Day: February 12, 2009

Ikram Goldman, the mystery woman behind Michelle’s fashion (Photo by Anna Knott, courtsy the New York Times)

The New York Times published a story Wednesday on Ikram Goldman, the woman and boutique owner behind some of the First Lady’s style choices.

The low-profile Goldman, who has not granted interviews, has acted as the go-between for fashion designers and Michelle Obama. She most recently handled the various designs, gowns, coats and suits submitted for Michelle’s Inauguration Day wear.

All details regarding the making of Mrs. Obama’s wardrobe for the inaugural were overseen by Ms. Goldman, who kept designers in the dark about whether their outfit would be chosen.

According to the designers involved, none of them had direct contact with the first lady — as designers have had in the past with first ladies. They worked from measurements and other information provided by Ms. Goldman and delivered the finished garments to Chicago or Washington.

“It was all very blind,” said Maria Cornejo, who made eight jewel-tone suits, two winter coats and three dresses for Mrs. Obama. (She wore a purple jacket on the inaugural weekend train ride.) Ms. Cornejo said she had a rough idea of what would fit the new first lady based on things Mrs. Obama had already worn from the designer’s line.

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Meet Bill Burton, deputy White House press secretary, who, despite having a black parent, was not “minority-ish” enough to be considered a minority member of Obama’s press office in a recent column by Roland Martin and other critics of Obama’s minority higher practices.Since radio talker/pundit Roland Martin wrote his column on what he saw as a lack of diversity in Barack Obama’s press office people have debated back and forth whether or not blacks and other minorities were being shut out. But many have murmured that a lot of this (including some Snob blog readers/posters who have relatives working in the press office) that this story is all kinds of bull.

Finally some reporters have done the research to back up the reality.

Yes, people, there are minorities in Obama’s press office.

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Actor Sidney Poitier, left, greets President Barack Obama, right, and first lady Michelle Obama as they arrive to Ford’s Theater Wednesday, Feb. 11, 2009 in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci) 

From USA Today:

WASHINGTON — Presidential present and past intersected again Wednesday night when President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama joined stars in honoring one of his inspirations: Abraham Lincoln.

The Ford’s Theatre Society held a star-studded reopening to celebrate the bicentennial of Lincoln’s birth and award film greats George Lucas and Sidney Poitier with Lincoln Medals. The invitation-only ceremony was held at Ford’s Theatre, where Lincoln was assassinated in 1865.

CBS News anchor Katie Couric and actors Kelsey Grammer, James Earl Jones, Ben Vereen, Jeffrey Wright and Audra McDonald gave a presentation of Birth and Rebirth, a tribute to Lincoln. David Selby (Falcon Crest‘s Richard Channing) portrayed Lincoln. Jessye Norman performed the Battle Hymn of the Republic with McDonald and violinist Joshua Bell. Richard Thomas (The Waltons‘ John Boy) was the evening’s host.

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President Barack Obama, right, shares a laugh with television news anchor Katie Couric, center, and an unidentified actor portraying Abraham Lincoln during a visit to Ford’s Theater Wednesday, Feb. 11, 2009 in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci) CNN is doing all day coverage of “From Lincoln to Obama,” discussing the sixteenth’s president legacy in conjunction with Barack Obama’s burgeoning 44th presidency.

This is the 200th birthday of Lincoln, but Obama-Lincoln comparisons have been going on since Obama started his run for president two years ago, announcing his candidacy on the steps of the Capitol building in Springfield, Illinois.

Obama adopted Lincoln’s “Team of Rivals” strategy of sorts in picking his cabinet and staff (although I’d argue that most of Obama’s cabinet is pretty agreeable). Lincoln-based questions pop up interviews and because of the historical president’s looming significance as both “The Great Emancipator” and the man who kept the Union together despite a bloody Civil War.

His is the shadow every US president operates from out under.

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Democratic stragetist and totally awesome human being, Donna Brazile, and me, Danielle, aka “The Snob.” I’m smiling so hard I am all kinds of squinty.Finally! The pictures showed up in my inbox. I have to give a shout-out to Janice with the digital camera who I had the fortune of meeting while standing in line to meet Donna because, per usual, The Snob just showed up with a crappy, old school camera and no kind of plan. (I don’t plan. I just “do.” I’m like a dog chasing cars. I wouldn’t know what to do if I ever caught one … like how I didn’t know what to do when I met Donna.)

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