Uncle Roland Puts Foot In Mouth (See? What Had Happened Was …)

Senator Roland Burris, D-Ill. speaks during a press conference in Chicago, Sunday, Feb. 15, 2009. Burris fielded questions about a major omission from the testimony he made in January to a state House committee investigating former Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s impeachment. (Photo by David Banks, Associated Press)Illinois Republicans (never known to say die on anything) are pushing for perjury charges against newly minted Senator Roland Burris.

Burris, a proud George Jeffersonian man, fillabustered his way into the junior senator seat after turning the embattled Governor “Hot” Rod Blagojevich’s looming impeachment into an opportunity to snag himself a piece of that pie.

And everything was working great … until …

Roland Burris has changed his story again about what happened before then-Illinois Gov. Rod R. Blagojevich appointed the Democrat to the U.S. Senate. State Republican leaders said Saturday that they wanted an investigation into whether Burris perjured himself.

After initially portraying himself as a surprise pick for the Senate seat vacated by President Obama, Burris gradually has acknowledged deeper contacts with allies of Blagojevich, a Democrat who was recently impeached and forced out of office.

Burris described the discussions with the governor’s brother, Robert, in an affidavit the senator quietly filed Feb. 5 with the head of the Illinois House impeachment committee — a couple of weeks after he was sworn in as senator. Burris said he filed it after reading the transcripts of his sworn testimony and realizing his answers were incomplete.

In the affidavit, Burris said Robert Blagojevich had called him three times to seek his help in fundraising for the then-governor. Burris also said he had spoken with three other close associates of the governor and a labor leader with ties to the Blagojevich administration about being appointed to the Senate. Burris previously acknowledged having spoken to one such friend.

U.S. Senate Democrats demanded that Burris testify fully and truthfully to the Illinois House impeachment committee before agreeing to seat him. Many said Burris was tainted because his appointment came after Blagojevich was arrested on allegations that he had abused his power by, among other things, trying to sell Obama’s vacant Senate seat.

Burris’ attorney said that although Burris testified truthfully and to the best of his recollection, he was unable to respond fully because of the “the fluid nature of the questions and answers.”

(Source: Los Angeles Times)

Say it ain’t … what am I saying? Of course it’s so! This sucker has been a three-ring-circus since Hot Rod donned those tight ass black pants and went for a trot in the snow.

But, and I’m feeling one of my political predictions coming on … the Illinois Republicans will try to push for perjury but … nothing will happen and despite this shit being amazingly embarassing it will get swept under the rug and Burris will continue to pimp walk around Capitol Hill all day long.

Things will be all good until Burris has to run for re-election and then, anything goes! And I’m not talking about the Republicans. If Burris comes out of the DEMOCRATIC primary alive, I’ll put him in the running for individuals who I think are the true “political” version of The Highlander.

Currently, I stand by my belief that Democratic Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia is the Highlander. That old Klansman is STILL kickin! Ted Kennedy has terminal cancer yet all Byrd caught was a case of the vapors on Inauguration day. You do the math.

9 thoughts on “Uncle Roland Puts Foot In Mouth (See? What Had Happened Was …)

  1. I loved his comment about whether the media should get fired for their lies in contrast to his. It was on! He was losing his cool and his side-kick (???lawyer that looked like a pool hall shark Player) was just not ready for those young, White whipsnappers clawing for flesh. These White young turks are vicious and they will work you out like they wore out Roland…Jesse Jr. too, remember?I can’t stand the young turks because they wear masks of progressive liberal elitism to only want to control us but I did like that they showed Roland, a Black Boomer what time of day of it is in that Boomers were asleep at the wheel not understanding that these young White people are not your friends, my friends, or anyones except those that sell their souls to them. Boomers did not see how much duplicit two-faced double-talk was passed onto heirs that preach that they are better than their parents; that is conditional favoritism from the same Liberal Elites that loooved Obama and will only have a blind-eye towards their chosen magical Negroes. We are rocks between hard places now. Roland got a taste of what I see that goes uncovered because they control who admits to recognizing their rule. I hated the theatre because it showed how Burris and so many of our people are not skilled to to tussle with that crew. The young White and mostly male media wanted an Obama anoited appointment–not another tired Black Establishment member from the older generation. And Burris not being clean makes it easier for them to keep making their case that they know what is best for us. They will keep assuring us by acts in example of whipping the interlopers they were not going to choose to be their magical negroes guilt cleansers. Roland obviously does not offer those services and we, the young Blacks, will learn from their model in hazing him but praising the more appropriate ones they select to speak for us. They wanted someone conciliatory and just by proxy of age and disconnection, they never liked him on G.P.Burris will have a hard time surviving with all that stuttering and stammering and okey-doking. It just does not sit well with the White Elites now and the Blacks, they don’t know who to trust or follow much anymore. We are so lost. Blacks may try to salvage him by supporting but the younger people who are Black will not be feeling him just because his performance is bad. We have learned from tussling with our White peers to not stutter and stammer when they start coming after us–even when we fuck up and they have every right in general principle. We know the White yuppies are fickle but more than anything, they hate our Boomers because they know alot of them simple can’t keep up with them to not fuck up mismanaging his lies. It’s like they say, "Come on now, Roland. We lie better than this and if you want to play this game, come correct and know how to handle yourself with us when you attack you."That’s why DC is saturated with communications firms. They teach media training and only certain people can speak on the record. We have an official policy guide for dealing with media. Roland is not prepared for Washington. Simply having the "right" people on camera surrounding him would have been advantageous and having a spokesperson from a firm speak for him is how you do it. I believe him that he did not have the money to play because if he did, he could hire someone to frame his talking points so that he would not be caught stuttering. Those people would know how the media was going to launch attacking him because they are all in the DC Bubble of framing messages.Who knows what will happen to him? I don’t know. He’s making me cringe though being so old and not knowing better. He seems like a neophyte which is weird to be a career politician.

  2. I have no sympathy for Burris. If he was willing to sacrifice whatever reputation he had in order to get the Senate seat by associating with Blagojevich, he deserves whatever is coming to him. The only reason he has the seat is because Harry Reid was silly/racist enough to call Blago and tell him he didn’t want a black replacement as black people aren’t electable–the irony of which he did seem to recognize. This only guarantees a Republican will get this Senate seat, which means harder going for Obama later. The fact that Burris did not think of this tells me that he is selfish and self-serving.

  3. Sen. Roland Burris is not a Boomer–he’s at least ten years older than the oldest boomer generation folks. His approach, raised in Southern IL, is real different than the Jesse Jackson era activists. I have always felt that Sen. Burris possessed honor and a reasonable (for a politician) measure of integrity.South Side Chicago

  4. Not all Boomers are age specific. Sometimes it is a cultural wedge like Generation Jones. They are Boomerish and GenX in propensities.

  5. There is a saying where I come from. It goes like this: "Tief nevvah prospah"I’m sure RB2 will get his due.

  6. I never thought that he was sqeeky clean. He looked like an opportunist the first time I ever saw him on TV. While knowing very little about Chicago, I didn’t like the way he gained his seat in the Senate. He just seemed like someone that would allow himself to be used to get what he wanted, with no thoiught of what it would do to the people he would represent. I hear them talk about removing him and I truly believe that they will actually have to come in with a net and white jackets to get him out of that seat. He’s there to serve noone except himself. When I saw that ridiculous TOMBSTONE that he has erected, I knew something was bit simple minded about him. Maybe I’m wrong, because I had never heard of the man until he claimed that seat, it just seemed like Clarence Thomas replacing Justice Marshall on the court, an ill fit. He looked absolutely ostricized at the speech by the president in March. Noone was really interested in talking with him. And the picture of him yawing without even the attempt to cover his mouth was most annoying. But they will not get rid of this man because he is there as a Senator for himself and his ego. I don’t think he plans to serve anyone’s interest except Burris’ so he doesn’t care if anyone associates with him or even speaks to him. He’s going to have his BIG OLE TOMBSTONE SAY That he was a U.S. Senator and to me that is so sad.

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