Day: February 26, 2009

Nick Fury as Sam Jackson. Sam Jackson as Nick Fury. It’s a S.H.E.I.L.D. thing. You wouldn’t understand.

Remember how Terrence Howard, aka My Fair Señor Baby Wipes, got fired from the super successful “Iron Man” franchise and I laughed at him and they replaced him with the always cool and affable Don “The Juan” Cheadle?

Yeah, that was great.

And then, remember how at the end of “Iron Man” they teased us with Samuel L. Jackson in an eye-patch looking all awesome in some leftover black leather jacket from Shaft and we all squealed like idiots because we’re a bunch of dorks who really, really, really liked the idea of that brilliant former crackhead who will never, EVER turn down a part (especially if it’s toon, action, or curse word related) being Nick Fury?

I mean, he did “Snakes On A Plane” and that animatronic shark movie where he died two minutes into it. Sam would never say no to us. Would he?

But then remember how Sam, even after Marvel started drawing Nick Fury IN HIS LIKENESS, was hemming and hawing about how he might not do it because Marvel couldn’t get the money right? (Re: They were being cheap. They’re already talking of paying Mickey Rourke in ‘roids and gold plated “Obama” dollar coins.)


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Writer, Havard professor Laurence Bobo recently penned an article for The Root wondering why Republicans were sitting on their hands in regards to former presidential candidate Alan Keyes’ latest inflammatory words about President Barack Obama.

In “The GOP’s Nutty Negro” Bobo opines:

The absence of Republican voices denouncing the irresponsible remarks is as disconcerting as Keyes’ crazy rant. Where are the voices of responsible Republican leadership disassociating the party from such poisonous accusations? The silence is telling.

There is a viciously insidious strain of racism just beneath the surface of these vile allegations about President Obama’s citizenship that bears focusing on, even if the initial impulse is to dismiss them as the ravings of a nut job. It is little surprise that Alabama Republican Sen. Richard Shelby would be among those helping to stoke such insipid rumblings, or that former Republican Party chair and Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour would be among those suggesting that his state might not accept stimulus-package funds. Recall that over 90 percent of white voters in Alabama voted against Obama.

Bobo makes a good point, but there’s only one quibble I have.

Keyes, despite being a prominent black conservative, isn’t a Republican. Hell, I would argue that a lot of Republicans would cross the street if they saw Keyes trotting down it.

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It has begun!

Malia & Sasha make the cover of Teen Magazine M.

They’ve been featured with their famous mom and dad, but this marks their first solo appearance – (a small one but worth noting.)

I expect them to take up much more real estate on the cover of teen magazines in the future. This is just the beginning.

(Source: Cover Awards blog)

The picture is small and the First Daughters have been featured in teenie bopper mags before, but this is the first inkling of them making the cover. On one hand, considering the overall damn near monochrome imagery of this busybody mag cover (Save Selena Gomez and the Werewolf boy from the Twilight franchise, everyone on there is white), isn’t it nice for our tweens to see some brown faces on the cover … even if they are tucked away in a tiny picture at the top?

OR …

Are you horrified, as the Obama girls are private citizens, not celebrities, and you fear this is just another slippery slope to magazines not only using their parents to push paper, but the girls themselves, opening them up for ever more scrutiny when they’re not even out of elementary school? (To be in a teenie mag when you’re barely a “tween?”)

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First some news from USA Today:

WASHINGTON — President Obama attributed his early bond with wife Michelle to Stevie Wonder’s music, calling it the “essence of our courtship” at a special concert Wednesday to honor the legendary musician with the Gershwin Prize for Popular Song.

The East Room of the White House came alive with song as Obama and a star-studded lineup saluted Wonder and celebrated Black History Month.

“The first album I bought was Stevie Wonder’s Talking Book,” Michelle Obama said, welcoming the packed room, which included Vice President Biden and his wife, Jill. “Years later, when Barack and I discovered what Stevie meant about love, we chose the song You and I for our wedding.”

And now some gushing:

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You have to be mindful of your first impression. It could be your last.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal got a prime spot Tuesday night, giving the GOP rebuttal to President Barack Obama’s speech. By now, we all know how that turned out.

Obama gave a tough, but hopeful speech that was critically praised by many. The biggest criticism I could find from the opposition party was that it was more big government talk (so sez The Hammer: “The most irresponsible, hypocritical speech I have ever witnessed!“), but that was about it. When you’re good, you’re good.

Then it was Jindal’s turn.

A lot of people would have killed for Jindal’s spot. Namely former Mass. Gov. Mitt “Mittens” Romney (who ran for president and failed) or Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (who ran for veep and failed). The Republicans have been trotting out lots of shiny new potentials, all hoping one will capture our imaginations as the next big something or other. Who would get to glisten like a diamond after Our Fair Hopey brought down the house with his usual rousing oratorical?

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