Why Isn’t It In Theaters Yet? Whyyyy? (Geek Alert)

Zoe Saldana is Uhura.This was just my excuse to tell my fellow sci-fi geek snobs that the official Star Trek Web site is the shizz and I hope Zoe Saldana’s Uhura gets more lines, play and back story than the original. Right that wrong J.J. Abrams!

And I say this completely biased as a die hard Zoe fan. She takes up some sizeable real estate on “The Wall of Sexy” and she had me at “I put out my ciggy with my toe shoe in ‘Center Stage.'”

I’m also dying for “Watchmen” to come out and it better, better, better be something just this shy of awesome or better. But then, “The Dark Knight” and “Iron Man” truly spoiled me last year as being some of the best of modern myth making in years.

20 thoughts on “Why Isn’t It In Theaters Yet? Whyyyy? (Geek Alert)

  1. Honestly prequels make my hurt in a very special place in my heart. i cant think of one prequel (save the godfather part2 ) that really moved me…and if star wars in any indication of whats to come i am truly worried. Is it fun to see old shows recast with new actors? sometimes, perhaps for like a photo shoot in Vogue or something but when fleshed out into a whole movie or when trying reboot a franchise it ends up looking like Muppet babies. *sigh* i dont mean to be a downer so ill end it by saying that Zoe is a rare occurrence in Hollywood, she can to the eye candy thing and actually has acting chops when given the opportunity. we’ll see what your boy JJ does with her gift.

  2. Indeed–the Watchman was held up from Christmas, but this stuff with Star Trek is bizarre. I’m a Zoe fan but sometimes she pulls that "I’m not really black –I’m really an exotic Latina" bullsh*t when she talks to some white entertainment sources. Now that Barack’s the pres, hmmm. we’ve evebn seen Tiger Woods a tad more brown.By the way, this should improve your spirits (the news, not the backstory on the lack of good black books being turned to good film):http://natturnersrevenge.blogspot.com/2009/02/hbo-jill-scott-why-not-black-books.html

  3. @ Duke DravenI was referring to the virtual tour you get of the ship now on the site. They just added that (methinks). But I don’t know how you link to that sucker. It’s all flash.

  4. @ ChrisWell, considering that Zoe is both black and Latina (Latino is not a racial construct), I don’t see that as that big of a deal. That’s like being from Jamaica, the UK or Senegal and wanting to talk about being Jamaican, British or Senegali all the time. Does that make you any less brown? I mean, it’s pretty damn obvious she’s brown. She’s just Latina and brown. I don’t think she should have to downplay (or up-play) either. I think this is one of those silly things people get hung up on, like when folks say they’re part Creole. Being Creole doesn’t negate being black as you can be both black and Creole. It’s just not that serious to me.Now is she pulled a Jessica Alba and downplayed being both brown and Latina, then I could see having a gripe there, but even Alba doesn’t bother me that much as … it is obvious she is brown.

  5. This new Star Trek movie will be a family field trip. I allowed a very unflattering picture of me to be broadcast all over San Diego Comic Con last year to get my mom a poster from the new movie. I think I’ve seen every Star Trek movie (and TV iteration) ever made. Even the bad one with the whales. Can’t wait to see what JJ does. He renewed my faith in his talent with Fringe and the reboot of Lost.

  6. I LOVE Star Trek TNG & Voyager so I can not wait for my first motion picture in-theater event to occur. Even if it is for TOS. As for Watchmen, I’m pee-my-pants excited. I LOVED the graphic novel! I can’t wait for these films to be released!

  7. Yeah, I guess my flash isn’t working, Snob. No biggie. I’ve been a Star Trek fan since the original TV series aired. Chris Chambers, you made me bust a gut over your comment about Zoe. Rosario Dawson is the same way. When she first started doing interviews she sounded like an ordinary educated black woman. Now when she talks, she uses a thick Latin accent and constantly stresses that she’s a "Thatina" and proud of it.

  8. The Black Snob’s a Watchmen fan? I’m impressed. I totally agree though, the Watchmen movie had better be the greatest superhero film I’ve ever seen. "Ironman" and "The Dark Knight" might have set that bar fairly high last year but to screw over arguably the best graphic novel ever made is just a sin.

  9. @ TBIYes. I am a comic book lover. In my previous life I was a cartoonist (hence the lazy doodles of the Snob girl logos). I love superhero comics and if I could I would make a blog based on that alone, but I picked politics and celebrities. I’ll leave the comics to Afronerd, but sometimes a girl has to get her geek on and I’m totally geeked about Trek and Watchmen. Especially Watchmen. I haven’t been this excited since "Sin City."Lord knows if Rodriguez is ever going to throw together that sequel.

  10. Wow, I just ordered the "Diary of a Tired Black Man" DVD from your link, Snob. That’s looks great, like someone’s been reading my diary.

  11. I have never been a fan of Star Trek (hold the tomatoes … please!), although the clips of this incarnation, look good.I dunno, Hollywood has fooled me before with trailer clips. I think I’ll wait till this is on DVD. I am compelled to see it in theaters for Zoe, it’s nice to see her (Uthura) as the main love interest.

  12. I’m a such a nerd, but I can’t wait for the Watchmen, the 2nd Transformers movie, J I Joe and the Wolverine movie. I’m going to be in nerd girl heaven this summer. One of the reasons I love Prez Obama is because he has made smart hot. He’s a Star Trek fan too.

  13. Excuse my shock, Danielle, I just don’t know too many sistas who are into comic books. Well, besides my younger sister but that’s because she grew up tagging along w/ me and my friends (also got her hooked on video games and kung fu movies). Like I said, "I’m impressed", sounds like you have good taste. I remember being blown away after I first read "Watchmen", as well as "The Dark Knight Returns" and "Sin City", when I was in junior high back in the early 90’s. I’m just as excited as you are about this movie.I had read on Wikipedia that the script for the next "Sin City" movie is finished and production will start sometime this year but I’m not sure how reliable that info is. I didn’t think that it would take this long for Rodriguez to throw together a sequel (he whipped out 3 Spy Kids movies in 3 years after all).

  14. Had no idea Zoe was in the Star Trek prequel(this is a mulligan for Star Trek Enterprise given it chose to run w/ the Zeitgeist of terror and destroyed the series optimism).Knowing Zoe will steal the show the next one should be an alternate universe story line w/her an Thandie Newton!

  15. The Snob loves superhero comic books! Yet another reason to hang out here more often. If you’re not reading New Avengers, you should be. Luke Cage rocks in it.

  16. Thanks for the heads-up about Star Trek. I looved JJ Abrams and Zachary Quinto’s work but I had no idea Anton Yelchin was in this movie. I have loved this young actor since he was small. I thought he was only coming up agian in the next Terminator. Now seeing that he is a part of this, I will be even happier to see Star Trek. I used to kind-of watched it as a little girl because my uncles would watch it on the only television my great-grandparents had in the dining room while they ate supper next to me and my cousin at my great-grandmothers house. My mother would tease them because they were both newlywed men breaking their necks to get their first meal at great-grandmother’s before going home to eat their second meals of their wives. My cousin and I were tiny tots marvelling at this really big men act so childlike like our peers all of a sudden when Star Trek came on. Then when it went off, they were like grown ups again. It tickled my great-grandmother. Now I can think back and really understand the many dimensions and reasons why. It was everyday living to experience the humorous functions of intergenerational closeness back then. Memories.

  17. Cannot wait for this movie!!! Uhura is the goddess of my blog, so the good news is that the young un’s who keep asking " who the heck is Uhura?" can shut up. Of course, Uhura is the goddess of my blog, so maybe the odds of me being threatened with some kind of legal BS just went up a notch. Ah well. Phasers on stun!

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