9 thoughts on “Meet Desiree Rogers: The Other Most Popular Person In the White House

  1. Black American Princess says:

    I tried the direct Youtube link and still got the message that it’s not available in my country. 😦 I’m using Mozilla Firefox’s latest version 3.0.6. as my browser…

  2. Danielle Belton says:

    @ BAPDo you use Google Accelerator? I once installed that and it totally messed up my viewing of YouTube. If that’s the problem YouTube will actually tell you how to fix Google Accelerator so it’ll stop doing that.

  3. Jenn says:

    I watched the interview on CNN’s site the other night. Ms. Rogers seems poised, intelligent and genuine — no surprise considering her social circle. However, is it just me or is Lola Ogunnaike’s interview style slightly offputting? She interrupts, asks four-part questions only to interrupt the interviewee again? Hey, it is understandable that she is excited about her job and visiting the White House, but let the interviewee answer a question for goodness sakes.

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