Obama Punches Out Bin Laden (Randomness)

5 thoughts on “Obama Punches Out Bin Laden (Randomness)

  1. Are you kidding? Bin Ladin is reeling backwards, looking unhappy, with Barack’s fist in his face. With Savage Dragon (superhero) and what looks like the statue of liberty looking on with approval. It looks like it was drawn by Erik Larsen. He is a partriot. I’ve met him personally….nice guy.

  2. this could quite possibly be the first time i’ve seen a black comic book character WITHOUT dreads or a high top fade.LMAO.

  3. Look at the guns on Obama! Dude must have been pumping up in anticipacian of being on the cover of Savage Dragon (seeing as how he didn’t have the super hero muscles in his guest appearance on Amazing Spiderman).

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