Michelle Obama’s Official White House Portrait Is Toned and Ready

33 thoughts on “Michelle Obama’s Official White House Portrait Is Toned and Ready

  1. That’s a beautiful portrait. I can’t believe she’s 45 and popped out two babies. Michelle could easily pass for 35. And her arms are perfection. Fit and sleek and feminine. And her hair and makeup is on point. She’s been killing it extra hard lately.

  2. I just came to tell you about this. She does look wonderful in this shot. Bare arms – take that haters!!

  3. It’s also kind of ironic how she is standing in front of a painting of Thomas Jefferson, a President known for his black mistress and children.

  4. Nagrom! I JUST Posted that at JJP. Ol’ TJ has got to be thinking "Damn, she looks even better than Sally!"

  5. LMAO at folks noticing the portrait of Jefferson in the background. We just can’t make this stuff up. It’s hilarious, I tell ya. Hilarious.

  6. Wonderful photo. I love her arms. And poo! on the folks think that her going sleeveless is inappropriate. They’re just HATERS! If you have it, flaunt it!

  7. Wow….standing in front of the Jefferson portrait is sooooo sly…..Sally Hemmings ought to have been the first African-American First Lady in the White House by all counts. Fabulous, and bravo Madame First Lady Michelle!

  8. This is her best phot yet. She looked gorgeous. Perfect. And you all have a sharp eye–I would never have noticed that Thomas Jefferson portrait!! lol

  9. Seriously the bare arm haters need to stuff it!!! There is nothing wrong with showing your arms; I say if you’ve got it…..flaunt it and The First Lady definitely has it. There was another young, fit First Lady who frequently wore sleeveless dresses and gowns…hmm….what was her name again? Oh Yeah, the other Mrs. O: Jackie Kennedy. I’m loving First Lady MIchelle Obama and she has inspired this slightly out of shape 28 year old to get in gear. I think she’ll be great for this country – I know more than a few couch potatoes and overweight folks who have been inspired by the first couple to get it together after seeing how fabulous The President and First Lady are looking.

  10. You go, Mrs. O! She looks ready for the runway. Elegant and tasteful. I don’t understand all the "yack-yack" about the bare arms either. Sistas been workin’ on the "Angela Bassett" look for years (LOL).

  11. Her body looks amazing in this. I noticed the TJ photo thing too…very sly, very ironic. Also, notice she has her booty sticking out oh-so-slighty? I lost my breath when I saw her here. The pic just oozes class and sexiness at the same time. And by going sleeveless, she’s letting it be known that’s her trademark and cuz she is the FLOTUS, she got it like that.

  12. Miss D…it has been a minute since I popped in (been busy pretending to learn French in France) Lol Anywhooooo…I do love me some Michelle she is so stylish, beautiful, smart etc…however…um…how come no one mentions those eyebrows? I wish she would tone them down a bit. She simply must stop with the eyebrow pencil and tone them down! And the arch is WAY too high…some of her pictures (the picture you have with the little Bamas) make her look like the Devil! – They do look a bit better in this pic I must admit 🙂

  13. @ TamtamUm … I have no desire to touch the eyebrow situation with a ten foot pole. But others have. Please, enjoy the "Michelle Obama Brow Scandal," a story I found a few weeks back.I’m not a big fan of pencil thin, super arched eyebrows, but I know they are a popular look for some women of color (when I lived in California and in Southern Illinois nearly every other black girl or Latina had them), but I’m also not jumping in that fray knowing how common they are.Don’t want to get stabbed with a brow pencil.

  14. If her eyebrows were raggady yall would b*tch. Black heffas will never stop complaining!!!

  15. That’s the natural arch of her eyebrows. Look at her when she’s not wearing makeup and you can tell. Give it up, y’all. She looks great here.

  16. Personally, nothing against Mrs. Obama but I don’t she what all the people above are raving about. She reminds me of Aunt Esther from Sanford and Son…

  17. @ KevinReally? Was that even necessary? And isn’t comparing her to one of the most undesirable fictitious characters in the history of television, ahem, personal?Sigh. If you’re going to be a jerk, be funny. That’s all I ask. Be unfunny again and I take your vowels.

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