Donna and The Snob!

Democratic stragetist and totally awesome human being, Donna Brazile, and me, Danielle, aka “The Snob.” I’m smiling so hard I am all kinds of squinty.Finally! The pictures showed up in my inbox. I have to give a shout-out to Janice with the digital camera who I had the fortune of meeting while standing in line to meet Donna because, per usual, The Snob just showed up with a crappy, old school camera and no kind of plan. (I don’t plan. I just “do.” I’m like a dog chasing cars. I wouldn’t know what to do if I ever caught one … like how I didn’t know what to do when I met Donna.)

More shots after the jump!

Donna on stage

Oh yeah. That Donna with “The Snob Sisters.” And I’m beaming like a fool! Also, afro puff is totally out of control as it was all day that day.

(L to R) Me, Janice — our newly found photog — and my big sister, Denise.

While I totally hate how I forgot to drop my chin in this last photo (I have the world’s biggest chipmunk cheeks. Smiling upwards just makes them look even more ridiculous), I have to give myself a shout-out for losing nearly 40 lbs last year. My stomach is smaller than my boobs! Success! This is the first picture I’ve taken where I didn’t think that I looked like a lard-ass in YEARS! Consider this your Snob “too much information” fact of the day!

24 thoughts on “Donna and The Snob!

  1. I am so jealous! What was she like? And congrats on losing weight! You’re a lot more photogenic than I am.

  2. I think I love you. Okay, wait. That sounds creepy stalkerish. Long time reader/lurker, but Donna Brazile is the proverbial straw on the camel’s back. In a good way. I love reading your blog and I am all sorts of jealous that you got to meet her. But also happy for you? And you look absolutely adorable in those pics. 🙂

  3. Snob…love your blog as always. Note – found you through a random TJ Holmes link. I saw him in Vegas at the 2007 NABJ convention. A bit lanky…but very beautiful. Don Lemon is MUCH better looking in person. Hope you can make it to NABJ this year. It’s in Tampa. Would love to meet you. Come out, dammit! Network with us! LOL

  4. Do not be so hard on yourself. You look gorgeous. Congrats on the weight loss. I am struggling through that phase of life now so I know how tough it can be.

  5. @ AllDonna was totally nice and chatted up everyone in the line. She has an awesome relaxed vibe. She totally posed for pictures with everyone and signed tons of autographs. I don’t recall her smelling like anything, but then, I wasn’t going for a whiff when I was babbling about her awesomeness. But she is a warm and genuine person. She told me to keep writing and that she wasn’t surprised that blog had taken off so quickly.I’ve pretty much battled my weight since I was a teenager bouncing from thick to thin to fat to thin. It’s been annoying, but the last two years I tried to make a lifestyle change instead of just working out like a maniac for six months, dropping a ton of weight then gaining it all back over the course of two years. So far, so good. I haven’t gained any weight in almost three years now. I think my Facebook page covers the randomness of my weight range from age 16 to 31. Yes. I did totally wear all my merch. Oddly, it didn’t occur to me to bring any to sell tho, as I had about four delightfully crazy ladies who wanted to buy my "I’m Not Stuck Up" bag, which I think has been the most popular item I have sold.

  6. This is great that you are accepting your role as the non-traditional new media. Have a plan. Ask someone to help you with media schemes (and yes, I did say schemes). Maybe you will start to tape yourself on film now. There is power in being able to be heard and seen on tape.

  7. No offense but with all your fashion post criticizing celebs and stuff I assumed you were some sort of fashionista. Your outfit, accessories and hair are just very plain.

  8. @ politicallyincorrectUm. How can I put this? I am a POOR person and I wore my Snob swag T-shirt to promote the site. I did not plan on dressing up for the occasion. I enjoy fashion, but I haven’t been able to afford to be a "fashionista" since my parents stopped paying for it decades ago.

  9. so jealous! i wish i could have gone. although i think my head would have exploded upon meeting you and donna @ the same time…whew! lol anywho i agree with andrea. i would love to see some snob vlogs in the future

  10. @No offense but with all your fashion post criticizing celebs and stuff I assumed you were some sort of fashionista. Your outfit, accessories and hair are just very plain.So the only people allowed to comment on what other people are wearing are fashionistas? I guess then that only dumbasses should allowed to call out stupid people say in public and the wealthy are the only ones "qualified" to comment on greed.

  11. Danielle,I hope that you considered writing a post about your theory on why the Democratic party’s platform transformed so drastically from being Segragationalist to the party that championed equal rights, I would love your opinion.

  12. And I am a Democrat myself, so please do not think I am a troll of any sort, my teacher, who is a Republican had her own little theory and I need to hear another view, like yours.

  13. Danielle & Denise -You ladies have a great sense of humor and I had a great time standing in line with you to talk with Ms. Donna Brazile. I felt like I was with true celebs after Donna announced to the onlookers that she wanted to meet the Black Snob. You ladies are the “Da Bomb”!!Ms. Donna was too cool and showed much love for her “ Chip Chip” who’s a picky eater. She was finally satisfied when she learned that he was fed and in bed.Hope to see you ladies on your next adventure. Viva La Black Snob!

  14. Gone den gal! (as we say on the islands) Happy for you but wish I could’ve been there. I could listen to Ms Brazille any time and I love reading your blog.

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