Day: February 17, 2009

Former Mass. Governor and presidential candidate Mitt Romney.Long-time readers know I have a fascination with all things Mitt RomneyThe Snob’s, and oddly, Ann Coulter’s choice for Republican nominee for president last year. (He would have lost too. Possibly even worse than McCain, but I think Ann and I wanted dear Willard for entirely different reasons.)  Now my fair Mittens, aka “Guy Smiley,” has been hit hard by the recession.

Yeah, he’s loaded, worth more than $250 million some estimate, but now he’s unloading not one, but TWO mansions.

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Harold Ford Jr. and Barack Obama when Ford ran for Senate in 2006. Ford narrowly lost. He’s been in TV pundit hell, Wall Street heaven ever since.I’m convinced. Someone has put roots on the Secretary of Commerce and Health and Human Services positions. First Gov. Bill Richardson fumbled his way out the door. The Daschle made a dash after he proved he couldn’t manage to pay proper taxes on a personal driver. Then the Republican Judd Gregg pulled the ol’ “I wanted it until I had it and now I don’t want it no mo'” shuffle.

And so now, it’s come to this: NBC’s Chuck Todd thinks Obama should toss Blue Dog Democrat, Tennessee native-by-the-way-of-Merrill Lynch, professional playboy pretty boy Harold Ford Jr. a bone.

He didn’t get to be senator from Tennessee. He probably won’t get to be governor. He probably won’t get to be president either. (At least not any time soon.) Fellow playboy, New York Gov. David Paterson didn’t pick him for Hillary Clinton’s senate seat (not that he was ever that high up in the running), but Todd really thinks this could happen for Ford.

Could Ford be … the last man standing?

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