Happy Valentine’s Day!

President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, depart Table 52 restaurant after having a Valentine’s Day dinner in Chicago, Saturday, Feb. 14, 2009.Hope you spent it with someone special (the president did). I spent it with a bunch of DVD rentals. “Breach,” “Hardboiled” and “The Firm,” to be specific. Nothing like espianoge, Hong Kong shoot ’em ups and a popular, but dull Grisham adaptation to keep you warm on a cold night.

But I digress:

CHICAGO (AP) — President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, spent Valentine’s Day at an upscale restaurant Saturday in their hometown.

The Obamas are spending a long weekend in Chicago for their first real break since he became president on Jan. 20. Aides say they have no public events.

The couple left their Hyde Park home on Chicago’s south side Saturday evening for a quiet dinner at Table 52, a restaurant owned by Oprah Winfrey’s former chef, Art Smith. The menu features traditional Southern fare such as grits and sausage and catfish jambalaya.

The trip came with a minor hiccup: Obama’s motorcade left without the small group of reporters who travel everywhere with the president. The motorcade pulled out of the neighborhood and left the president without media coverage for about 45 minutes, unusual for the news organizations covering Obama and the White House.

(Source: The Associated Press)

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8 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. I spent the whole day Blogging and with my children, my children continued to fatten me up with chocolates and I even got a teddy bear. Romance is the key to a happy marriage and I wish the First Family many blessings, the grace and courage to propel this country forward. There are some in this country who want to see him fail, but when you have millions praying for his success anything is possible.

  2. I love it, love it, LOVE IT!!!! when he ditches the reporters! I swear he makes a game of it. There are some things that a man, even the president of the United States, needs to do without a million people watching.I’m glad they got at least 45 minutes out and (relatively) by themselves.

  3. I thought the world was going to end if congress did not pass BO’s spending, I mean stimulus, bill and the pres can’t even be bothered to sign it? This bill was so important it wasn’t even posted on the net even though BO promised it would be. So much for change.

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