Award-Winning Photo: On the Trail With the Obamas

Callie Shell, an Aurora Photos for Time photographer based in the U.S., has won the first prize of the Spot News Stories category of the 2009 World Press Photo Contest with this photo of Barack and Michelle Obama during the U.S. presidential campaign. The prize-winning entries of the 2009 World Press Photo Contest, the world’s largest annual press photography contest, were announced February 13, 2009.

(Source: Day Life)

14 thoughts on “Award-Winning Photo: On the Trail With the Obamas

  1. Barack looks frustrated in the photo and overworked. While Michelle looks tired but relaxed. Nice photo the two of them.

  2. He’s sitting right next to the "exit" sign… he could have given up at any time. And she stayed right with him.

  3. I love this picture so much. This kind of casual intimacy is so much sexier than someone parading around half nekkid. 🙂

  4. Danielle,I hope that you considered writing a post about your theory on why the Democratic party’s platform transformed so drastically from being Segragationalist to the party that championed equal rights, I would love your opinion.

  5. If I wasn’t jealous of their relationship before, when I saw this photo it definitely defined my relationship goal. They’re gorgeous together in public but this sort of obvious intimacy and relaxation is something that you never see in public figures anymore. I’ve never seen a relationship like this in real life but seeing them gives me hope that I can have it one day. I’m glad the photographer won.

  6. This is a great photo but what I like is that Barack’s arm is not just behind Michelle, slung on the back of the seat, for instance, but wrapped around her. He’s holding her while she rests, and she’s in turn holding him up while he grinds through catching up on the news instead of closing his eyes for a minute during a grueling campaign. It’s an amazing capture of the intimacy of their relationship. They really are a tremendously inspirational duo.

  7. @ NAGROMI wasn’t necessarily planning on writing about the subject, but I’ll think about it. Maybe I’ll tie it into black history month considering the early Liberal views the Republican Party had on civil liberties which lead to their embrace of the abolitionist movement. But both parties have changed dramatically over the years, the Republicans many times. Both parties of today would be unrecognizable by their leaders of more than 100 years ago. While the Democrats still dabble in populism, they’ve branched their "big tent" party to include women and minorities. The Republicans have become increasing conservative, yet went from being a largely protectionist, isolationist party to one of the biggest supporters of the American hegemony and free global markets.Not to mention that almost up until Roe v. Wade, religion was nearly non-existent in American politics and seen rude to talk about. Many evangelicals and religious people weren’t engaged in the political process at all. But the culture wars of the 1970s changed everything, really providing a lot of excitement and energy in the once stagnant and stuffy conservative movement.

  8. the Michelle Obama fashion site, Mrs O, has to cutest, most scrumptious candid picture of the Obama’s taken during the innaugural ball

  9. One of my favorite Obama picture!There is just nothing pretentious about them, they are genuinely in love!I want what they have!! (because yes, they have good times, but they are not pretentious about the bad and rocky times either, as Barack talks about in "Audacity of Hope", and the 2 years of campaigning was not easy for the family, but the beautiful part is that they worked through it, and they are more in love than ever because of it!)BEAUTIFUL! that is what marriage should be about!

  10. nagrom, danielle, imho, johnson was essential to the civil rights legislation passing. he got done what kennedy likely wouldn’t have been able to.the pbs american presidents segment on johnson is well worth watching.

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