Michael Steele Goes A-Hip, A-Hop, A-Hip, To-the-Hippity-Hop, You Don’t Stop!

From The New York Times:

The public relations campaign Mr. Steele has planned is going to be “off the hook,” he told the Washington Times in an interview published on Thursday.

“We want to convey that the modern-day G.O.P. looks like the conservative party that stands on principles,” Mr. Steele said. “But we want to apply them to urban-suburban hip-hop settings.”

And Mr. Steele, isn’t leaving anyone out, including, he joked, “one-armed midgets.”

Though the newspaper reported that Mr. Steele declined to offer specifics, he plans to put together a public relations team to give the Republican Party the equivalent of an extreme makeover. It’s part of a larger overhaul of the committee that he set in motion several weeks ago.

The new re-branding effort he said, “will be avant garde, technically. It will come to table with things that will surprise everyone — off the hook.”

OMG! Be still my heart! I think I just found comedy heaven!

Please do this, Steele. I will love you FOREVER! I love it when the “olds” try to be down with what’s hot in the streets!

And I’ve always joked (half seriously) that you’d think more rappers would be Republicans. I mean, they share a lot of interests. Gun ownership. Money. Entrepreneurship. A general “SOL” policy for life’s losers. (How are diss records any different from what Ann Coulter does in book form?) If only Eazy-E had lived to see this day.

But then most rappers don’t (can’t) vote, so … that kind of puts a damper on recruitment. Not to mention that given the current tenor of “the streets” being a Republican could hurt your efforts in “keepin’ it real” in some circles. But Steele is gonna fix all that with this rebranding and I, personally, cannot WAIT. Imagine, rappers actually discussing the efficacy of sin taxes (not my Cristal!) and embracing Libertarianism. (Smoking weed and sleeping with hookers totally shouldn’t be crimes! Get out of my life, Big Government!)

Break out the B-Boys dressed as elephants and ones-n-twos!

This reminds me of the time when my Dad discovered MC Hammer and Heavy D. It didn’t matter that everyone had moved on to Nas and Dr. Dre. Look at that big boy move, Papa Snob would say whenever the “Overweight Lover” would bound across the stage with his “New Jack Moves” at an award show. And sure, my dad discovered Hammer and Heavy long after they were “hip,” but that’s how it works with dads. I mean, my father likes Wes Montgomery, classic country, Motown and raunchy, old blues music.

Somehow, I think RNC Chairman Michael Steele would be more at home with Wes and various Northern Soul classics, but hip hop is what the kids like nowadays, right? It’s the dope, fresh, def, chill thing to do, right? Right, kids? And you can rhyme RNC with soooo many things! The possibilities are endless!

16 thoughts on “Michael Steele Goes A-Hip, A-Hop, A-Hip, To-the-Hippity-Hop, You Don’t Stop!

  1. Betcha Lil Wayne is first in line. Don’t know why. I just get a clear picture of him as an undercover republican.

  2. Ah yes, just what the rank and file of the Christofascists want to see. The GOP going urban. As if the image of their young women dancing in hip-hop videos wasn’t unnerving enough for them. lol

  3. When I first heard this, I thought it was a joke. I mean, Michael "Carlton Banks" Steele wants to recruit us, the hip hop generation, into the GOP? Carlton can’t be serious, can he? Then again, doing away w/ capital gains taxes frees up money to spent on "bling" and rims, and smaller government tends to breed marijuana reform. The GOP could be speaking certain people’s language.Meh, no thanks, I’ll stay an independent.

  4. What annoys me about this is that he is in some way equating black culture or community to hip-hop. Most of us in our 20s understand it as club or party music and don’t want it to define us. If he is using the term to define the current youth culture tha I guess its ok. Black culture is a lot more involved. I’ve never understood how the Christian conservative branch never crossed over into the Black church. Republicans were the ones who initially pushed charter schools and the like. These were all easy and very credible ways of getting some of the black vote.

  5. That ish is just embarassing. I’m one of those "olds" but DAYUM brotha, GWTFP. I rarely call people an uncle tom, but in Steele’s case I will make an exception. Really. An embarassment to my generation.

  6. the discussion between Rachel Maddow and Melissa Harris-Lacewell on this subject was HILARIOUS. OT: Snob, check this out. The Newbos: The Rise of America’s New Black Overclasshttp://www.cnbc.com/id/29053356

  7. I am a black Republican, and I am very insulted. Why is it when the Republicans get ready to talk to people of color, they feel that somehow they have to tune in to a special dialect or behavior instead of speaking to blacks as if they are the informed voters that they have proven to be, especially on the national level. Black Republicans are always screaming about the history of the Democratic party, but in turn, they have forgotten their own history. Frederick Douglass linguistically B**** slapped his white audiences in an intelligent manner by mentioning, oh and by the way, not only did I educate myself, your inconsistencies stink. Instead of black Republicans parroting the ignorance of their white counterparts, they need to find their own voices, and stop condesending crap like this which is why I do not deal with alot of other black Republicans. I like the belief system, but I do not like what the party has evolved into.

  8. Snob, thanks for picking this up. I knew you would be on this like a cheap suit (thank you "Golden Girls"). @ Zion: The Republican Party has imploded b/c their ideology of the last 40 years or so has been contradictory. You can’t claim to be the moral compass of America and support suppy-side economics b/c supply side economics is not Christ-like. They’ve basically said that poverty is a sin and if you are poor it’s all your own fault and government should only enforce morality but not help people. It’s basically saying the bond-trader shall inherit the earth. Their whole economic philosophy of the last 40 years is basically that if you let Dems rule they’ll give your money to "those people"–black people and Hispanics–and it worked b/c the poor was usually black and Hispanic. Now that many white people are also getting poorer and see the American dream is getting out of their reach they’re looking at the Dems b/c the Dems seem to care for people more. For me, the last real fiscal conservative was Bill Clinton. The brother basically brought in Welfare-to-Work and balanced the budget in his last four years and left a $500 billion surplus. When’s the last time a Republican did that? Eisenhower? And the way I look at it, Pres. Obama is shaping up to be that. He wants to half the deficit by putting the tax code to the Clinton days and stream-line government. The Repubs talk a good game but never deliver when governing. Steele is trying to shift the chairs on the Titanic. When the Republicans get real like Eisenhower and even Nixon–Nixon was actually reasonable when he wasn’t trying to take people out–they’ll get back support. Once the Repubs start showing some genuine empathy for people, they’ll be back.

  9. In a sense, if you think about it, he’s playing into the same stereotypes that many of "them" have about "us". Quite one-dimensional, if you ask me.The President won without having to do all of that. Dude is trying way too hard. Cornball.

  10. OMG! I saw this over @ jack & jill & I knew you had to be blogging this. Melissa Harris-Lacewell’s remarks are CLASSIC!!!If my dreams come true, they will hire the marketing firm that gave us phat urban hip hop hits like McNugget Lovin!!! YO, YO, YO, That would be off the heezy fo sheezy!!! Word to ya mutha! Steele is going to do for Maryland (again & this time @ a National level) what Blagovich/Burris are doing for Illinois.word em up. I’ll get this bizzoch rolling (Mic check, one, two, one two)You down with GOP?(yeah you know me)You down with GOP?(yeah you know me)You down with GOP?(and watchin BET)Who down with GOP?(ERRYBODY!!!!)

  11. @ AllI don’t really get why Steele would bust out the hip hop references either considering Obama ran a successful campaign without sucking on a neckbone and doing the world’s best shuck n’ jive routine to prove he was down with the peeps. I mean, he proved that’s NOT NECESSARY, like EVER, to get the black vote. It also doesn’t make sense because the most reliable black voters (folks in their 40s and older) don’t listen to hip hop. And most young black people who take politics seriously don’t look to TI or Young Jeezy to pick a candidate. Um … I’m going to go out on a limb and say us 40 and under who follow politics are, ahem, SMARTER THAN THAT. So yes, it is rather insulting, just like inviting Eazy-E to your Poppy Bush party. It makes him sound COMPLETELY tone deaf and out-of-touch. He honestly does not have to get all "hood" to get black votes. Especially when you’re not hood ANYWAY. This all goes back to my county brownies going to North City in St. Louis to fake being hard for a few hours, annoying the actual kids who live in the city. THEY CAN TELL YOU’RE NOT FOR REAL. Just stop. Stop now.(But not really, because I want to continue to make fun of it all.)

  12. Snob, if you were a man I would ask you to marry ASAP…*Suck. on. a. neckbone.* I’m going to need new lungs after laughing so hard at that comment. I LOVE YOU!!! But you know, Obama had to earn is ghetto pass and he didn’t get it until after Rev Wright. That was one of the good, unintended consequences of the whole Rev Wright fiasco. You never heard any of that talk about "Is he black enough?"/ "Is he really black" after the good reverend’s tapes hit cable 24/7. Black people were like "If he has a pastor like that he is black enough" and everybody black came to O and Wright’s defense after that tape hit. It was O’s Sister Soulja moment…it made more conservative whites mad, but gave him newfound respect in the black community b/c they saw that he was "in touch" enough w/ blk people by having a pastor like Wright. In fact, how Hil and Bill acted during that fiasco led to Bill’s ghetto pass being revoked and led to dwindling blk support for Hill. So, I understand how Steele wants to earn his ghetto pass but this is not the way. It just looks pathetic and transparent.

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