Kanye West’s Date to Fashion Week NYC (Discuss)

Kanye and fashion “model” Amber Rose.I have no words, although I always hold a special place in my heart for a woman who can rock the baldy.

Kanye and his new model chick Amber Rose were spotted front row at the Narciso Rodriguez (the designer who First Lady Michelle Obama wore on election night) show. We reported yesterday that our sources spotted those two toting around NYC together looking like more than just friends.

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20 thoughts on “Kanye West’s Date to Fashion Week NYC (Discuss)

  1. You’re the only one who hasn’t put the word "model" in quotes for her.. Judging from his previos girlfriends/fiance`s I think that she is a project or some sort of art for him. This is a new new LV bag for him: different, nice to look at and to carry around, unique, but irrelavent in 6 months.

  2. @ JoyUm … biker chic? Real life Japanese Anime? I dunno. But she’s bald, so I’m intrigued.

  3. That girl is BAAADD. She’s holding her own against a dude that is a walking ego. I respect her hustle. The first time I saw her was in the Ludacris video "I know what them girls like."

  4. @ Joy and DB:In addition to what Roselin83 said, she’s posed for King (or was it Smooth) if that’s answers your questions. Haircut is bad though! I read on Bossip where she came out and said that she brought back the short hairstyle and not Rhianna (who is supposedly one of her best friends???).

  5. I’m bald. I’ve had Chinese bobs, afros, and locs down my back. This is the second time in my life I have cut it all off. I’ve been bald for over a year and the last stint my hair fluctuated to no more than a 1/2 inch, that lasted for over 3 years. In order to rock the Chinese Bob back in the 90’s with my grade of hair, it required constant perming to hide the truth that my hair did not come out of my scalp straight. The things we do to look like others. Then I rocked natural hair and tried the bohemian afros…you know the "I tell people I don’t care to comb my hair and it naturally looks this way but I really spend time to perfect this fake look". Well, I did that for a shorter stint and realized I was perpetuating to look a certain distinguished way yet it was deceitful in pretense. The locs were the most honest attempt besides cutting my hair off besides finally wearing the afro styles to try to admit I had to put in time to maintain it and it was not fun. It was exhausting. Halle is supposedly finally going to cut her hair off to start filming "Nappily Ever After". I am so grateful Halle bought the rights to tell this story. This will be socially impacting. I think Chris Rock’s documentary adds validation to our hidden story that is an authentic part of the American narrative: our hair and feeling inadequate. Maybe we will stop to understand there is liberation in less hair/no hair if for just a tender moment in time in our lives. It is freeing.When I see poor African village women rocking my bald identity, I see my reflection. They have such inconvenient lives yet they make their hair issues rather convenient in being no fuss. It’s far more forward-thinking in it being simplified economics. They cut away the fuss that seeps into OUR HEADS in stress and worry about looking a certain unattainable, high maintenance, or simply restructured way. They look unapologetic.

  6. LOLz @ greer.i think super short hair on women is sexy. you have to have the confidence and swag to pull it off. the hair tho, isnt the thing that bugs me about these two. and agree with ann..shes just kanyes newest "plaything"

  7. @WhitneyRaye – actually I like her hair. I rocked a fade back in the day (altho not blond…um) and it does take a special sista to go all cue ball. I just like hearing about successful mainstream black folks right now because the percentage of us who can be Kanyes et al are far smaller than those of us who can be truly fierce Mistresses of the Universe like Valerie Jarrett (et al). Mo’ betta role models with longer staying power.

  8. I rocked the bald head twice. I’m just wearing afro puffs now, but trust, if it were only warmer, I’d do it again.I respect the women that can rock the bald head.

  9. Some women can rock a bald head some can’t but I do think black women look a lot better with bald heads. . Amber Rose looks good with her bald but I’m not really feeling her look overall.

  10. takes me back to my twenties when i rocked a bald head and red lips for like 10 years… glad the look is resurfacing…love it..kanye.. no comment..

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