Oprah to Put Ms. O In “O Magazine,” Oh My! (Burning Questions)

But the real question is … will Oprah put Michelle on the cover?

The Washington Post reports that Winfrey and best friend Gayle King dropped in on Obama for an exclusive sit-down interview for O Magazine.

The Post goes on to speculate it’s possible Michelle could wind up being the first person to grace the magazine besides the mogul publisher herself.

(Source: Celebuzz)

As we all know all covers of O Magazine feature the original Big O, Oprah Winfery herself. But we also know that Oprah loves, loves, loves the Obamas and loves money and Michelle Obama is a magazine’s revenue dream. She will push some paper.

But it really, really, REALLY helps if you have the First Lady on the cover to give it that extra “hope n’ change” afterglow.

Will Oprah break her own rule … or will she pull an old school Rosie’s McCall’s and “co-star” on the cover with Michelle? Has Oprah ever co-starred with anyone on her cover? I don’t read “O” so I honestly don’t know if she’s done this before. But if there’s anyone in the world Oprah would actually displace herself from her namesake over, that person would be Michelle.

And the ad revenue. We know how much Oprah likes money.

7 thoughts on “Oprah to Put Ms. O In “O Magazine,” Oh My! (Burning Questions)

  1. I’ve been a subscriber to O-Magazine since it’s inception. Will Oprah have the First Lady on the cover? This is something I’m sure we all would like to see and I personally think she will shock all of you who don’t think she’ll do it. If Mrs. Obama is on the cover this will be a wonderful gesture of sisterhood and true friendship. I don’t think Miss Winfrey has a problem with sharing the national spotlight.

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised, but I highly doubt it. As much as Oprah is in love with the Obamas, almost as much as the rest of America is, I don’t think she would break the mold like that. An interview is enough said. But then again Oprah has gone above and beyond for the Obama. So all options are open.

  3. i doubt it, if only because i think for a while there was a perception starting to develop amongst some people that oprah treats the obamas a bit like one of her "favorite things" to be hawked to the public; or at least that’s how the mainstream media liked to treat it with their fairly nonsensical chatter about her going to work for him, or constant chronicling of their friendship as part of the "obama as celebrity" angle. while they are close friends and it would certainly sell a lot of magazines, it’s not really advantageous for either party to further the perception that oprah is some sort of appendage of obama and his administration, kind of like how she didn’t want to use her show as a free for all platform for his campaign (clearly they still managed to use oprah’s support and platform, just without out and out taking over it) . at best i see her sharing the cover with michelle in some way, but i’d be surprised to see even that. i hope i articulated that in a way that made sense.

  4. I don’t think she shouldIt is called O for a reason and remember the only reason Martha Stewart stopped appearing on her own covers is because of that pesky jail thingthe write up is what I am interested inin November 2007 Oprah sent Holly Yeager to do a profile which was actually very insightful (link is below) and I hope Oprah and Gail can do the same because I learned nothing new in Andre’s cover story for Vogue http://www.oprah.com/article/omagazine/ss_omag_200711_mobama

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