Sam Jackson Is Nick Fury Nine Times Over (Geek Alert)

Nick Fury as Sam Jackson. Sam Jackson as Nick Fury. It’s a S.H.E.I.L.D. thing. You wouldn’t understand.

Remember how Terrence Howard, aka My Fair Señor Baby Wipes, got fired from the super successful “Iron Man” franchise and I laughed at him and they replaced him with the always cool and affable Don “The Juan” Cheadle?

Yeah, that was great.

And then, remember how at the end of “Iron Man” they teased us with Samuel L. Jackson in an eye-patch looking all awesome in some leftover black leather jacket from Shaft and we all squealed like idiots because we’re a bunch of dorks who really, really, really liked the idea of that brilliant former crackhead who will never, EVER turn down a part (especially if it’s toon, action, or curse word related) being Nick Fury?

I mean, he did “Snakes On A Plane” and that animatronic shark movie where he died two minutes into it. Sam would never say no to us. Would he?

But then remember how Sam, even after Marvel started drawing Nick Fury IN HIS LIKENESS, was hemming and hawing about how he might not do it because Marvel couldn’t get the money right? (Re: They were being cheap. They’re already talking of paying Mickey Rourke in ‘roids and gold plated “Obama” dollar coins.)


Samuel L. Jackson won’t have to worry about getting work for a while. He just signed a 9-picture deal with Marvel to play the role of Nick Fury in a series of their movies.

Just weeks ago it sounded like Jackson was on the outs and wasn’t going to play the role in Iron Man 2, But they must have come to some sort of agreement to have gone from zero to nine!

The movies Jackson will now be appearing in are Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America, The Avengers, and all of their sequels. This is really generous considering the bad rap Marvel has been getting lately.

(Source: Hollyscoop)

Nine movies, people. NINE MOVIES! That is absurd. Wonderful, but ABSURD! This practically guarantees that Sam will make some kind of appearance in nearly ever Marvel film adaptation over the next ten years.

Not bad for a man who once starred in “Amos and Andrew.”

10 thoughts on “Sam Jackson Is Nick Fury Nine Times Over (Geek Alert)

  1. Jackson is getting close to 60 and it baffles me that Hollywood will still use him and Harrison Ford for action movies. Jackson is a great actor, despite the shortcomings of "Snakes on a Plane" and "Black Snake Moan." He needs to give his snake a rest.

  2. I sooooooo want to see who gets to play afro-licious Misty Knight. They gotta fit her into one of those nine films.

  3. 60 or not the brotha has it goin’ ON. Second only to Laurence Fishburne IMHO for the "over 45" set. We used to bet on how soon a brotha was gonna get it in a flick and when that shark took Sam out in one bite I think a record was set. We all went wtf?? Dude can act though.

  4. I grew up in the age of Marval Comics and of all the superhero Nick Fury, agent of S. H.E.A.L.D. was my favorite, Just for the Heck of it How many people remember when he was Sgt Fury of Easy Company yeah I’m that old.

  5. Don Cheadle is no Terrance Howard. Sorry. Now that character is going to look all small and scrawny. If they were going to fire Terrance, they could have at least chose someone with the same build.

  6. The Watchmen will take the true geeks (or weird geek chicks like yourself); these other superhero filcks are getting a bit overproduced, try for cool, Comi Con -glamfest-ish. But hell, who ELSE could chew scenery and lines better than Sam? On the next tip, I agree with Rainy–Cheadle is tiny and I don’t think he’s War Machine material. I wish they would have just cherry picked any number of good black male actors. yes, there are others besides Tyler Perry and Will Smith. Hell, even Blair Underwood could have taken time off from writing books with Tananarive & Steve. I am still apalled how babywipes torpedoed his career with this. As much as I hate the mass produced flavor of these marvel flicks, he could have cemented himself into super stardom. This should trigger your inner geek: After The Darker Mask, Gary Phillips and I are moving to reinterpret The Green Hornet & Kato for Moonstone.

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