Alan Keyes Still Pushing Obama Not An American Theory

There are really no words as Keyes, no stranger to going off onto the strange from time-to-time, has truly sunk his teeth into this attack meme and will not let go.

He tried the legal route, (even Clarence Thomas gave it an assist in a separate, but similar case) yet to no avail, Barack Hussein Secret Muslim Anti-Christ Obama became the 44th president of the United States. The people voted him in. The electoral college made it official. He was inaugurated January 20 to great fanfare and serenaded by the friggin’ Jonas Brothers. George W. Bush gave him the keys to the White House.

I would suggest that Keyes at least stick to attacking Obama for being pro-abortion as the anti-abortion movement actually has a ready-made argument against abortion to use. You don’t need to hop on made up shit. It makes it look like you never had a real argument to begin with and you appear desperate. But then, this is Alan Keyes and he’s still fighting the wars of 2004 when a young Jedi, Hopey McChangey, used The Force to handily beat Keyes for the Illinois senate seat after the Republicans used him as the world’s most obvious Trojan Horse.

Alan, I say this with all the sparkle pony-filled, Jesus n’ Mary, glitter n’ rainbows, crazy Mariah Carey love in my heart — let it go. Let the fuck go already. It’s not even fun to make fun of you anymore. He won. Everyone else has moved on to attacking him on the stimulus package. Please, upgrade or reload the current version of Windows’ Vista in your head. I think you might have a virus.

In other news: Sitting senator still pushing exact same meme, but … not really! He swears he was totally taken out of context!

34 thoughts on “Alan Keyes Still Pushing Obama Not An American Theory

  1. Oh no. You let Alan Keyes stay right where he is full of paranoid crazy. Last thing you want is for him to sound anywhere near reasonable and have him put in the position for some GOP group to take him seriously. Let him be a constant reminder of how low the Illinois GOP would go. Whatever problems Uncle Roland may have–if Illinois Republicans had their way–this would be the fool representing their state.

  2. Keyes, like Armstong and others, truly amaze me. Even most black Republicans feel some ethnic pride in Obama’s win. Keyes absolutely abhors him. I don’t hate Keyes though. He’s just a sick man who’s taken the hatred and racism directed at him and redirected to someone else, namely Obama. It’s so sad.

  3. Personally, I think Alan Keyes is trying to stay relevant. He basically saying "Look people I’m still alive, No! really I’m still alive", and that is how I’m process all this crazy talk that comes out of Keyes mouth. Place I think the brother is being paid by the far out right fringe to keep this birth memo out in the open.

  4. Also, this whole Obama not American birth memo reminds me of the Hillary Clinton killed Vince Foster memo of the 90s…I swear when Republicans love to make shit up!

  5. They need to find another blk person to hate on O b/c Keyes lost the IL Senate race to O in 2004. The whole thing was that the IL Repubs basically put Keyes up as their Harvard educated Negro against the Democratic Party’s Harvard educated Negro (Obama).The only time O was threatened by the man was when Keyes said that "Jesus wouldn’t vote for Obama." In "The Audacity of Hope" Obama basically said he didn’t have to do much to win the Senate race b/c Keyes would put his foot in his mouth so much, it turned everyone, white and black, off. Even W told O that Keyes was one nail short of a stand-up picket-fence when the two first met after Obama got in the Senate. To me, that says a lot. If you’re going to do a slur like this, which is reprehensible, it’s better to have Bobby Jindal delivering this message since he has immigrant parents and wouldn’t sound like a racist, hater or complete nut. I checked this out b/c McCain was born in the Canal Zone and another guy running on the Socialist ticket for prez only has a green card. I went on Factcheck and snopes which debunked this fully. Even POLITICO of all places said it was bunk. I have seen the birth cert which Obama released which the state of HI (which has a Repub governor who campaigned openly for McCain) said was valid. I also saw two birth announcements in the Honolulu Advertiser and the Star Bulletin that listed Obama’s birth. I’m bad at hotlinks so here is the link. man was born in Hawaii. And from what I read somewhere, back then, you just couldn’t list a birth, the papers had to do so with the info the hospital sent out. It is pathetic. And the thing is, since it resembles all the rumors that Hill is a lesbian and killed people, it just affirmed to me that this was a lie, typical whistle politics from the Repubs. I wonder is they’re going to that that to "Bobby" Piyush Jindal. No, b/c they will understand that he converted to Catholicism from Hinduism and wanted an Anglicized name. When Congress confirmed the Electoral College vote, the good Senator Shelby could have expressed his concern but he did not. As the peeps in my church are won’t to say, "This is a lie from the pit of hell."

  6. SIGH. Here’s the thing. Keyes (and others) go on about how "they’ve heard" that Obama’s mother was in Kenya at the time he was born. First of all, if she is an American citizen, I don’t think that would matter anyway, but also – can’t they check the Passport records if this is really such a big deal? That would end all the arguments. They would be able to prove without a doubt that she was NOT in Kenya, or anywhere else but Hawaii. I don’t know this for sure, but if an American woman just happens to be in Canada and goes into labor, does that mean her child is not an American citizen? The same would apply to all nations, right?

  7. Alan Keyes has taken a right at the fringe, is officially off the reservation and lost in space. Don’t go into the light, Alan, come back…

  8. Alan Keys is like that hateful & unstable uncle that you politely nod at whenever he goes on one of his garbage-filled rants. As much as you want to tell him to STFU, you remember that he’s just off his meds and probably needs a hug, so you leave him alone and don’t take him the least bit seriously.

  9. For the sake of the argument, even though this is ridiculous since he was clearly born in Hawaii… If the child of an American is born outside the United States, then that child is entitled to be an American as long as the parent lived in the US for at least two years after turning fourteen. What happens is that the parent has to file the birth with the govt, and a Certificate of Live Birth is issued. So it really doesn’t matter where Obama’s mother was when Obama was born, unless they’re trying to say that she was secretly not American either. He’s still American by birth regardless.

  10. If Obama wasn’t an American, shouldn’t this have been brought up since before he ran for president? Because honestly, sometimes being late isn’t better than never. This guy seriously needs to get a grip and move on.

  11. Foolish. McCain was born in Panama Canal. He is American. Romney was born in Mexico. He’s American, too. Obama was born in Hawaii and the opposition claims he’s not American!!!! If the republicans continue on this path, they will have another whipping at the polls in 2010 and beyond!

  12. By the way, it wouldn’t matter if Obama’s mother had him in Hawaii or Kenya. His American mother certifies him as American. But he was born in Hawaii and ALL the evidence supports this! Black Snob. Please do not give this issue any more energy! Humorous but a waste of time!

  13. In other news: Sitting senator still pushing exact same meme, but … not really! He swears he was totally taken out of context!Ah, here we go again. The whole ‘ misinterpretation’ of the Englilsh language thing.Uh huh.

  14. seriously, let’s not give this man or this rumor any more burn. the 15 minutes for this story has been up.

  15. Wow. This is so disgusting. Just–wow.Funny that not once does Keyes refer to the crazy financial [and other] madness that Obama ***inherited***, and the history behind all of it (as well as the flaws inherent in a capitalistic system)…but I wouldn’t expect that. I really do find it baffling how quickly people forget that Obama, personally, didn’t *cause* any of these problems. I also find it baffling that Obama reveals all-out deception of the Bush administration in fudging budget numbers, e.g. omission of billions of dollars for the wars, but it’s barely a blip on the radar–THAT’s where some of this outrage should be directed (for the purpose of what, given that it’s now "in the past"? I know, but still).Generally speaking, I’m getting really tired of folks being hypercritical of Obama and his plan but offering no constructive alternatives in return. Keyes, well, he just needs to go somewhere and stfu–hater that he is.

  16. forget the crazy birth certificate nonsense, the really disturbing part about this is the way he says that "obama must be stopped, or america will cease to exist" you know that’s exactly the kind of thing that some lone crazy is just waiting to hear, to validate what he/she thinks must must be done in order to "save the country." that kind of rhetoric is dangerous, keyes is an irresponsible fool.

  17. thanks a lot, snob.the only thing you would need to do is link to his birth certificate (which big O has not and will not release).what you manage to do though, is to provide us with some of the instances that have failed to stop this if this would prove anything.

  18. @moja31yeah, this "crazy birth certificate nonsense".people just won´t stop bothering you with the the constitution…

  19. It kills me that at the end of the video it says THINK! Like everybody who voted for him is completely deluded. Barack is the first Black man to win the presidency, if something was really wrong with his citizenship, somebody would have DONE something by now! There is a sizable portion of the population (and probably of the powers that be) that did not want to see this happen. Are we to believe that a Black man in the U.S. got in when he shouldn’t have? Unbelievable.

  20. @ slowness_suxSigh. I realize that responding to you is pointless as you’ve already chosen to believe the lie, but Obama released his birth certificate June 2008. It’s all over the Web if you care to Google. If you are too lazy, the LA Times has it here.The story has been refuted by everyone from Snopes, Politico to WorldNetDaily. And you can’t tell me that WorldNetDaily loves Obama. Really. Pushing the argument makes you look irrational, like people who think Hillary Clinton killed Vince Foster or those "Loose Change" people who think Bush knew 9/11 was coming and was behind the attacks. I didn’t vote for the man twice, and even I think that’s asinine on too many levels to even mention, starting from the high probability of mass killing Americans ruining your presidency, to leading to your death for treason to the fact that would make Bush a Bond villain.Really. He was born here. I know you won’t, but … let it go already. Find a new, more substantial bone to pick.

  21. Who is this idiot??? At times like these I seriously begin to question whether freedom of speech for everyone is really such a good idea.

  22. To have a person like Keys question the sanity of Obama and his positions is just…just…I don’t know man. Look at his eyes, this guy is totally serious! He totally believes what he is saying. Now I know what David felt like after he went to the Dentist. "Is this real life?" "Is this forvever?"

  23. If he doesn’t look like a shifty eyed sterotype. He’s lying so much he can’t even look the interviewer in they eye/, or directly into the camera. What is up with that?

  24. Republicans concerned about the Constitution? Since when?There are soooooo many things completely false and hypocritical about the things he said. I hate his face.

  25. *sigh* i only listened to his first talking point and already became bored…all i will say about alan keyes is thank goodness he finally shaved his itchy beard…i’ve got nothing else to say about this crazy man….

  26. danielle,thanks for the response.sorry, i am not letting lazy? a bit strong, no?.for the DIFFERENCE between a BIRTH CERTIFICATE and a CERTIFICATION OF LIVE BIRTH, see herei (sorry, harsh word) dare you to provide a link to the BIRTH CERTIFICATE.if you do, i´ll move on.thx

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