Donna Meets The Snob, The Snob Meets Donna And It Was Awesome!

Monday night Democratic Strategist and CNN’s other “Gray Fox” Donna Brazile came to St. Louis to be the keynote speaker for the St. Louis City Library’s Black History Month observations and The Snob was in the audience. (Pictures were taken, but not by moi. I’m anxiously awaiting them showing up in my inbox. If they do not show up there I will be … devastated!)

Donna, who won the first ever Black Snob Top Pundit Award last year on this blog, is one of my favorite TV political commentators and she did not disappoint by being her usual funny, frank and delightfully charming self. After talking for more than an hour, Donna shocked the shit out of me and gave me a total shout-out at the end of the speech, asking “is The Black Snob is in the house?”

I, like an idiot, jumped up and down in the packed house shouting “I’m here! I’m here!” next to my delightfully patient and ever wonderful “Big Sis,” Denise. She then gave an rousing endorsement for my blog so … I can shout it to the rooftops, ya’ll!

Donna Brazile TOTALLY reads my blog! And that’s awesome.

Afterwards I got my pictures and an autograph and gave Donna a set of my Black History Month Valentines as a present, including a special one made just for her.

Other than telling her she was “awesome” about three times, I kicked myself for not asking her my super important question of “does TJ Holmes read this blog?” I mean, my Spidey sense sez “yes,” but some verbal confirmation would be nice. I tried to get Roland Martin to tell TJ I said, “Hey” once, but I’m pretty sure Roland did not follow through on that request.

18 thoughts on “Donna Meets The Snob, The Snob Meets Donna And It Was Awesome!

  1. That is a great story, Snob. LMAO at that Quote: ‘ You’re not my boo’. It was hilarious when I first saw it on CNN, and it still is.

  2. Congrats Snob! Next thing you know you’ll be rubbing elbows with Desiree and from there…who knows….

  3. woo hooo! if that’s not an awesome shout out, i know not what must’ve been giddy as hell. you completely deserve that recognition, though, girl.

  4. Oh God, I would’ve so lost consciousness. I love her Valentine card. That is so the awesomeness. I think TJ reads your blog too, or maybe that’s just my own prurient fantasy.

  5. How cool — a shout out from Donna Brazille! You definitely deserve it. You’ve created a unique thing here.

  6. I have a total girl crush on Donna Brazile. She is hilarious. Did anyone see her on inauguration day? Talking about stealing Obama’s fleece blanket? Totally awesome.

  7. A shout out from La Brazile? That is brilliant.You totally deserve it Snob. Your blog is all of that and then some. I am so liking the both of from across the pond…finally ordered her book from Amazon, can’t wait for it to arrive. La Brazile? Total inspiration!!

  8. I LOOOOOOOOOOVE Donna. Oh, Black Snob, OF COURSE she reads your blog. EVERYONE DOES. But she’s the most important reader in my book. I wish I worked for girlfriend but she’s a one woman show. Still, to be in close proximity? That right there heaven.

  9. Yaay!!! High Fives!!!! Way to go Snob! Brazille is sooo fantastic. I bet you almost peed your pants with shock & excitement!!!OMG, you totally should’ve sold those Valentines in the Snob Store. I want.Girl, you’re big time now. I see TJ totally crawling to you for an interview if you keep this up.Next up on CNN: When the StalkER Becomes the StalkEE? the StalkED?

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