FYI: Desiree Rogers’ “Skirt/Pants” Kerfluffle At Fashion Week Explained

A few Snob readers wondered what was up with White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers when she was featured in one photo sitting next to Vogue’s Anna Wintour with her long, bare legs in a slightly above the knee skirt, then later, next to Donna Karan in a pair of gray slacks.

Naturally, someone (in this case the NBC 5 Street Team) was on the case!

Now rumor has it that the always elegant Desiree’s toned bare legs caused quite a little stir at the Caroline Herrera show when some people thought Ms. Rogers’ fabulous attire was a little too revealing (slight above the knee skirt) for her high profile status.

But being the constant professional and aware of the public eye, Ms. Rogers was spotted later that same day at Donna Karan’s Collection Show wearing the same jacket and knit top matched with a pair of conservative black slacks stating “It’s really chilly here.” Very chic!

Question answered. Either she was correcting a faux pas or was cold. I can sleep better at night now knowing.

23 thoughts on “FYI: Desiree Rogers’ “Skirt/Pants” Kerfluffle At Fashion Week Explained

  1. Am I still allowed to be in awe (and envy) of her fabulous legs? After all, I DO respect (and envy) her position in the White House.

  2. I don’t get what the problem was with showing her legs. It doesn’t make her any less professional or qualified as the Social Secretary for the White House. But whatever. I suppose people needed to make a story. She is attractive though.

  3. BOOOOOOO! The woman has legs, and she’s old enough to decide she wants to show them (*ahem* to those scouting pre-pubescent models). Must EVERYTHING be up for debate? Geez louise….

  4. I think Desiree is absolutely fantabulous. I also believe that there’s nothing wrong than showing off your gams. But come on. The only woman over 28 who should be allowed to wear a skirt that short is Miss Tina Turner. On stage. During her Proud Mary set. This isn’t a sexy little 3 to 5 inches above the knee. Desiree’s sitting with her legs crossed and I don’t see skirt the first. This was a cootie cutter. I don’t care how chic the designer’s clothes are, the skirt was not appropriate for someone of her age and her position.

  5. She looks fantastic, but she must have been very cold sitting in the tent. Here is a picture with her on the same day in pantyhose. sista seems to have been very prepared for any possible weather changes necessary! IMHO, even though she can sport a mini without looking like she borrowed her younger sister’s dress, she can drop the length to slightly above the knee.

  6. Hi Danielle,Thanks for the link love! And btw, I thought Desiree looked great showing off her legs- that woman is almost 50 years old!

  7. If you got it, flaunt it. And how does anyone know that the skirt was 3 – 5 inches above the knee? Skirts tend to rise when a woman sits down. Tina Turner is not the only one with nice legs. What’s age got to do with it if you are blessed with nice legs.

  8. Look at it this way: Ms. Roger’s is sporting her beauty from head to toe at 50 YEARS OLD! Don’t hate because she’s make many women half her age and intellect look silly and inadequate. If you want to be able to criticize or hate you need to put in some serious work at the gym and in your homework. And speaking of intellect: Don’t you more important things to comment on? I know I have better things do to thank "proscrasturbate" reading this stuff… so I’m out! PEACE!

  9. She could have worn a slightly longer skirt, still displayed her legs and looked professional. Why does everything have to be so extreme?

  10. I adore Ms. Rogers and her wonderful legs but I have to agree that its just not age appropriate. For a second, I did not think she had on any skirt. When you are sitting down your skirt rises and with cameras flashing, she’s a professional and should have known better. Love the jacket!

  11. Ms. Rogers selected the wrong outfit and I think her oily ling legs are inappropriate. Hose would have balanced her facial complexion and her legs. She is 50 and the oloder you get the skin loosens on the legs, they tend to look like old lady legs. She and the 1st lady shoiuld wear hose.

  12. This lady is thin, nice looking with beautiful legs. She should be proud of them and show them if she wants too. Most of the complaints are probably coming from jealous females. Keep the show going Ms Rogers and I will certainly be watching. Thin as always is still in.

  13. It is not a matter of pretty legs or age. It is a matter of professionalism. Having worked in Corporate American you down play your sexuality in order to be seen as a smart person vs. a sexy woman. Who cares if she has nice legs. She was a professional working in the White House and the outfit was expensive but lacked CLASS.

  14. women are going to be criticized no matter what industry they work in, no matter what their age. it has nothing to do with professionalism as joi put it, since hillary clinton has been criticized for her choices when she is more than covered up.

  15. I know this is incredibly late…. But I cannot believe Mrs. Rogers is 52 freaking years old. I'm no where near that age and she looks younger than me! I can't stand it!!!!

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