Michelle O. Has The Right to “Bare Arms” (On the Cover of People Magazine)

And she looks gorgeous! And she’s wearign Tracy Reese! And last time I checked Reese is an actual black person so maybe some people will finally CALM THE HELL DOWN! Geez. (Source: Daily News)

Back to more important matters:

(Warning: I’m about to effuse like a fangirl and give nothing of ANY substance at all. This is all cheesecake. There’s not even a strawberry on the sucker. Just syrup. No vitamins for you! So … prepare yourself.)

The hair. Don’t we love it? If you don’t love it you are LYING! The Snob REFUSES to believe you. Michelle’s hair could broker the Mideast Peace Process. Everyone could just agree she has a great ‘do and they could build from there.

And she has been soooo on point since the purple Jason Wu dress she wore on the cover of Vogue. And I love her hair pulled back! And I really, really, really think she should consider cutting it. I don’t know what into, but I’d LOVE to see her with short hair. It would make her look even more flirty and sporty. And you can do so much with a nice, fun short cut when you’ve got the cheekbones and narrow chin for it. I’ve got a head like a pumpkin. I need my ‘fro for balance.

I even like the bangs on her and I’m not a big fan of bangs. But the bangs WORK here. Along with the fuchsia and lace Tracy Reese, $395 special.

Nice work, Reese.

And seriously, I’m starting to wonder if Michelle even owns clothing with sleeves. She’s like Valerie Jarrett and my theory that she sleeps in her stillettos or how Mama Snob once would rather be caught dead than in closed-toed shoes.

Michelle apparently works too hard in the gym to not show “Precious” and “The Widowmaker” off and Precious and The Widowmaker are on fire for People.

And is it sad that I like the (cheaper, non-fashionista) People Mag cover better than the Vogue cover? They’re both treading similar territory: First Lady glamazon w/ arms of steel on maize colored couch in jewel-toned sleeveless wonder. Yet the traditional, non-fancy profile shot is really more of a People/Redbook/Ladies’ Home Journal thing. You can’t expect Vogue to properly grasp the simple, yet great when well-done, concept.

26 thoughts on “Michelle O. Has The Right to “Bare Arms” (On the Cover of People Magazine)

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how Chelly O wears young designers..esp tracey reese who to me has never really gotten her propers anyway.the dress is divine. ON TOP OF WHICH MICHELLE’S BODY LOOKS GREAT.

  2. I agree with you totally about the People cover being better. Her smile is more natural and relaxed. On the Mrs O site, they posted a video from the Today Show that has some more pictures of the shot from inside the magazine.http://www.mrs-o.org/

  3. Don’t think one cover (People or Vogue) is better than the other. They look practically identical, right down to the color of the sofa AND the dress! While Michelle looks fab in both (how could she not?) a pose on a sofa looks cliche. I get it – she’s First Mama, First Wife, and the sofa is a straight forward and TYPICAL way to illustrate that. Let’s see something different please.

  4. OMFG if I hear about Michelle and her bare arms ONE MORE TIME from my mother I am going to disown her! "First Ladies should NEVER bare their arms in public, it’s a sign of poor breeding", "First Ladies should NEVER go without stockings, it shows poor breeding". Blah, blah, blah. She hasn’t brought it up in the last 2 convos but when she does I am going to point out that her PERFECT FIRST LADY Jackie O went bare-armed NUMEROUS times and (based on USian society) she was far more well-bred than Michelle. It would be one thing if Michelle wasn’t well sculpted and had that underarm swing going on or varicose veins like railroad tracks, but she is toned and trim and just..DAMN. /rant

  5. @greer: my mom was ranting about michelle’s bare arms at the congressional speech last night, i was surprised by how personally insulted she was by this, i was cracking up listening to her. as far as i’m concerned, michelle looks fabulous, this cover is happier and more relaxed than the vogue one, and i can’t remember the last time a first lady wasn’t afraid of her sex appeal. the president is one seriously lucky man, no wonder he always has such a pep in his step; a lot of men probably would too if they came home to that every night.

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE I!!I am squarely in the camp of people who think this is much better than the vogue cover (and you cannot imagine my disappointment at the vogue cover since I waited on edge for news that she will be appearing on vogue!) Anyways, this cover makes up for itand if you go on Mrs. O, the dress looks even better up close on a mannequin, where You can get the full details!!MS. TRACY REESE DID THE DAMN THING, AND MRS. O FINISHED THE LOOK BY PULLING IT OFF!!

  7. A K-N-O-C-K-O-U-T!!!! I’m loving this cover, the hair pulled up; the dress being my fav color; just simply drop-dead gorgeous. (She looked fierce in the sleeveless purple dress last night). First Lady O looks amazing this would definitely be one of my favs of her, and I agree w’ you Snob, like it better than the Vogue cover. @ Snob and greer: My mom is in her 50’s and perspective is different. She loves the sleeveless dresses but more importantly she and I both love Lady O because she isnt prescribing to anyone’s fashion sense just her own. Love it.If you gat it, flaunt it – and Lady O has ‘gat’ it!P.S. Reportedly in the issue she said she wants to meet Will and Jada Smith; I want to meet her and the Smiths, how bout that…

  8. the color is fabulous. not too thrilled about the bangs, but they will grow on me. since I had no problems with the Vogue cover, I am just as happy about this one.I love her bare arms. I can’t do it, but since she can…why not? She looks fabulous and it took nerve to be sleeveless (sp?) in February in Washington, but our First Lady rolls like that. Some jealous folks around here. They want her arms and don’t have them.

  9. I’m inspired. That 40-something-year-old woman has a body to dream for. It’s time for me to hit the gym and develop a healthy regime.

  10. So People will be having two Black women on the cover, back to back? Rihanna and Michelle Obama? Ok, they are on there for different reasons, but still…..I never thought I’d see that! This is change I can believe in!! :)I like this cover more than the Vogue cover. But I was just happy to see she got a Vogue cover period. So Oprah, Marion Jones, Halle Berry, Jennifer Hudson and Michelle Obama are the non-model African American women that got Vogue covers? Did I miss anyone?

  11. @Kiye – My mom is 85, I tend to forgive her a lot of things. However the fact that your mother is 3 yrs older than me is making _me_ die a little inside, LOL.

  12. Just a heads up…tonight at the Stevie Wonder concert tonight Michelle wore not only a fab green dress but a new curly hair do! Squeeee

  13. She looks great as always. Rules are made to be broken. She’s got great arms and a wonderful figure. I say flaunt it. People will get over it or they won’t. lol

  14. i didn’t know nekkid bare arms on first ladies were a sign of poor breeding…whatevs…michelle looks great and i’m really loving that color on her…kudos to tracy reese for designing the dress…

  15. Now that someone mentioned it, I just saw bits of that Stevie Wonder special tomorrow and I sure hope The Snob gives a nice write up about the event!! Michelle looked great and it’s an interesting line up of performers! One factoid: The Obama’s wedding song was not "At Last" as some tried to claim, Michelle confirms at this event their wedding song was "You and I" by Stevie Wonder.On topic: on CNN they had a special segment about Michelle’s arms lol and quotes from the People magazine article. They mentioned something about a ‘rose and thorn" dinner conversation ritual where each person goes around the room and mentions a good and bad thing about the day. Cute and corny at the same time. I love the Obamas! 🙂

  16. I’m sorry to post again but I forgot to say one thing (smile) I like how the Oscar breakdown (and Brad Pitt and Angelina) are in the background, taking a backseat to Mrs. O. I usually make sure to read the Oscar issue and don’t remember seeing one where the winners and stars are not the main attraction. That says a lot about the First Lady’s star power.

  17. I love this cover much better than the Vogue cover. I am so jealous of Michelle’s arms. They are FABulous! If I had arms of steel like her, I would be sleeveless year round. Go Mrs. O! And I think the hair style is beyond cute. I would love to see her with a short, sassy ‘do. It would look great on her.

  18. Miss O is quite simply…enjoyable. I look forward to 8 years of B’s fantastic suits and M’s arms.And Miss Belton, I thank you for bringing this hip couple to us in such an effusive, fun blog.

  19. I love this picture, if not the shade of the dress…which is growing on me. The dress and haircut scream girl next door. But then the arms–Precious and the Widowmaker–say "She sweet and sexy, but don’t get it twisted, she will kick your behind."

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