Stevie Wonder Gets Honored, But The Snob Doesn’t Care Because Michelle’s Hair Is Awesome (Slideshow)

First some news from USA Today:

WASHINGTON — President Obama attributed his early bond with wife Michelle to Stevie Wonder’s music, calling it the “essence of our courtship” at a special concert Wednesday to honor the legendary musician with the Gershwin Prize for Popular Song.

The East Room of the White House came alive with song as Obama and a star-studded lineup saluted Wonder and celebrated Black History Month.

“The first album I bought was Stevie Wonder’s Talking Book,” Michelle Obama said, welcoming the packed room, which included Vice President Biden and his wife, Jill. “Years later, when Barack and I discovered what Stevie meant about love, we chose the song You and I for our wedding.”

And now some gushing:

Michelle Obama seriously has to stop with the awesomeness. The curly hair? Another jewel tone, very flattering empire dress? The flawless makeup? Just stop! Stop being lovely and interesting!

Actually, both Obamas need to stop. It is totally messing with my judgement censors. How can I make proper fun of you if you reduce me to nothing but “I Heart Obamas” all the time? If it wasn’t already hardwired in my DNA to like Michelle Obama I would totally hate her and arms of glory, which I have lovingly nicknamed “Precious” and “The Widowmaker,” since she insists on flaunting them.

And now it’s become semi-controversial! Bare arms! On a First Lady! Damn! I think I just caught the vapors! Clutch yer pearls!

Bitched the flabby, flying squirrel-like arms of The New York Times:

So Michelle Obama is athletic and disciplined. Yes, fine, but that was pretty clear before we started examining her triceps on a daily basis. Instead, those bare arms seem like a reminder of everything about her we can’t see.

In two years, she has shown us a great deal of herself, more than most of us would share, and yet right now, we actually don’t know that much about her. What does she think of the White House, and what does she do all day? Does her husband consult her on any of the difficult decisions he faces? Is the “Mom-in-chief” really, totally confident that her children are going to come through this just fine? In a few years, will she still look as confident as she did last night, or will she reach for cover? And is she comfortable as she looks in those skimpy tops, or is she actually freezing?

I’d suggest they like, um, read any of the ninty-billion magazine articles about Michelle in the White House, or re-watch any of the press conferences, or just pick up this week’s copy of People Magazine. Go nuts. OD on random Obama facts.

In the new issue of People Michelle Obama discusses how the First Family is settling in at the White House, explains why she agreed to pose for Vogue, and shares sassy Sasha and Malia anecdotes.

The interview is full of details about Michelle’s daily routine that underscore why we will never have a day half as productive as hers. In addition to getting up at 5:30am every day and keeping two BlackBerrys, Michelle says:

We don’t have TiVo. For me, I think TiVo would be dangerous. The notion of, like, sitting and watching shows for hours, I could see getting caught up in that.

She says that instead of catching up on American Idol,

I read more magazines. The New Yorker is one of my big, sort of relaxing reads.

Back to me though: I also should hate her for her degrees, brains, cute kids and hot, leader of the free world hubby. But instead I’m blinded by the light, getting high off my Obama photo supply. I’ll get my snark back tho. Probably by the next post or something after the high wears off.

19 thoughts on “Stevie Wonder Gets Honored, But The Snob Doesn’t Care Because Michelle’s Hair Is Awesome (Slideshow)

  1. See, this is why I heart this blog so! You literally read my mind with this title!! I felt a little guilty for the shallowness of feeling that way but I’m sorry……..Michelle yet again was a bonafide show-stopper her hair was spectacular and she shined like an emerald in that green. I feel like she only gets more beautiful with each day.They just have this genuiness that continually resonates….don’t feel bad for picking up on it ;o)

  2. Yes! I knew you’d have a fun mention of this event, but it’s up quicker than I thought!! I love Michelle’s hair and the color of her dress. Not sure about the way the dress rests on her mid-section, but whatever. She still looks great. I am not about to snark on the blind–so proud of Stevie–but what is up with that hairline? I guess wearing braids for years will do that to you, as Susan Taylor has that hairline as ponytail thing happenin’ too! Oh well…..glad for this event and I will be watching tomorrow (on PBS)!Wonderful slideshow and commentary!! Thank you!! PS: Love the Bidens… Cute couple.

  3. Meh. Never cared for Stevie (blasphemous I know, but meh). Michelle looked FABULOUS. I only hate her for her degrees, but even that not so much. All these haters just wish their arms looked like hers. Hell I wish my arms looked like hers. They can’t find fault on the Obamas except to criticize b.s. like this.

  4. I have to agree with DE. And that hairline as a ponytail comment was hee-larious!To the person in charge of Stevie Wonder’s hair styles: I beseech you–PLEASE have mercy upon his scalp and rid him of those tight braids.

  5. I’ve got slender arms but they are not toned. Because of Michelle, I just hired a trainer to specifically focus on my arms. Work it girl!

  6. I agree about Stevie’s hairline. It’s time to cut that hair before his hairline moves to the middle of his head. Whoops- too late!Regarding that NYT nonsense about what Michelle does all day, not only is there already plenty of information available about what the First Lady has been doing, was anyone asking this of any of the previous first ladies? And I would hardly call sleeveless tops skimpy. It’s not like she’s wearing spaghetti straps and tube tops.

  7. I agree with you on the awesomeness of Michelle Obama. Just go with it and forget about trying to hate.I had a discussion with my sister about Ms. Obama going sleeveless. She thought it was inappropriate, especially during the winter. I reminded her that Ms. Obama just turned 45. At that age I was 5 years into peri-menopause and "overheating" regularly. I told my sister I’d rather see Ms. Obama’s guns than to see sweat stains on her garments and/or perspiration running down her face. Plus, she’s indoors! Give a sista a break!!

  8. The hair especially looks like an updated sixties, Supremes look. Very fabulous. Snob, I think the dress is called empire waisted not umpire.To all the people that insist that sleeves are improper, the Amish called and they want their look back.On another site, there is a link of Jackie Kennedy wearing a sleeveless dress to her husband’s SOTU. If it’s good enough for our First Lady from THE LAST CENTURY, I think Michelle can get a pass on this faux controversy. If she wore this snazzy little green number to the big speech, maybe people would have a case for inappropriateness.

  9. @ edwinaThanks. Fixed the malapropism!@ allAs for the bare arms I can see why some would catch the vapors (this is what passes for "risque" in uptight people world), but seriously, it isn’t like she’s running around half-nekkid. The sleeveless look doesn’t bother me, but I know it drove my dad insane for a long time. He finally gave up talking about it lest he raise the ire of my mother who thinks anyone who hates Michelle in a sleeves shirt or dress is just jeeeeee-lous.

  10. Great post once again Snob. You’re channeling my thoughts exactly. I am high on Obama love and I don’t wanna come down! I was thinking last night about how reactivated we can get sometimes about being singled out for being black negatively, but then I thought, if Michelle Obama were white and equally fly (is that possible?), I would hate her or worse yet, be indifferent to her. There is no white woman on the planet that I’ve ever had the level of girl crush that I do on Mrs. O, so I guess the moral of the story is that membership has its privileges.

  11. Thank you black snob! I heart your blog! Always a joy to read.Michelle looks like a sexy lounge singer up on that stage. Love the color and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that rockin hair. Barack is just too fine for words. It’s nice to see him in pinstripes too.Obama’s go on with y’all bad self!

  12. This is the best I’ve ever seen Michelle look! By far my favorite look for her, the curly hair is it!

  13. OK, I am watching this PBS special and there is NO SOUND! Just the background music. The hell? Anyone else having that problem? Couldn’t hear Mary Mary and now there’s no sound for India. I sure hope they will be re-airing this. They will be hearing from me, I know that much…SMH (&fist)

  14. they whine about her bare arms, because they can’t bare arms..LOLI love that she wore a dress designed by Steve’s wife. I think they look fabulous.

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