Oscars, What Oscars? All the “Cool Kids” Were at the White House (Slideshow)

Some observations:

Michelle and Barack looked breathtakingly gorgeous, making it very hard for me to be impartial. Clearly, no one came close to upstaging the First Lady’s gown which did look “red carpet ready.”

Michelle appeared to be wearing another Jason Wu dress in the earlier pictures in the kitchen. (I recognized it by the hand-made knots which seems to be a pattern in Wu’s work, including the inaugural ball gown and a dress she wore for an interview with Barbara Walters.)

Valerie Jarrett does not know the meaning of the word “frumpy.” I also have a feeling she may sleep in stillettos.

Bobby Jindal’s wife, Supriya, and Ed Rendell’s wife, Marjorie, wore almost the exact same red, sexy, off-the-shoulder-dress. I believe Mrs. Jindal won that battle of the Reagan Reds hands down. She looked down right foxy in a political “Shilpa Shetty” sort of way. (Keep her away from Richard Gere, Jindal!). Majorie, you tried, but, alas, you’re no Jill Biden. Jill Biden would have killed in that.

Gov. David Paterson and his wife looked awesome, especially the wife, even if she does have this perpetually surprised/amused look on her face.

The Governator and Maria looked great even though I can’t look at Maria without thinking, “You’d be prettier if you’d just gain the fifteen pounds. Please. Eat some red beans and rice, stat.”

Your thoughts? And please, feel free to go crazy over Michelle’s dress if you feel so inclined. It’s OK. I thought it was a homerun. I will not be convinced otherwise. She looked flawless. Hair, makeup, jewelry and all. A killer, she was. She killed me with fashion. (And Valerie Jarrett totally did a fashion drive-by on me, but I expect no less from her at this point. There is no dressing “down” for that woman.)

22 thoughts on “Oscars, What Oscars? All the “Cool Kids” Were at the White House (Slideshow)

  1. I can’ t agree more with you on this Valerie Jarrett creature. Mama is fierce, but not in the gross Tyra Banks way. She’s so natural and obviously intelligent. But I also love Ms. Rogers. I’m digging that hair as I am into the short, sassy dos of the day. Not only did the Obamas (Unc and Aunty as we call em in my house) bring color but also class to this political game. I love them. And I love this blog. Keep it coming from a fellow snob.

  2. Is this just the flyest white house ever or what!?!?!? Michelle-Stunning! Valerie Jarrett-Hawt as usual! and Desire- is this woman really 50!? Good LAWD! I am proud to be an American if only to say our government can out dress your government.. nah nah nah nah boo boo. lol

  3. They are soooo damn attractive. It’s like the Homecoming King and Queen! Brangelina eat your heart out.

  4. And isn’t it just nice to see smart people in the White House again? I think that’s one of the main things that makes these people.. all of the "Obama people" so attractive. They are smart and classy.

  5. The Obamas are a dashing couple, and they look simply great in those photos. The photos from the White House do certainly beat out that boring Oscar red carpet treatment featuring the Hollywood stars.

  6. Snob, I thought I was the only one to notice that Bobby Jindal’s wife, Supriya wore almost the same dress as Ed’s wife 🙂 I thought Michelle looked great but did not care for the necklass she was wearing it was just to big a simple one string of pearls would have been fine. Other than the jewery she wore Michelle looked terrific and classy as ever.

  7. I am going to go crazy over Michelle’s dress. It was fabu and so is she. It was so awesome seeing Michelle in the kitchen making sure that everything would be just right for her White House guess. I still get chills when I think of Michelle and Barack in the White House. Even in the kitchen she has so much style and grace. First class all the way for "President" Obama and the Beautiful First Lady. I LOVE IT!!!!!!

  8. LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT!!!! All my 3 top ladies looked smashing (FLOTUS, Valerie, and Desiree, the social secretary), isn’t it funny they all wore black (which was the staple color on the runway during fashion week)and of course NO ONE!! AND I MEAN NO ONE, upstaged Michelle up in HER HOUSE!! loland the horror, Mrs. Jindal and Ed Rendell’s wife were wearing the SAME EXACT DRESS (upon close observation from other pictures, there is NO DIFFERENCE), and to think, they came in CONSECUTIVELY!! RIGHT AFTER ONE ANOTHER!! Anyhoo, i HEART my first lady, and i heart the way my president positively ADORES his wife!!!dare i day, FLOTUS even would have outshine everyone on the red carpet of the oscars?!?! (let’s just say in my mind, she clearly does!)

  9. I actually loved everything about Michelle’s ensemble, including the necklace. I thought the necklace set it off! Valerie looked effortlessly fabulous. I just found out today that I’m going to be moving to D.C. for an internship. I’m so excited to be so close to all the happenings at the White House!

  10. How much do I love that Glamazon. Both dresses looked fantastic on her. I think it’s my favorite MO single day one-two punch ever.

  11. I loved the dress on the First Lady. gown by Peter Soronen.Valerie Jarrett and Desiree Rogers brought it. Loved it. You’re not the only one who wants to feed Maria Shriver a couple of sandwiches. Hadn’t caught that with Bobby Jindal’s wife and Rendell’s wife. I thought Mrs. Patrick and Mrs. Paterson looked nice. I also thought Gov. Sebelius rocked her green dress (not everyone can do green).

  12. You know? Desiree and Michelle (both the same height and almost the same skin tone), almost look like sisters in the WH kitchen pictures.

  13. Both dresses were lovely but I wish she’d worn less strands around her neck in the evening.Valerie Jarrett is bringing it.

  14. Omg, omg!!! Michelle and Valerie looked breathtaking … I have to say this so far has been the best dress I’ve seen our first lady in! It beats out the rest, hands down. She and Valerie looked phenomenal!!!And the chignon … the necklace … complemented the dress perfectly!!!

  15. I am going octomom crazy over her outfit!!!! SQUEEEEE!!!! She needs to come really regular to the Stevie Wonder concert on Wednesday cuz I can’t take too much fabness in one week.

  16. @ MJYes. The Timster did bring his daughter to the par-tay. Perhaps he wanted to show her their "future home" as Pawlenty has White House dreams of his own.

  17. What was Bobby Jindal doing there? I would think that governors who didn’t want stimulus money wouldn’t want White House food either. :-p

  18. Ok this is a fairytale… Michelle is a Queen…(starry, teary eyed) I love the pomp and circumstance of it all. Fine cuisine, china sets, silver, place settings, menu’s, music, interesting guests and sparkling conversation… Love it…

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