Hot Topics: Bobby Jindal Made Up Stuff and Mayor Didn’t Know Watermelons + Black Person = Racist Joke

Yes, it seems TMP Muckracker (and HuffPo and Politico and others) have gotten someone out of Bobby Jindal’s office to admit that his Tall Tale about him, a sheriff and Katrina was one big conjecture AND a California Mayor is stepping down after he sent around an email depicting the White House with a watermelon patch on the front lawn. It said there would be no Easter Egg Hunt this year.

He TOTALLY didn’t see the racism in that. TOTALLY.

But he’s still going to quit his job. Just in case.

Read and comment here:

Bobby Jindal’s “Storytime Tales” about Katrina proven false(TMPMuckraker)

Small Town Cali Mayor Steps Down for White House Watermelon Email

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