Ford In the Mix (But So Is Everyone Else)

Harold Ford, Jr.! Answer the phone! Tis the White House calling, according to The Hill:

The White House has contacted Harold Ford Jr. to discuss the possibility of him becoming Commerce secretary, and the former congressman is interested in taking the job, according to sources familiar with the talks.

However, the Obama administration is looking at other candidates and there are potential stumbling blocks to a Ford appointment.

Proponents of Ford are touting his ties to business and his strong relationships with both sides of the aisle on Capitol Hill.

“He can cut deals and he’ll bring more centrist Republicans to the table,” a backer of Ford said.

Despite reaching out to the GOP, the Obama administration only attracted three Republican votes for the stimulus the president signed into law on Tuesday.

Ford, who declined to comment for this article, has not been formally offered the Commerce Committee post, but talks between the administration and the former congressman have occurred in recent days.

Another name that has been floated for the Commerce job is Symantec CEO John Thompson.

The Hill goes on to report on some of Ford and Obama’s history (as well as Ford’s political history), calling the two “friends” and writing a bit about Ford’s tendency to sometimes buck the party line — including being for the war in Iraq, voting for the partial birth abortion ban and being against same sex marriage.

Some people argue Ford’s “Blue Dog” status (he is a Democrat from Tennessee originally), is enough to make his suspect, but … shock of shocks … I think the president is against same sex marriage too and sort of ran away from that partial birth ban issue because that was nothing but a keg of dynamite. And if we’re going to start kicking pro-war Dems off the boat about half of Congress should be out of office. It’s always been a question of WHO DIDN’T vote for the damn war? Everyone was so chickenshit about the war going “great” like the first Iraq War and looking like some sort of fuddy duddy obstructionist.

Ford is a political animal. He still heads the centrist Democratic Leadership Council and is a political analyst on MSNBC. He’s not going away. He is working his own form of Obama-era hustlenomics and this time it involves getting a job despite being an early Hillary Clinton backer. (Hey. He like, came around and stuff and totally backed Barack in the end … like every other Democrat who wasn’t that one asshat from Oklahoma who decided to sit it out like a punk.)

Ford wasn’t THAT guy. Rep. Dan “I won’t vote for him as nominee or support him but I will vote for him in the fall because I’m a little punk bitch” Boren.

Now that guy would be a bad Commerce Secretary!

As for Pretty Boy Ford, he already has the blessings, of sorts, of the Congressional Black Caucus, a body he (and his father) were once members.

The CBC on Tuesday did not comment on a possible Ford nomination, though CBC members believe that Ford would be an upgrade over Sen. Judd Gregg (R-N.H.), who recently withdrew his nomination as Commerce secretary because of policy differences with Obama.

The CBC earlier this month expressed major concerns about Gregg, noting his previous vote to abolish the Commerce Department and pointing out Commerce’s jurisdiction over the 2010 census.

Well, you all already know my opinion on the issue. I enjoy writing about Ford because I find him hilarious, ergo I want him to be Commerce Secretary. I also don’t think he’d do that bad of a job. This is Commerce Secretary, not Secretary of State. There’s no war, abortion or gay angle with that office that I know of. The man appears to like money, a lot. And himself.

A lot.

Of course, I’m wondering what confirmation snafus the Administration could be worried about? His ties to Merrill Lynch when everyone hates Wall Street right now? That time he tried to run against Nancy Pelosi for Speaker in 2002 (and got his ass handed to him in a hat)? Ford serving on the Financial Services Committee in 2006 when his father was a lobbyist for Fannie Mae? His former, now married, playboy status?

The white woman? No. They wouldn’t bring that up in polite company.

The arrogance? Nah. It’s probably either the Wall Street thing or the former playboy thing.

Once again, the position is already cursed thanks to Richardson and Gregg dropping out quite embarrasingly. Two wrongs could make this oh-so-right, people! Where’s your sense of sport? Where’s your “devil may care?” Where will I put all my pretty boy jokes? I can’t use them on Bill Burton. Not pretty enough. Also, not an asshat, so it wouldn’t be as funny.

This is politics, not personal and Ford is in it for his own career. He wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize his political future, (pissing off black folks non-withstanding). And if trying to get Barack and Michelle to spoon with him at night so he can get a job is necessary he will commence to cuddling.

But, I’ve stated my own opinion (repeatedly). Now I ask you: Why do you think Ford would be bad for the office? And I mean real reasons, other than he’s an asshat because, hate to break it to you, the majority of Washington, D.C. is run on asshatery. (More real and powerful than “clean coal technology.”) I really want to know. Because if Barack doesn’t have a problem with him (as he didn’t have a problem with Hillary in the end), are we just holding on to some old grudge that doesn’t quite exist in the political reality? What are the concrete reasons that would make him bad at this borderline unimportant secretarial position with rapidly dissipating cache?

And who would be the better man or woman for the job?


8 thoughts on “Ford In the Mix (But So Is Everyone Else)

  1. Come on every light skin post racial negro isn’t entitled to a job in the white house. Commerce Secretary to a man no one trusts, please

  2. Ford Jr isn’t that bad Rikyrah. Ford Sr. is as I remember from my hell on earth living in Tennessee.

  3. *twiddling thumbs*I’m still waiting on some specifics as to what makes Ford more of an anathema (or unqualified for the job) than the other former Clintonites and Republicans who have managed to get jobs with the administration. I mean, most politicians are considered untrustworthy. What is actually wrong with the man other than he’s an opportunist? And if Hillary could get a job, what is so inherently awful about the man that he can’t? Does he have a secret cocaine problem? Does he work as a repo man on weekends? Did he run a dog fighting ring? Did he shoot the sheriff, but not the deputy?Anyone? Specifics? Anyone!

  4. the man lied on his grandmother, and anyone is supposed to trust him?nopeObama can choose someone who SUPPORTED him, not dogged him out at every turn

  5. I don’t have anything to truly dog his out. As for the grandma thing, I still don’t see that as being truly atrocious. He was a great Congressman who always won 80% of his District. Shame he couldn’t parlay that.

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