It’s Good to Be The White House Social Secretary

White House Social Secy. Desiree Rogers and Vogue Editor In Chief Anna Wintour (Photo Getty Images)For one, if your boss can’t make it to fashion week in New York it’s YOU who gets to sit “in the tents” with Vogue’s Anna “Nuclear” Wintour. And, for two, Desiree Rogers looked right at home, getting her snob on, checking out the sights and clothes.

She’s a natural, folks. Born to snob.

The folks at Gawker are making a big “to-do” about it, but … they’re Gawker. It’s what they do.

On the populist ire scale, this isn’t as bad as if Michelle Obama foolishly showed up to the Bryant Park tents herself — afterall, going out to Valentine’s Day dinner at Oprah Winfrey’s personal chef’s restaurant was about as much as people could take. But then again, reminding America that the Obamas employ a “social secretary” at all is probably enough to stoke the rage of those who don’t these days.

Oh, pish tosh! Let a professional party girl, former socialite have some fun! If you can’t be First Lady, being the person who gets to do all the fun things the First Lady can’t do and have no one all up in your grill wondering how much you paid for that jacket has to be the cat’s pajamas. Michelle so much as sneezes without proper mouth coverage and she’s the flame of the blogs. Desiree gives you the “I’m so money and you don’t even know it” stare and she’s the belle of Rich, Well-Dressed White Folk Land.

After all, us Negroes love a “hook up,” and isn’t your boss being the First Lady the ultimate hook up to everything? You know Anna wanted to sit next to her even more than the Big D wanted to sit next to Anna. They’re probably BFF’s by now discussing bob haircuts and prescription sunglasses … if only because Anna only likes to kick it with the cool kids (who can sell her a whole mess of magazines).

So look down at folks from your nose, honey! Snoot with the snootiest! The folks at AM New York thought Desiree looked right at home amongst the finery.

The Big D was all game face. Born to posh.

OK, so Thakoon Panichgul is another of the first lady’s favorites – she wore a dress by the young designer on the campaign trail –and so it was less of a surprise, but still very cool, to once again spot Desiree Rogers, the White House Social Secretary and Special Assistant to the President, in the front row with (a new friend maybe?) Vogue honcho Anna Wintour.

Rogers was closely guarded at Carolina Herrera in the morning, turning out later at Donna Karan, and finally at Thakoon. She is gorgeous and tall and, wearing Nina Ricci, looks right at home with the fashion flock. Rogers seemed to be perusing for fun and education.

“We can learn something from what designers are thinking, and we’re thrilled to be able to support young designers,” Rogers told us.

What’s important about fashion to Michelle Obama?

“Being able to dress the way you want to dress and to have multiple styles from multiple designers.”

Yes. The ultimate, D. Get yer snob on.

12 thoughts on “It’s Good to Be The White House Social Secretary

  1. First, I want to comment about the diverse cabinet. You talk about beautiful, powerful, and educated women of color. "For the first time in my life I am truly proud to be an American". Secondly, I wish I could be the White House Social Secy. Besides the hundreds of social events that will take place (Whew!!!) there are perks. Prime ex.: Front row at THE fashion show is one.

  2. Desiree is one of our Black Super Socialites. She is comfortably at home sitting inside the tent at MBFW. She is also a well known fashionsita and socialite in the Chicago area.You may find some info about her @

  3. Desiree has been able to afford those clothes FOR YEARS, people. She’s worked because she wanted to; for ‘personal fulfillment’. Not because she needed to pay the bills or put food on the table. But, absolutely, she fits right in..LOL

  4. Gawker is clueless. The Social Secretary is an important job and has been for decades. I’m glad another commenter schooled them. That first paragraph makes it seems like the Obamas created the job. The blond woman in the second photo is Virginia Smith. She’s the market editor (I think) at Vogue and married to designer Patrick Robinson.

  5. I see some others already mentioned it but Desiree has been a seriois socialite in Chicago for years. I am from Chicago and her face is well known. I agree with the other commenter that stated she has been able to wear these fancy duds for years. She most certainly looks at home next to Anna.

  6. Educate, Danielle! Teach about the transparency of what is rendered. Rikyrah was right about Desiree being accustomed to that lifestyle. She had never been in the position of power though to have Anna Wintour engineering "a Black woman or girl" to be photographed sitting next to her. That seat is the equivalent to sitting on the throne or the pulpit next to the pastor. It’s a money shot.The photo screams Anna still has it no matter what ad sales are plummeting to in Vogue and all magazines. Anna still can pull the hottest in the game to be he bud if for only the contractual agreement of looking the part of a bud. And for Desiree it shows that she is far more important that any A-lister at the moment. That is too hot to touch. Wow. She can actually get cast in a film now and broker just about any deal because she was a virtual unknown a few months ago. Her Q Score is off the chain and yet she is still relatively unknown still. It’s the ability to see the equity in her that Anna sees and others will follow suit seeing. Most of the wheeling and dealing that goes into the days work of what Desiree does or ever did is unfathomable to the average person or average college-educated person because people don’t usually build and construct and project manage. It is also gratifying to see someone that works a 9-to-5er plus with no fanfare usually get to be considered important for once. Fashion to Desiree is probably not about the sillyness and is just more about utilitarian function to make sure she has enough of the proper outfits for herself and for Michelle to have when hosting and travelling. You can’t wear Target and JCrew to state dinners so I get why she would be there. A fashion show and watching subsequent fashion shows is faster than setting up a private showing and having people invade your turf. Desiree gets to still keep them at a distance. Smart woman.Still, Anna knows how to get the money shots to keep her relevance up in spite of the haters.

  7. Ok, snobina, I’m having a shallow moment right now.Did you see her legs in the third photo?*screams* To.Die.For.I love the contrast between her brown, shapely pins and Wintour’s covered up, scrawny toothpicks. Who cares if it’s the middle of February? lol. Rock ’em if you got ’em! I also want to point out that showing a bit of leg can be sexy without looking trashy, IF you do do it just right. Case in point.

  8. I just want to add this. People keep on forgetting. Until Barack Obama sold those books, Michelle Obama was the primary breadwinner of the family. They weren’t poor, but let’s just say Michelle has only recently had money to spend on frivolity -fashion like this. She’s had to interchange her clothes, and rework things. It seems she subscribes to the theory of ‘ get good pieces, mix them up and get other stuff to compliment the expensive stuff’. Snob, your posts on that black belt used to crack me up, but it lends credence to this philosophy. Michelle and Barack Obama have only recenly caught up with a lot of the rest of their social circle -financially. But, make no mistake, Valerie Jarrett and Desiree Rogers have been wearing high fashion for forever and a day. The First Lady is late to THAT party.

  9. Ok, what’s going on with the pants situation in the 4th picture down from the top. We’re confused.

  10. LOOOVE the purple shoes! Yes Big D was doing it! Now where Andre Leon when you need him?

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