Jamie Foxx Blames It On the Alcohol W/ T-Pain, Jake Gyllenhaal, Forest Whitaker and Opie??? (WTF)

So very confused. And disturbed. And the dude in the giant Panda head? Why?

Also, can you name and spot all the celebrity cameos in this video? And also, doesn’t this remind you of something …?

Like … every rap video of the last decade starting with the “Shiny Suit Era?” They didn’t even need to film a new video. They could have just played the song over video clips from “One More Chance.” And why Ron Howard? Howard was scaring me with the Zombie/serial killer stare, trying to be hardcore. Couldn’t they have given him a pimp hat or something? Is Jamie making a movie with Howard right now?

(Side note: Sam Jackson fits in everywhere.) 

And the song is catchy but WHY is Jamie Foxx using Autotune? I couldn’t tell where he stopped and T-Pain began. It renders the whole exercise pointless if that could have been ANYONE from Lil’ Jon to Kanye to Akon singing through a robot.

31 thoughts on “Jamie Foxx Blames It On the Alcohol W/ T-Pain, Jake Gyllenhaal, Forest Whitaker and Opie??? (WTF)

  1. They talked about the theme for this video on the Jamie Foxx Show on Sirius XM. Apparently the goal was to have as many Oscar winners as possible in one video.Not sure if Sam Jax won an Oscar, thus his exclusion from the car. Then again, I could be wrong.I’ll admit, after they talked the video up FOR WEEKS on the show, the finished product is pretty underwhelming.

  2. this video reminded me of why i stay far far away from mainstream popular music. call me a prude, but i can’t deal with the constant objectification of women and subpar lyrics and melodies.

  3. @ Average BroSam was nominated (for Pulp Fiction). But so was Jake (for Brokeback Mountain). I’m pretty sure Jake has zero-out-of-zero Oscars like Sam. Maybe the goal was just to get a bunch of "A-Listers" in there. There were a lot of those. But I also expected something, I dunno, bigger than this. Something that would harken back to when music videos were an art form as opposed to just going to a format P. Diddy murdered back when he was Puffy. All was missing WAS Puffy spinning around endlessly in a circle, a "chubby" Faith Evans singing the hook and it would be like Biggie never died.@ StarrieI’m just disturbed. We’re going to have to agree to disagree here. Opie looked creepy as fuck.@ naliaI definitely co-sign.

  4. ROFLMAO!!!!!Sorry I can’t get past Ron Howard in the car. me thinks Opie is HIGH. AND his comb over is blowing in the wind machine.maybe the Panda was on lone from Kanye. No that was a teddybear.Where is Kanye? He’s missing from this video.Calling this music is like calling Paulie Shore an actor. For some reason, I want to like Jamie Foxx’s music But I don’t. Still laugh when I think of how hard he went on Terrance Howard.OMG, They should’ve had Terrance playing the guitar to a woman in the back of the party!!!

  5. I too expected… more. A la Ron Isley and R. Kelly epic wonderfulness (still haven’t seen parts 3-500 of the "In the closet" saga… maybe on summer break…).I immediately went into teacher mode, asking (as with students) "how are all of these things related?" I came up with the Oscar thread, but then I was unsure if the Jake dude had won anything and I for damn sure knew Sam Jackson hadn’t won anything… but ok. A-list. I "get it". Bleh.By the by, my sister called me last night while walking around in Center City Philadelphia and saw a movie being filmed. Aparently Jamie Foxx was there (she gathered that from screaming women and the flash of camera phones). Anyone have an idea of what this project could be?

  6. @ JaddadalosHe’s currently filming "Law Abiding Citizen" with Gerard Butler there. F. Gary Gray is directing. (Source: IMDB)

  7. Jamie is without question a very talented guy. I don’t like this video, and it’s another example of declining standards in the music industry. Nothing fresh or original about it.

  8. A minute into this and I turned it off. That pretty much sums up my opinion. I think Jamie is very talented too, but all this posturing and ridiculousness. Why can’t he act like a grown ass man?!!Why?!!

  9. I agree Noelani–WHY!!!!! All of these people are old enough to know better. Also does anyone listen to Jamie’s show the Foxhole on Sirius XM? I will admit that I do find it entertaining sometimes but they can go to far and I really wish they would not all talk at once.I do think Jamie has a lot talnet but this just seems so young…..Maybe it’s just me.Danielle I love your blog…..

  10. @ rain21Thank you. Glad you like the site.I would have had more respect for Jamie if they’d done the whole thing dressed in Victorian era period costumes, sipping on absinthe. T-Pain included. Dancing girls with heaving bosoms in corsets doing the can-can.But, you know? That would have been too awesome and Ron Howard might have made more sense (in his general absurdity), instead of looking like friggin’ Keyser Soze. And they still could have had someone in pantaloons with the panda head and made it all look like some LSD nightmare.

  11. I lasted a minute and twenty-two seconds….I was like haven’t I seen this before? And the music/lyrics????? Why? Why? Why do we have to keep hearing the same music over and over again? This would be why playing I’m Spearhead and Jack Johnson all the time!!@SnobI kind of like the Victorian-era period piece idea. But hey, why be creative and different when you can serve up more of the same. Big up for the ‘Reservoir Dogs’ reference!!!!

  12. LMAO @ thinking that this was T-Pain’s song. Like, I really had no clue that Jamie Foxx was "singing" this before I stumbled across this blog. Now that I know it’s his song, I’m sad inside. Jamie really needs to sit down and stop trying to relive his 20s again.Great blog, btw.

  13. I don’t understand the concept behind this video. Why is Opie in the video, throwing up a glass of champagne? I mean really? This make no sense. Jamie really needs to give it up as a R&B singer. He doesn’t cut it.

  14. LOL! Jamie is what, 40 now? And he is an accomplished musician. I mean, he can really play the piano, but you would never know that from the music he releases. He’ll always be that old dude at the club.The song is catchy, but it’s mindless….anyone could’ve made this. Oh well, I guess since he couldn’t get his music career started when he was younger, he’s making up for lost time now. Hey, he’s finding success….and he doesn’t feel as overexpsed to me as he did back during the "Ray" days. I can sort of tolerate him now. I am just waiting for him to release a real, soulful, piano-driven love song, though. I know he has it in him.

  15. This is one of my favorite songs. Remember when it was the hot thing to have the well known video vixens in your video? Then it was other rappers and athletes. While everyone is featuring "reality stars", Jamie is flexing his Hollywood muscle with Jake, Ron and Forest.I am sure others will follow.

  16. Before seeing the video I thought T-Pain sang throughout the song. I didn’t know Jamie Foxx had an AutoTune. This is my first time seeing the video. You talk about heavy hitters! I guess once you win an Oscar everyone wants to roll and it doesn’t matter where.

  17. I’m sorry every now and then you have to just enjoy a monochromatic, booty clapping, star studdend video by Hype Williams. No one does it better. All we needed was the fly Jamaican sister from "Belly" to start tearing shit up just for the hell of it. Even us conservative chicks gotta say damn, give me some Hennesey and one night with Jamie Foxx. Damn that Opie is looking fine. Shave it off Opie shave it off. He was holding that champagne like he was in the "hot tub shot" with Diddy. Yo and did you see Quincy Jones and Samuel L"ike to yell alot in bad movies" Jackson. All this video needed was Clive Owen and Idis Elba. Ok let me go splah my face with some cool water AND I’m gonna it download from ITunes. Holla ladies if ya hear me!!! Shout out to TPain and Jake Gyllenhaal. Snob, Opie must be put on the wall of sexy if he isn’t already boo.

  18. *blinking in confusion* I just…..wow. I couldn’t watch the entire video. I agree that Jamie is talented, but this is an example of why I’ve not been able to board the Foxx love train. Having Jake in the video is about as disturbing as having Opie. And if you want to feature a cool white dude, why NOT throw Gerard in the mix? He seems to have a special appreciation for brown people (ladies in particular). Then again, maybe he’s self-aware enough to opt out of participating in such a hot mess. And while I like Samuel Jackson well enough, if he ain’t an example of "ol’ dude at the club," I don’t know who is. I’ll throw Quincy in there as well. Ain’t that much cool in the world. I agree with Naila to some degree, although I can’t lie….I do like some mainstream music (depending on the genre). But "hip-hop music" in its current form has rarely (if ever) been enjoyable for me.

  19. Why didn’t Jamie just film himself having an orgy? Both videos are a waste of time and the lyrics? WHY?????

  20. Would you consider it ‘swagger jackin’ if I proceeded to rip this vid to SHREDS on my blog? Because I soooooooo want to. Its a snow day, ain’t no work gettin done and I have so many things to say about this MESS right HEAH. Please let me know. thanks :)BTW…. LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOVE what you are doing here with ‘Snob’ and ‘SCAN’. Laughing this hard at work cannot be okay for my job security.

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