Valerie Jarrett: Tiny, but Powerful (Slideshow)

A collection of some of my favorite pictures so far of White House senior adviser, Michelle O. BFF, accomplished woman of note and snazzy dresser, Chicago’s Valerie Jarrett.

14 thoughts on “Valerie Jarrett: Tiny, but Powerful (Slideshow)

  1. Valerie Jarrett is one of my favorite people in the administration. She has a fascinating background of her own, is completely loyal to the President and First Lady, and she’s a great advocate when she makes the rounds of the news shows. The fact that she always looks super fierce is an added bonus.

  2. You know Valerie Jarrett has really grown on me and I was suspicious after reading her background that she might be one of those "Our Kind of People." I have been pleasantly surprised to see her unwavering loyalty to Obama and am thankful that she is around them giving her input.

  3. @ WSOICYes. She is quite the dresser. I love the gray knee high boots with the gray suit, the oriental style dress for the Vogue editorial and her black stilettos on the White House south lawn.

  4. Did I see a spike of red in that South Lawn photo? Is La Jarrett doing a Louboutin thing on the Lawn? Too cool.

  5. Wow, Jarrett looks great. Her daughter, I think that’s her daughter, is gorgeous! Desiree is quite stylish as well. Great slide show.

  6. @ khrishThe slideshow kicked the bucket when Flickr threatened to shut down my account.

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