President Obama Addresses Congress (Slideshow)

Will write more later on the speech, Michelle’s eschewing of the jacket you know that went with her dress to show off the “guns,” (I call the right one “Precious” and the left one “The Widowmaker.), and Bobby Jindal’s “Republican Response” that sounded a lot less like a rebuttal and more like “I’m Bobby Jindal and I’m awesome! By the way, there some policy disagreement we have with the Democrats and like, we totally blew it but, vote like Republican or something anyway. Now back to me and my AWESOMENESS!” And how he essentially threw the entire Republican Party into a wood chipper at one point and how his rebuttal felt more like a stump speech and less like “Democrats? Governing. U‘re doin’ it wrong!” which was what I expected as … isn’t that the purpose of the partisan response? To say “U’RE DOIN’ IT WRONG?” at some point? Yeah. We all love each other now. Great. Now tell me why the president needs to listen to your ideas! Where were your IDEAS, Jindal!

If Kansas Gov. Kathleen Seibilius’ sin last year during the Democratic Response to President Bush’s last State of the Union was the sheer BLANDNESS of the piece, Jindal’s sin was vanity. I know Rachel Maddow likes to talk about you like you’re dead, but it’s not helping when Bobby Jindal uses childhood stories about his awesomeness as the party talking points.

And now I’m ranting. But seriously! (More later.)

6 thoughts on “President Obama Addresses Congress (Slideshow)

  1. Jindal–his legal name is still Piyush–took his first name from Bobby, the character in the Brady Bunch. I think he watched too many episodes of the show.

  2. Snob,Did you see the NY Times piece in their caucus blog page dissing Michelle for wearing sleeveless?Something about she was obsessed with it, wasn’t she cold, she is always showing of her arms, and what does she do all day (yes they went there) etc. Haters. That is all I can say. Girlfriend was FIERCE last night and the Prez laid down one heck of a speech, some folks can’t stand to see that.

  3. Just call Piyush "Bobby" – Mr. Independent. That was not a rebuttal but an attention grabber when he reminded Americas of how the Republican govt. screwed New Orleans residents during hurricane Katrina…then he patted himself on the back in retelling the story of his "willingness" to go to jail with his good friend the sheriff if the ppl were not allowed to do their own boat rescue and cut through the red tape.Great TV! Bravo! Thank you Piyush aka "Bobby" Brady.

  4. The First Lady has arms that are KILLER and there are some jealous folks out there. Everytime I read the comparison of Jindal to Kenneth from 30 Rock, I have to LMAO.The President KILLED in his speech. He just killed it.

  5. I seriously thought I was listening to Mr Rogers when watching Bobby Jindal’s speech. Wow, it was so sing-songy and amateur! Very condescending and overall just horrible.

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