It’s Official: I Can’t Escape Beyonce

First the Inaugural Ball, then every Grammys for the last few years, and now she’s all over the Oscars … AGAIN: the ubiquitous Beyonce.

And while I enjoy the occasional Beyonce jam, I’m going to be honest, if this had been any other singer giving this lackluster of a performance at the effing Oscars it would have been devastating, but it was Beyonce, so she could just skate by on the ordinary.

I normally don’t watch the Oscars, but I had it on in the background while I worked on a screenplay and looked up when I noticed host Hugh Jackman start doing a musical number. I like musicals, so I stopped what I was doing to watch, but when Beyonce appeared I realized that I will never be able to get away from this woman. Will it NEVER END? You’d think folks were suffering for talent or something, but there are other women who can dance and sing who aren’t Beyonce who probably would have done a better job.

One: She can’t really dance. She’s good with regimented, terse movements (a la Janet Jackson), but has no natural flow or body lift that an actual dancer would possess. Her feet are always heavy. Her moves always look regimented and stiff. She’s good at wilding out, but musical numbers rarely involve flailing around and tossing ye olde lacefront for good measure. Compared to Hugh and all the actual dancers on that stage she was really out of her element.

Two: Um … no.

They could have at least put her in some Ginger Rogers-esque ball gown, not something Catherine Zeta Jones left crumpled up in a corner after “Chicago” wrapped several years ago. She’s a beautiful, curvy woman, but that outfit made her look enormous next to all the other tinier, more athletic dancers. No one wants to look enormous. Not even the pretty ones. Especially when Bey is not actually fat. She just has thick legs. A ball gown really would have helped and she would have matched Hugh’s top hat and tails, Fred Astaire homage. But she was going for something tough, sexy and Fosse when she is neither tough or “Fosse.” It was a massive fail for me. That whole outfit.

Three: Baz Lurhman, I really expected better from the guy who gave me Moulin Rouge and Strictly Ballroom. That was the most bizarrely edited and thrown together musical number ever, which didn’t help Beyonce out at all. Did you want her to look like a slow moving marsupial on purpose?

And let’s be honest, Bey has no history with musical theater other than she had a wooden, dull part in “Dreamgirls.” And I can name, off the top of my head, at least ten actresses/singers, white and black, who probably could have soft-shoed their way through that to match Jackman’s verve.

1. Vanessa Williams (obvious choice)
2. Catherine Zeta Jones (even more obvious choice)
3. Anika Noni Rose
4. Sharon Leal
5. Mya (The child trained with Savion Glover)
6. Jasmine Guy (I know she’s not really famous anymore, but she did restart her career on the stage, in “Chicago” of all things and has a very “Fosse-esque” style)
7. Anne Hathaway (even though she popped up in the opening segment she has a nice “Julie Andrews” thing going on)
8. Christina Aguliera (if they could have gotten her to dial it back five or ten notches)
9. Bernadette Peters
10. Vanessa Hudgens (Hell, she went through the histrionics/gymnastics that was “High School Musical” one, two and three)
11. Heather Headley (She was “Aida!”)

Even Rosario Dawson, who can barely sing would have been better. But Beyonce is the “It” everything of the moment. So rather than watching someone who’s actually been in a theater musical on stage, or seeing someone who is a more natural dancer go through the motions, I got Beyonce. And I’m sick of Beyonce. It’s like showing up at a restaurant and always getting steak. Yeah, steak is nice. But maybe I wanted the Chilean bass this week. Or the Mahi Mahi. Or some damn chicken. Or a bacon cheeseburger.

I can’t live on a diet of Bey alone!

I know that Beyonce wants to take advantage of every little opportunity that comes her way and she did star in “Cadalliac Records” (a sort of musical) this year, but so did Sharon Leal (the lesser celebrated “Soul Men”) and why NOT Sharon Leal? Doesn’t she suffer enough having to pretend to be attracted to Taye Diggs on “Private Practice?”

All I’m saying is … give another sister a chance. Any sister. I’m not picky. Keke Palmer (even though she’s like 12 or something). The OTHER former members of Destiny’s Child. Any of them. Janet Jackson. It doesn’t even have to be a black woman either. Drag Nicole Kidman’s non-singing ass back up there. She bombed in “Australia” too. Just someone who can actually pull off a musical. When Hugh announced “The Musical Is Back!” at the end I thought, “and that production just murdered it! Bring back Debbie Allen and the Oscar dancers!” If that were my only experience with Hollywood musicals I would hate musicals and I have HATED Beyonce in musicals since “Carmen: A Hip Hopera.”

It should have been you, Lauryn Hill! It should have been you!

81 thoughts on “It’s Official: I Can’t Escape Beyonce

  1. I respect Beyonce b/c it’s obvious she is a hard worker. She and her family know how to brand her and that’s respectable. And, she’s apparently very professional. I even respected her a great deal b/c she decided to keep her marriage with Jay-Z private. Their relationship is just that–private. You never heard about her and Jay-Z’s relationship and I respected her for that. I said, "Hey, there’s a woman and a man who have a real relationship and want to keep it private." So, why, in the name of all that is holy, is she pimping herself out to the highest bidder? I knew she was overexposed when she did that DirecTV commercial. She just got married for Pete’s sake. Stay home with your husband, have a child…ALLOW US TO MISS YOU. How can we miss/appreciate you if you NEVER GO AWAY. Go on a retreat, something. Please just go away!!

  2. Why don’t the other black actresses fund their own movies, sometimes you have to make a way for yourself. That is what Halle Berry did, why dont they take a cue from Ms. Berry? It is not Beyonce’s fault that she is so famous and beloved by Hollywood, you can’t hate on her for doing what any of us would do. Stay at number one and refuse to be second.

  3. And plus she has alot of class. Look how well she handles scandals. She never even gave Etta James the attention that she so desperately wanted. She never sold her wedding pictures; she kept them completely private. Beyonce deserves what she has, I fully believe that.

  4. Ya know, i have to agree with this blog. I used to put up that tired defense "well she seems nice" or "she’s private and not in the tabloids" whenever someone would complain about her, but now I can see that none of that even matters. Bottom line, if you stay in the spotlight too much you deserve to get flamed. There’s a certain arrogance factor that comes with that. It’s like the celeb is saying "I am so great that they will never tire of me". And guess what, they are proven wrong every time.In small doses, Beyonce looked like the bomb. But now that she’s overextended herself I see she is simply average. I noticed first this in "Dreamgirls". This newcomer came along and made her look wooden and thin-voiced. Her dancing skills are average as well. Look at that performance and you will see that if she’s not shaking or poppin’ it, she looks very clumsy and lacks grace.She is a prime example of why stars should be selective about how they present themselves and what projects they do. You would think she would have learn from jennifer lopez.

  5. I am a semi-Beyonce fan and think she is far more talented than a lot of people give her credit for. I admire her ambition, drive, and willingness to work her ass OFF and hustle for everything she wants and has. You can call Beyonce a LOT of names, but "lazy" certainly isn’t one of them.However, even I agree that she is completely overexposed. She has officially crossed over into the land of "TOO. MUCH. DAMN. EXPOSURE". She is EVERYWHERE and it’s gotten to the point that even people who typically support her (like me) are sick of seeing her. Unfortunately, Beyonce is a machine with a lot of people on her payroll…if she doesn’t work, they don’t eat so trust, they are going to ride this until the wheels fall off.The truth of the matter is, there isn’t an artist or entertainer who is on her level that can replace her. Rihanna? Please. She doesn’t have the voice or stage presence that Beyonce has. At least I know if I’m forking over $75 to see Beyonce in concert, it will be WORTH EVERY DIME, even if I AM in the nosebleed section. If there is one thing she can do, it’s put on an EXCELLENT show.And to whoever said Aaliyah would have had the same success…PLEASE. It is quite unfortunate that she died so suddenly and tragically, but Aaliyah was NOT a powerhouse voice nor was she THAT good of a performer. Let’s keep it real: Aaliyah was successful because she was pretty and likeable (except for all them chicks who swore she had a "lazy eye" because of that swoop bang she wore). She also had a great team behind her (Missy, Timbaland, Ginuwine, etc.).

  6. I Love Beyonce and am very happy for her! She has the pleasure of getting paid for her passions! Focus on yourself and be happy for those that are fortunate. We can choose what we view you know…

  7. Bey’s problem is that she is a jack-of-all-trades, master of none. Her acting is either flat or over the top. Her fashion line is hideous. Her singing and performing is her strongest suit but is no longer well tolerated because of the over exposure.Bey needs to see that being able to properly handle her image means knowing when to chill. For her, that should have been about a year ago.

  8. I’m going to say it again it is about giving other black women the opportunity to make the same or even more connections that made Beyonce famous. Beyonce’s overexposure is simply a result of laziness on the part of white producers, and executives who will not get off their cans to find more black talent. Instead, they rely on the same two women, and then when they have died or retired, those connections are gone, and again, as a people, where are we? She is in every movie, she may play Angela Davis (ridiculous), and the list goes on. Why is it that every time someone talks about Beyonce, they have to open with, I’m a fan of Beyonce, but… We don’t have to justify our opinions to anybody, especially stans. No one is above criticism. If the stans can’t understand that they need to go to a website dedicated to Beyonce, and leave their messages there.

  9. Looking for "the next Beyonce" is not where it’s at. That’s 2003 thinking. Beyonce is just following JLo’s model of "submission by overwhelming". The idea is to saturate every market imaginable and appear to "do it all". Then others are supposed to be measured by YOUR example. "Whatherface is OK, but she can’t do it all like Beyonce!". This is what her die-hard fans think and say, but it’s a crock.You can try to dismiss her all you want, but there’s a lesson to be learned in Rihanna success . She proved that the Beyonce model of success isn’t the only way. She is just a baby in the biz, but if you look closely you’ll see Rihanna’s strong areas are the same as Madonna’s-infectious pop hooks, style that people check for, and strong viusals (the video for "Disturbia" IS Madonna-worthy). Rihanna hasn’t mastered the stage yet, but Madonna early tours sucked. Beyonce is too busy with her mom’s clothing line to develop a sense of her own style (did you see that Oscar dress?). Beyonce has to keep her Loreal hair contract so she cannot surprise with a fresh look. In trying to "do it all" she left the floor wide open for someone like Rihanna to surpass her as a trendsetter.. And so it begins…. And so it will continue….As another poster said, Beyonce is a "jack of all trades and master of none". She’ll keep on balancing a thousand plates in the air, and other artists superior in areas she’s competing in will continue to stake their claim. All you have to do is be great in your lane, you don’t have to drive all over the map like she does–in fact the public will appreciate you more by contrast.

  10. I took an honest assessment as it relates to Beyowulf (sorry…but I like this handle better).So, may I please have the floor for a minute or two…Here goes…To be quite honest, I feel that Wulf is getting free reign only because she has youthful, marketable good looks. That sickens me a great deal. She is not a stunning beauty. Rihanna…now she is a stunning beauty. Remove the wigs and soften the make-up and you have an ordinary yet pretty girl. So it pisses me off a great deal because her complexion is what makes her a prized possession in the Black community. For that alone, she is able to rise and be the cream of the crop. Kelly Rowland, for example, is a stunning beauty. Kelly out sings and out dances Wulf. Yet, she is not "marketable" because of her dark complexion. That is the truth. As a dark skinned Black woman, I am saddened that my complexion alone (before you know anything about me) discounts me in many areas where the superficial reign supreme.I am grateful for this backlash. It is about time that Black people demand images that are representative of our vast culture. I refuse to support her because I refuse to buy into the superficial images of a Black woman with a White-washed image (who, btw, has made statements such as she wished she was born Latina and that she is not Black she is Creole). So yes, her "success" is a bitter pill to swallow. Mediocre looks, mediocre talents, topped off by a disdain for education (remember when she said she did not really like school) makes her an over rated video "ho’" in my book. She got to where she is today not because she worked hard. She got to where she is because Black people and White people alike thinks that her skin complexion makes her special. That is the same reason I don’t support Halle Berry’s movies. She is not a good actress I don’t care how many smelly crackheads she plays ( for Queen. She did good in Queen).I want to see Black women that represent me…even the ones with light complexions. Esperanza Spalding is a prime example. Educated, gifted, natural… (I know she is bi-racial and I am dark skinned…however, I feel that she represents the true spirit of what it means to be young, gifted, and female). Nikki Giovanni: Words cannot express how much I loooooovvvveee this woman! (I know she is not Hollyweird…I just had to mention a woman I admire a great deal).Jennifer Hudson: Can anyone find one word to sum up this powerhouse???Erica Badu: Excellent!Lauren Hill: Aamazing!Fantasia: Soulful…Taraji P. Henson: I have always loved her as an actree. I did not jump on the Bejamin Button bandwagon.Angela Bassett: Whew! A roller coaster of talent.Michelle Williams: A powerhouse voice that is deliberately played down so as to not outshine Wulf.India.arie: Will someone PLEASE give this prodigy her props???Jazmine Sullivan: Holding it down for the young ladies…These are just a few women who remain under-rated. What do a lot of these women have in common (save for a few)???Dark skin complexions.Therefore, I have no shame in admitting that I cannot stand the breaks Wulf’s skin complexion affords. I am glad that she is over-exposing and over-extending herself. She will not be able to make a comeback and it is all her dumb, stupid fault.

  11. I agree Nisha, why hate on the one black woman that hollywood hold in such high esteem, WHY???She’s the ONLY Black woman that Hollywood holds in high esteem??? Word?Hmmm….seems Viola Davis and Taraji P. Henson THIS YEAR were viewed pretty darned high in Hollywood’s eyes….where’s Beyonce in this mix? Oh, wait, you were referring to the performance and NOT OSCAR NOMINATIONS of which she’ll NEVER RECEIVE no matter how hard she ‘begs’ for it.

  12. I don’t understand writing about her if you are tired of her. Its like spending the day with someone you don’t like. I always hate when people tell Beyonce to sit down and give others a chance. If all these other black people are in such high demand then they probably would be asked. Evidently they aren’t. Do you really think if Beyonce said no that the producers would automatically ask another black person? Be for real.That list is laughable. Most of the black women on that list have marginal talent and don’t come close to Beyonce vocally or anyting else. MYA?!!!!! You can’t be serious. I hated Anika Noni Rose in dreamgirls-she was by far the worst actor and singer in that movie. Sharon Leal is barely a step up from her. Plus Beyonce has always said she wants to work as hard as she can and do as many different things as she can unitl she hits about 30 and then she will take a rest. Smart move if you ask me.

  13. @ dabomb1. I’m a blogger. I write about things to make my "livins’."2. Didn’t blame Beyonce for taking the gig. Blamed producers for being unoriginal as she has been everywhere lately.3. Um. It’s not OK to criticize Beyonce, but it was OK to criticize other black women who both act and sing? I mean, if you’re a public person, celebrity, journalist, writer or entertainer you kind of put yourself out there asking for opinions. Opinions are expected. I don’t have to love Beyonce’s voice any more than you have to be impressed with Vanessa Williams’ actual career in musical theater with a starring part in "Kiss of the Spider Woman" on Broadway. Or Heather Headley as Aida. I don’t think one blog post being critical of what was a pretty lackluster send up of musicals by Baz Lurhman is the end all be all on her career. I WAS stating tho that a lesser known would not have survived that hot mess.4. I can’t speak for the folks who think she should take a break as I never said that. I just said that the woman is everywhere. You either like seeing her everywhere or you get bored with it. I’ve rolled over into bored. I was impressed around the time she sang with Prince. Was still impressed when she sang with Tina. Now I’m just meh. I mean, she’s everywhere. That was my problem, but if she wants to be everywhere and people still want to see her obviously she will continue to be everywhere.But she EXPECTS people (love or hate) to write about it. If she becomes not worth writing about she’s doing the whole being famous thing wrong.

  14. Beyoncé IS overexposed. But every time I see Beyoncé, she reminds me of this article from LA Weekly entitled, "How Shit Be" by Ernest Hardy and in particular the following excerpt from his article:

    QUESTION OF THE YEAR: Who ordered the whores?Black music, that most American of art forms, engages in those most American of questions: Who am I? How do I sell myself? How do I reconcile my soul with the outside world? It’s the classic black dilemma. The eternal American conundrum. The modern pop-star marketing crisis.Dreamgirls addresses these dynamics through its Berry Gordy–esque character (played by Jamie Foxx) and his plan to claim the spoils of crossover success. But when it comes to “selling out,” Gordy’s got nothing on the kids today.Since James Brown’s death, it’s become obvious that despite his accolades, it was possible for a whole generation to stroll and head-nod through a cultural landscape defined by his genius — and not actually own any of his music. It’s possible for a generation to know the breakbeats, but not the songs from which they came — or to hear the originals but not really like them or get what the big deal is. That’s what happens when an artist’s influence is immeasurable. It outstrips him.The same thing has happened with the boardroom legacies of Berry Gordy, Sam Cooke, Ray Charles and even the Godfather himself. These men were all incomparable artists (yes, including Gordy), but they also broke new ground in establishing black ownership, stressing business acumen. (And larceny, as many of their band members might argue.)One can only stand in awe of their ability to hone their craft into art, and their art into hits, wrestling with how to make the work go “pop” while staying true to their own voices — and claiming their monetary due.All that’s over. Their legacy has, again, outstripped them: In January 2007 we have a situation where getting paid has become the first and dominant impulse, and all else is shaped around it. And it’s no longer a matter of selling out or compromising one’s “true” self. We’re dealing with natural-born whores, shaped from first consciousness with the plantation belief that the value of blackness is determined by the marketplace. From the “hardest” thug rapper to Beyoncé, they can genuinely claim to “keep it real,” because the terms of that have become synonymous with being pure product. Black Americans’ imaginations have become infected by the dictates of folk — and let’s not be simple, it ain’t just white folk — who see blackness merely as a landscape to be exploited and ravaged. They’re so owned they don’t even see the chains, and call the auction block home.

    Pretty much sums of my feelings on a generation of so-called artists. Here’s a link to the article in it’s entirety:

  15. You people are crazy if you think the 50 comments on this board are backlash. Beyonce just performed at the Academy Awards for the third time. She has even been nominated for one. What backlash??? A few broke people typing their feelings of insecurity and jealousy.I am not a big fan of Beyonce. However, the fact is she is a great entertainer with an outstanding voice. Their really isn’t any other female in this generation that even comes close. Don’t believe me? Let’s check out a small list… J-Hud. 1 word-overrated. Personal tragedy does not make you talented. She played a typical black woman with a bad attitude, screamed a song(the original was better) and got an Oscar for it. She can’t dance. She sucked on American Idol. Don’t lie to yourself; you didn’t vote for her.Rhianna. That chick looks like an alien and she can’t sing a lick. She has been blessed to have hit songs, and be tall and skinny. Her live performances are the epitome of dull and boring. Ciara. Can dance her butt off but can’t sing either. What was the last good song she had? Has she ever had a good song? Betta stick to effin 50 cent.Alicia Keys. I am really glad she took piano lessons and that’s about it. Once she stands up its all over for me. Singing with feeling does not mean she has to sing flat. What was wrong with her face in the Secret Lives of Bees? Can she take acting lessons? When is she gonna come out the closet? She is too old to be singing about teenage love affairs. All her songs sound like they have been done before. Some would call that classic. I call it changing the station.Brandy. She actually has a good voice that is underrated. She can’t dance either. She took acting lesson(from Tooty’s momma- y I know that I don’t know) and has improved greatly since Thea. Unless she gets some better songs she will be forgotten.I can’t believe she put Mya on her list. MYA!!!??? WHO?????? LMBFAO!!!!!!! Enough said.I won’t speak ill of the dead and I loved Aaliyah. Please check out Romeo Must Die. Enough said. Monica. Please see Mya. Pleas refer to that horrible MTV movie. She aint had a good song since she sang with Brandy.Do I really need to go on? I could but my carpal is acting up.

  16. dabomb: Did you not see the title of this blog? If you "hate" people to express that they are tired of Beyonce, why would you spend your time reading and then responding to such comments? Isn’t that like spending your day with ideas you hate? LOL! any reasonable person with even a passing interest in pop culture would grow a little weary of seeing the same person over and over again. She can say no to gigs just like she can say no to her mom’s clothes. let’s be real and adult.

  17. And hey, JayDub, I see you made your way over from beyoncworld!!! Figrued you and yours would be showing up any minute now. Did the word "backlash" show up in google? That’s what tipped you off?

  18. Aha! I can spot y’all a mile away because ya say the same things on every blog.LOL@ your entire post, especially regarding Jennifer Hudson! But no, you’re not a Beyonce fan or anything like that…no sir. Bwha!!! Well, I hope you get your 10 points or whatever it is they give you for your blog work!!

  19. @Danielle BeltonMy point is if you feel she is overexposed and you are personally bored with her(as you say) then why write about her? It only adds to more exposure. You seem to be writing about Beyonce a lot more lately. My job requires that I work with people everyday that tire and bore me, but I can’t regulate who wrecks their cars. You are responsible for your blog. You make the decisions on what and who you write about. So it sounds to me like you are only writing about her to spark a little controversy and get a little more traffic thru here, which makes you no better than most of the hateful people on this board trying to get 15 responses. This is your board so you can do whatever you want to gain attention. More power to you. However, it sounds like you may be running out of things to write about. Maybe you need to sit down and let some creative people write for you.Please don’t misunderstand me- I like reading your blog. It is one of the few tolerable, intelligent , black-oriented blogs. I never said it was wrong to criticize anyone. Hence, the criticisms. I simply said some of the women on your list lack talent. I have seen much worse performances from them than this one from Beyonce. I know their resumes and can IMDb with the best of them, but that is not gonna change my opinion either.

  20. @ dabombAgain, I don’t dislike Beyonce. If I didn’t find her interesting I wouldn’t write about her at all. I mean, she’s not causing me physical pain. But I’m a critic, a former THEATER CRITIC on top of that. I literally could not resist. It was too much fun to write about.And she’s just an entertainer who I feel is inescapable because she is, quite literally, everywhere. And if you are a follower of the blog you’d noticed that out of the three most recent stories I wrote that even mentioned Beyonce, two were regulated to the "Hot Topics" page (which still gets the least amount of traffic) and both were Obama related. If anything I write about Obama a lot and Beyonce had wandered into my Obama coverage because she kept showing up all over the place during Inaugural weekend. Then I watched the Oscars and she was there again. Since Viola Davis and Tarji P. Henson won diddly for the Oscars and I had no interest writing an Oscar fashion blog, I wrote about what I thought was a nightmarish Baz Lurhman/Hugh Jackman/Beyonce collaboration that made me hate musicals when I love musicals.I mean, I write about a pretty random assortment (From TI to fashion) of things on top of the constant Obama Administration coverage. I write about what’s interesting to me. I wasn’t really thinking "this will get a lot of hits" when I wrote it. I was thinking how someone IMed me about my opinions on the Oscar performance and I said, hey, I’ll just blog about it.So seriously. The only folks I’m "using" to draw people to the blog are me, President Obama, Michelle Obama and the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup of the TV News, TJ Holmes. I mean, I write about them CONSTANTLY and they are all over the blog. Before Bey started appearing "Obama adjacent," the last post I wrote about her was in August during that whole Loreal, skin color flap and I actually caught flack from the folks who come here to read about politics.If I wanted to get people here based on Beyonce I would write a lot more about her. But the truth is, I don’t. Besides, an over abundance of celebrity reporting would really upset the balance of pop culture versus political stories, and as you may have noticed, it’s still largely political with a drop of pop here at The Black Snob. Be more concerned about the TJ pimping. It is much, much more obvious. Much. I mean, TJ Holmes and Michelle Obama put The Black Snob on the map. I practically owe them thank you cards.(But, it’s not pimping if you LOVE TJ and Michelle as much as I do. Or at least, that is what I tell myself.)Lastly, if people didn’t have strong opinions about the woman she truly would be doing the whole fame thing wrong. Having "haters" or critics simply comes with the territory. I was an entertainment reporter and theater reviewer for almost three years. I mean, I professionally COMPLAIN about things. From small to big. I enjoy it. And I haven’t written about anyone who people didn’t have some sort of strong opinion on one way or another. I mean, I love TJ Holmes, but it doesn’t bother me when people say they think he’s a horrid reporter and simply a pretty face. I don’t go on a "why you wanna bring a brother down" screed. I mean, he put himself out there. I put myself out there. It’s just part of how it all works. But, Beyonce is not part of some larger plan for the blog. Besides. You and I both know all the hits right now are in writing about Chris Brown and Rihanna and save that one post, it’s been mostly crickets because I DIDN’T like the direction the comments took … despite the fact that it received a ton of comments. That really isn’t the goal here. I’m just one person rambling without a plan. That’s always been the blog.

  21. The Snob is right! I have been waiting for someone bold enough to vote NO on B for a long, long time. It’s really not that deep– Give some other sister a chance is the rallying cry of my generation. I’ve been watching her dodge spotlights since Ellen said, "Ladies and gentlemen, the beautiful Beyonce" at the Oscars in like 1957, or whenever that was. Even new, frequently-goofy-dancing household name everylesbian Ellen could have done this, and everyone would get it, "Yeah, Ellen dances. Ha! Great!" But seriously, B, no mas.

  22. JayDub=Extreme Beyonce StanBeyonce is ok, but why do you feel the need to bash other singers to bring Beyonce up? There’s nothing wrong with Brandy, and Monica and Mya were holding it down a while ago. They weren’t "mega" stars, but they weren’t D-listers either.

  23. Once again, people think its about "hating" Beyonce. The reason why Beyonce gets so many responses is because in a true snobs mind, we understand the underlying implications of why one or two black women continue to get all the parts, and breaks in Hollywood. It’s not about Beyonce just being that talented, or a young black woman just getting a break. It is mainstream Hollywood’s way of saying, "We have one already, therefore we cannot be labeled as not trying to appease black audiences." White folk have always been found of seeing a young, beautiful, inarticulate woman whether she’s black or white shake it. Hollywood producers are using one or two black women to block real actresses and to hinder new faces from emerging on the scene. To continue to use that tired excuse, "We’re hating," again, if any of you want to worship Beyonce there are plenty of misguided blogs dedicated to this woman. Go write on them.

  24. I told yall the stans would sniff this tread out. I love a stan that claims not to be a Beyonce fan. lol ANd the one stan that claimed that J-Hud is overrated is completely delusional.

  25. JayDub=Extreme Beyonce StanBeyonce is ok, but why do you feel the need to bash other singers to bring Beyonce up? There’s nothing wrong with Brandy, and Monica and Mya were holding it down a while ago. They weren’t "mega" stars, but they weren’t D-listers either.That is not true. I am not a big fan of Beyonce or anyone else. I haven’t bought any music in years. When I really want to hear something I go to youtube. I usually check out Kim Burrell, Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, Clark Sisters, or just about anything soullful and old school. I just went to an extreme to prove a point. The point is that there really aren’t too many black females singers at this point in time that would have been a good fit on that stage, and can sing, act, and dance well. I wasn’t pushing anyone down to raise anyone up so Rosa Parks can sit down to stand up so MLK can walk so Obama can run so I can fly….LOL….Its just a blog.

  26. "I told yall the stans would sniff this tread out. I love a stan that claims not to be a Beyonce fan. lol ANd the one stan that claimed that J-Hud is overrated is completely delusional."Thank you. And they fool absolutely no one. LOL!!!

  27. I agree – Beyonce is around due to the shear laziness of most of the powers that be in Hollywood. I think of her as the black Jessica Simpson – lots of similarities…creepy parents, also ran of a sister, limited talent but entertaining.The thing is – Hollywood has relegated Jess to straight to DVD movies, but Beyonce’s star is growing. I respect that worked hard to get where she is, but Beyonce has well out lasted her usefulness and now just annoys me with her overexposure, continued plastic surgery (she doesn’t even look like herself anymore), and lack of personality.

  28. I was just about to bookmark this site…and then I stumbled upon the usual beyonce-bashing typical among black bloggers…So I changed my mind and I’m leaving for good!

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