Day: February 13, 2009

Eva “The Diva” Marcelle

I’ve gotten away from more of my fluffy celeb reporting. Thank goodness there are a million and one other blogs to take up the slack and invest in a WireImage account. Today’s random gossip blog I’m pointing you to is Red Carpet Colors, where they keep an eye on blacks who strut their stuff on the crimson way.

They chronicled the hits (and misses), here’s a few teasers after the jump.

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The Atlantic’s TaNehisi Coates reported that Juan Williams offered up a non-apology apology for that comment he pulled out of his ass about his fears of an angry, black First Lady.

Williams recently called out Michelle Obama on some fantasy black militancy that apparently only exists somewhere between Williams’ ears. He really didn’t think it was that big of a deal, but shock of shocks, many others did.

NPR’s obudsman Alicia Shephard tried to address the issue and the complaints, many of which that state that Williams’ “dishonors NPR,” but Williams was a tad glib about it all.

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