romantic life. Maybe he had to dump a girlfriend or two this recession. I dunno. Not ME of course. We’re still all kittens and rainbows.

(Source: News Busters)

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13 thoughts on “Google Stalking TJ Holmes: Cheatin’ In A Recession

  1. This is funny!! I was watching when TJ and Betty did this story. He may have used the word "unfortunately" because of two other reasons:#1: It is pretty early in the morning and I noticed him making a lot of grammar mistakes probably because he’s still sleepy!!!#2: It seems like every news story is negative, especially when it has to do with the economy, so he probably has a habit of saying something is unfortunate because every other story really is unfortunate.He’s still fine though, no matter what he meant!!!!

  2. I too was watching and heard this comment. I didnt give it much of a thought other than TJ was attempting to be ironic or trying to be funny. It was neither. But to read the comments at NewsBusters you would surmise that TJ is the new "antiChrist" leading the Gentiles-heathens-devil worshippers aka Liberals on their path to hell. Well, wait one minute, I thought the conservatives already gave the "antichrist title" to President Obama. Hmmmm…Message to Conservatives: Choose ye this day who is the "antiChrist" – try to be on one accord next time ppl.

  3. @ KiyeYeah, to say they’re "overreacting" is a big of an understatement.@ Honee BeeAnd yes. He is still fine, whether makin’ sense or not. He’s still my Prince of Deliciousness.

  4. My T.J. didn’t mean any harm….I was watch newsroom when he said it and it was just TJ being TJ

  5. You and T.J. Holmes. LOL I got my eye on the other cutie over at CNN. Oh it seems like he was being sarcastic…..orrrr he is a playa.

  6. I don’t care, he’s flippin’ gorgeous. I find it hard to extract the decline of American values because of that T.J. little slip up. I guess conservatives have nothing else to do.

  7. OT: May I just tell you how much I love you for having a picture of Simon Baker on your "Great Wall of Sexy"? You OFFICIALLY rock my world just a little more than you already did.

  8. I heard that Mr. TJ Holmes is now engaged to a lady lawyer and off the market. I have no additional details about where, when, who, etc.He is still great eye candy…….,

  9. I agree that this poor baby is probably barely making it at those early hours. We can’t hold him totally responsible for what he says. Besides, who in the world was so focused on what he said? I am attentive, but after taking in all of his deliciousness, do adjectives really matter? He does an outstanding job. Period. And his chemistry with Betty undeniable. This lawyer fiancee’ better bring her "A" game.

  10. I know the lady lawyer and him and I promise you, she has her "A" game on. He’s lucky to have her. If you think he’s gorgeous, you should see her. She is flawless. The face, the body, the skin, the hair…and personality to boot. He hit the ball outta the park with this one. And he is inlove, believe me ladies.

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