Desiree Rogers: Voice of Power

Get your full dosage of White House Social Secretary, former Chicago Socialite, all-around classy lady, Desiree Rogers at The Washington Post. It’s part of their “Voices of Power” series on the Obama Administration. They’ve put up a series of video interviews with her, too many to post here. As many has pointed out … this woman is supposed to be 50? I hear what your saying, but my eyes say that sister is barely a day over 40. I’ll have whatever the tall, pretty woman is having, please!

18 thoughts on “Desiree Rogers: Voice of Power

  1. Loves her, I am starting to really become fond of Susan Rice aswell. She seems so humble and straight forward. I also love that she comes from Immigrant parents, she understands and tolerates cultures outside of America, just like a UN Ambassador should be capable of doing.

  2. Here is the transcript of her videos

  3. Hey Danielle I need to rant about this black girl on my bus!!!She is so errrr, she’s so full of self-hate, it makes me feel ill. As a told you earlier, I go to Collegiate High School and it is a very competitive school, anyways LIL Miss Thang sat there on the bus in front of two other white students and a young black man, who also has self-hate issues, and declared "I hate black people, there are some stupid black people, and there are some smart black people" I was so FURIOUS!!!! I glared back at her, but she didn’t see me, I wanted to shout to her yeah one of the stupid ones being you!!!! But I know that is not the Christian way of handlingt things at all, I just can’t believe her attitude towards blacks. She also broadcasted to a group of white students her dismay about another young black woman attending the school, she is the only black girl in her class. Why??? Why??? It makes me so sad, I am literally on the verge of tears. This is how we treat each other in 2009? With a black President? And beautiful black sistas in the White House.

  4. @ NAGROMI would gone ahead have shouted "and one of them are you." But then I was an obnoxious little bugger.But seriously, you shouldn’t let her bother you. She’s sad because she obviously has issues. If she wants to "try" to impress white people by dissing black people that’s her own personal form of slavery. She should be pitied because we both know she is impressing no one and she can bash black folk all she likes … it won’t make her any more happy or endearing. But I did spend a good portion of my time as a teen "correcting" other black people who said rude things about black people that were unnecessary. (If you’re bored, email me and tell you some stories, child!) It might not make you popular (I WASN’T!), but you don’t like the heifer anyway so you might as well speak your mind and educate some folks in the process. I know I did. If you let the ignorance stand, folks will walk around thinking that it’s OK and it’s obviously NOT OK. Don’t ever be afraid to speak up against ignorance. Especially when you know the ignorant and the gullible out-number us.

  5. I saw this interview with Ms. Rogers. She rocks.Why’d you turn off the comments in the Jindal post, Snob?

  6. @ RikyrahI’m trying to get people to use the Hot Topics section and get the conversation going there. I know if I let people comment on the blog post no one will EVER comment there. LOL.

  7. Another thing is now you know that the little white girl she was talking to laughed! She laughed like it was so cute!!!!! I mean, will you ever hear a white person admitting to hating their race and how their race is stupid!!!! In front of blacks!!!! I mean, this girl has ignored me repeatedly on the bus, just flat out ignored me! I ignore her too, I have lost much, if not all respect for her!!!! I just can’t take her and her day-in-and-day-out foolishness. You’d think that black people would stick together in such an environment where we are few and far between, but no!!! We always have to have that self-hating black person, there is atleast one for every 5, maybe more.

  8. @ NAGROMOf course she laughed. What said is that girl could probably STILL care less about the other girl’s ignorant ass. I mean, I saw this over and over and over again when I was in junior high and high school. Eventually they get "dissed" by the same people they’re trying so hard to impress because the white kids can SMELL the desperation. It’s sad. If you ever want to understand that desperate mindset to be loved, even by people who could give two shits about you, read Clarence Thomas’ angry ass bio. Like, he HATES everyone, yet he tries so hard to get former Missouri Republican Sen. John Danford and others in power like him to love him, it’s sad. He’s like the most unhappy person in the world.

  9. Speaking of beautiful, powerful black women, it appears that Desiree (once married to my Princeton mentor John Rogers, Jr) and Michelle have their alter ego in Rihanna (who’s young and stupid). People reported that she’s back with Chris Brown at one of Diddy’s homes, and will not press charges. What did Chris Rock say about the difference between black people and n**gers? Apparently n**gers with Rihanna’s, Breezy’s and Diddy’s money, too…

  10. The thing about Thomas is that he started off as a black radical, then changed into this butt-kissing conservative later in my life. A lot of people make Faustian pacts to achieve success. At home my family wasn’t taught prejudice and we treated everyone with respect. But yesterday when my mother saw pictures of Tiger Woods with his nordic wife and nearly white kids, a look of disgust came on her face. And when I saw UN Ambassador Susan Rice walk around with her white husband (a total surprise to me), it raised a buried negative emotion inside me that I didn’t like. The point is, we all have issues, to varying degrees. To get past it, I choose to forgive myself and others and I remember that we all represent the faces of God. Moreover, our judgments will turn us all into hypocrites one day.

  11. Your blog was at first to me like a Black-version of Vanity Fair and then you altered it. You dumbed it down. I guess you had to reduce the sentiments to match the audience. It seems everyone does that for the Black Community to make it easier to chew. So now, I see you are a communications organization that proliferates the message of the cheerleading the Democratic Party and anything Obama. Now I feel increasingly dismayed. There are gazillions of them in DC that make killings on framing messages to move people to think a certain way. This blog is powerful because it is full-throttle support of assisting old strategies with an aire of manipulation that the "pride" is altruistically supportive of the best interest of Black People, your target audience. I feel like I am living in China, Cuba, and Russia right now–being coaxed to fawn over the Obama administration because they are great dressers and make Blacks look superficially good. There is more dimension to these people that are some more favorable and enlightening as well as they are compromised dynamics that will make us learn to understand nuance. Blacks don’t…well, aren’t…we are not socialized to understand and process cognitive nuance. We either think someone is really and all good or really and all bad. Then we demonize the person or we exalt them without fair inquiry to ourselves or them. The personal support to lobby for Obama was fine during the administration but you seem to not really invoke deep inquiry into the Black Elites. So what happened in the 80’s and early 90’s will happen all over again with an easy license of Black Elites with credibility for more quality of character than they truly earned. Living in Washington and having met with several Black Elites, I can tell you that they are not like all of us. They are like those that want to be like them. Those that want to be like them can only see what they want to see and not see the obvious that they disclose themselves. I find it baffling how most GenYs are so normalized to Black Elite thought and manuevers that they don’t get that it class stratifying no matter how much they say they do this for all us. We’ve been saying that for 40 years to "carry on The Dream" to justify our personal assertations to achieve the American Dream and tweak it as if it is what Dr. King wanted (or worse, Harriet Tubman and Shirley Chisolm).It’s great that a Black woman is doing this job and that she is considering ways to bring regular Americans into the White House but these people you worship and glorfiy are no Mother Theresa’s, Rosa Parks, Patrice Lumumba’s, Fela(s), or Ella Bakers. They are no Barbara Johns or her uncle, Vernon.This reminds me of a slightr more sophisticated Tiger Beat and Seventeen magazine too sophisticated to be Right On now that everything continues the decades of bastardizing the Black Community to think that cheerleading is progress because it is not dissident. Intellectual Inquiry is sanctioned in the name of support. More young women and men grow into their adult years thinking they have the capability to discover but they never had anyone push them to explore.It’s our curse and we love it so.

  12. I feel like I am living in China, Cuba, and Russia right now–being coaxed to fawn over the Obama administration AndreaIsn’t the difference that a short trip to google search which isn’t censored in the USA could send you to many many alternative sites that are far from fawning over the current President, his wife, staff or politics?but these people you worship and glorfiy are no Mother Theresa’s, Rosa Parks, Patrice Lumumba’s, Fela(s), or Ella BakersDoes it have to be all or nothing? Does the person make the times, or the times make the person? Would any of us be the people we are today, if we’d been born 100 years ago? Do individual /collective goals and methods change? In other words, was the dissident Bobby Rush effective when he doubled down with the accusations of hanging/lynching in supporting Roland Burris for US senator? Or did he strike you as out of touch?There are a myriad of problems facing our community, but that does not mean we talk about obesity, the out of wedlock birth rate, black American women getting shorter because of poor diet etc 24/7. I’m not sure I’d go to a blog/magazine with the name Vanity or Snob as part of its title and expect that to be the primary focus either. One of the most empowering things I’ve ran across, recently was the chance to contribute to the ‘beautiful [black] girls are everywhere" campaign, on this blog. We can work on disparate sentencing guidelines and influencing policy that impact our community, just as we can help others, and ourselves appreciate our little ones. Some of us should apply our multitasking skills into more areas: or like my Dad would sometimes say be able to "walk and chew gum" By the by I’m not worshipping Ms. Rogers, but I sure hope I look that hot when I’m fifty.

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