SCAN Update: It’s A Celebration! (Satire)

Top secret island fortress and SCAN secret headquarters and wayward black celebrity rehab/exile station, St. Sojourner, named for abolitionist Sojouner Truth.Shortly after the election of 44th president of the United States Barack Hussein Obama and before the Inauguration, the Obamas took part in a pre-Inaugural celebration on Saint Sojourner, SCAN’s Fortress Island in an undisclosed location in the West Indies.

Separated from the press pack after disappearing into a local Hawaiian shaved ice stand and water park Dec. 27, 2008, the Obama’s were quickly spirited away by SCAN FORCE ONE to the island to take part in the top secret festivities planned, late as usual, for the new First Family.

There high ranking members of the Secret Council of American Negroes, along with their Conservative sister organizations, Negroes of North American (NONA), threw a joint “Mission Accomplished” party for the incoming president and family.

In attendance were the shadowy, HNIC, pivitol members of Operation Real David Palmer, high level members of SCAN’s governing council.

Here is a brief, heavily edited transcript and description of the on-goings.

Click to read more at The Secret Council of American Negroes

4 thoughts on “SCAN Update: It’s A Celebration! (Satire)

  1. Thanks for feeding my SCAN addiction. I been getting the shakes and was wondering when you were gonna help me out. Now that the election is over, can we get a final count on who received and lost their Cards during the process.

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