Thanks For the Love (Now Update Yer Links, Pretty Please!) (Snob News)

While readership is WAAAAY up since the move, membership is growing (I have more than 250 site members, but 74 of you STILL haven’t confirmed your membership! For shame!), I have one minor problem: My Technorati/Google Page Rank. I was hoping the rank had when it was tied to the blogspot site would cross over, but while the blogspot site remains ranked as a six, the new, fancy-pants site is a lowly three (even though it has a higher readership … like by more than 2,000 more visitors a day now with nearly 2,000 subscribers).

But it’s all based on linkage.

It doesn’t matter than I hit half a million visitors last year, they’re all tied to the old site. Even though it would be a tremendous pain in the ass (I know), if you do link to The Snob Blog, but you still have the blogspot link up on your site could you be a dear and change the url to I will love you forever! The Techonarti Ranking is moving up quickly (It’s gone from zero to 92 in two months), but the old site had a once high 282 ranking. It’s dropped to 270 and holding.

Be a pal!

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7 thoughts on “Thanks For the Love (Now Update Yer Links, Pretty Please!) (Snob News)

  1. I did join, but when I clicked the link to confirm, I got a couple errors and then I say "fu@k it!" and gave up. I’ll try again.

  2. @ dkan71, et al.Sigh. You know? I’m just going to go through and MANUALLY approve all my regular commenters and resend your memberships. I recognize your emails anyway from the old blogsite. You’ve been commenting since forever. It’s the least I can do.Consider yourself and the others I recognize approved by tomorrow. (If you didn’t get approved and I don’t recognize you I’ll just resend the note.)Danielle

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