Michelle Obama Is Thinkin’ What We’re Thinkin’ About ‘Little Black Girls’

From Obama Pics DailyFound this quote from her interview in People (via Jezebel), where Michelle explains why she posed for Vogue Magazine:

While I don’t consider myself a fashionista,” she says, “I thought it was good for my daughters and little girls just like them , who haven’t seen themselves represented in these magazines, hopefully to talk more broadly about what beauty is, what intelligence is, what counts.”

Update on my “Cute Black Girls Are Everywhere, You Idiots” campaign: The bulk of folks who did send photos did reply to my questionnaire. If you emailed me about not getting the questionnaire I will send it to you I just have … sigh … a lot of email. It’s gotten ridiculous. I need an email wrangler here at The Black Snob.

I’ll be sending out permission notes to use the photos for the project next week! (Side note: I have been innudated with notes and pictures so please be understandable if I can’t cram you or your kid in there. I mean, I have hundreds of pictures and responses. Many quite sweet and funny. When I asked for help, you all really rose to the occasion!)

For those who have NO CLUE of what I’m talking about … read here, here and here.

9 thoughts on “Michelle Obama Is Thinkin’ What We’re Thinkin’ About ‘Little Black Girls’

  1. More power to Michelle’s elbows, ya’ll.Now when the rappers stop making up names to call Black women (Skeezer? Ho? Hootchie? Really? Is this kindergarten?) maybe the rest of the fawning, sycophant white youth will follow suit, too. First time a white man called me a "Ho" (as in "you’re a fine ho"…points for working it into a sentence with correct grammatical form) was surreal. He thought it was a compliment. "If it isn’t," he wondered out loud, "There’s no way all you Black women would let those rappers keep saying it."We have far less to fear from Vogue.grrrr….*

  2. Re: Cute Black Girls Are Everywhere, You Idiots What an awesome idea — have you thought about creating a Flickr pool by this name? Might be easier than trying to manage your inbox… 😉

  3. @Lalita – Well I see there are advantages to being over 40. "Ho"? Really? What di d you do? See, I would have had to put him down. I’m sorry, that’s just..well that’s what would have happened. We can’t allow crap like that to go unpunished. That’s what keeps encouraging them and keeping us in the $5 straight money ho line.

  4. Is it really fair to the people who followed your guidelines and meet the deadlines for you to continue taking picuters and bios? I don’t think it is. I appreciate your efforts, but why set the deadline if you were going to continue taking photos?

  5. @ StephanieI’m referring to the people who did submit photos within the time frame. I got well over 100 people. Now I’m going through the process of making sure their kids are actually their kids so I don’t get in trouble for using a photo without proper permission. (Hence those more than 100 people sent their more than100 responses.) I sent the people who submitted kids emails to send me their info, so I could contact them personally as a safety measure in case those kids aren’t their kids.That’s A LOT of emails to keep track of, photos to log and permissions to get. That’s all I was referring to. I think you misread the post. It’s just an update. Not a call for more pictures or emails.

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