Day: February 18, 2009

Kanye and fashion “model” Amber Rose.I have no words, although I always hold a special place in my heart for a woman who can rock the baldy.

Kanye and his new model chick Amber Rose were spotted front row at the Narciso Rodriguez (the designer who First Lady Michelle Obama wore on election night) show. We reported yesterday that our sources spotted those two toting around NYC together looking like more than just friends.

Read more, see more at Young, Black and Fabulous.

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A few Snob readers wondered what was up with White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers when she was featured in one photo sitting next to Vogue’s Anna Wintour with her long, bare legs in a slightly above the knee skirt, then later, next to Donna Karan in a pair of gray slacks.

Naturally, someone (in this case the NBC 5 Street Team) was on the case!

Now rumor has it that the always elegant Desiree’s toned bare legs caused quite a little stir at the Caroline Herrera show when some people thought Ms. Rogers’ fabulous attire was a little too revealing (slight above the knee skirt) for her high profile status.

But being the constant professional and aware of the public eye, Ms. Rogers was spotted later that same day at Donna Karan’s Collection Show wearing the same jacket and knit top matched with a pair of conservative black slacks stating “It’s really chilly here.” Very chic!

Question answered. Either she was correcting a faux pas or was cold. I can sleep better at night now knowing.

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OK. So rapper T.I. kind of messed up in 2008. He got busted with a lot of gun charges and spent most of his house arrest writing “Paper Trail,” his current album. This single “Dead and Gone,” a track he did with the eponymous J. Timberlake, leaves the usually scattered ass that litters rap videos in the dust bin for some cold, wind-blown Canadian imagery, a burning piano and Justin Timberlake trying to emote the shit out of black, lower class struggle.

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Harold Ford, Jr.! Answer the phone! Tis the White House calling, according to The Hill:

The White House has contacted Harold Ford Jr. to discuss the possibility of him becoming Commerce secretary, and the former congressman is interested in taking the job, according to sources familiar with the talks.

However, the Obama administration is looking at other candidates and there are potential stumbling blocks to a Ford appointment.

Proponents of Ford are touting his ties to business and his strong relationships with both sides of the aisle on Capitol Hill.

“He can cut deals and he’ll bring more centrist Republicans to the table,” a backer of Ford said.

Despite reaching out to the GOP, the Obama administration only attracted three Republican votes for the stimulus the president signed into law on Tuesday.

Ford, who declined to comment for this article, has not been formally offered the Commerce Committee post, but talks between the administration and the former congressman have occurred in recent days.

Another name that has been floated for the Commerce job is Symantec CEO John Thompson.

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