Danielle’s Journal: What’s In A Name?

A bunch of pictures of me from my “A Bunch of Pictures of Me” series.Often I get the question of how on earth I came up with the name/alias of “The Snob” for the Web site. This question is usually posed by people who:

A) Find the word “snob” so offensive that they can’t be bothered to actually read the blog and see that it is not about peering down my nose at the unwashed masses (especially since I’m a member of that unwashed mass)

B) Became fans of the blog, but realized that I wasn’t much of a Whitley Gilbert, yet kept reading anyway

Why “The Snob?” And why racializing it by making it “The Black Snob,” there are very simple answers to this question.

For rest of the story click here to read it in “Danielle’s Journal.”

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